The WIMCO Insider Guide: Boat Charters in St. Barts

From cresting waves near Shell beach in a luxury Pardo to jumping into Colombier on the hunt for sea turtles from a Lagoon Catamaran, no St. Barts stay is complete without a boating trip. Laura C., Emily B., Pascale L., and Marta G. of WIMCO's concierge team and I (marketing coordinator Amanda B.) were able to experience a variety of boating excursions offered in St. Barts.


"If you haven't seen the island by sea, you haven't had a St. Barts vacation."

- Laura C., Concierge Team



During our trip to St. Barts in June, we had the pleasure of boarding three well maintained charters: a Pardo 43, a Lagoon '46 catamaran, and a The Sea Connection's Saba 50' Catamaran. All three were stellar experiences, and could easily fit into most vacation types. 


The Sea Connection's Saba 50' Catamaran


The Saba 50' Catamaran was designed by innovative naval architect Berret Racoupeau. It is an impressive boat, with space for up to 12 people, and 6 double cabins for those hoping to stay overnight. This boat is ideal for families or a group of friends looking to spend a day on the water.
Emily W. and Emily B. enjoying the view
Passed hors d'oeuvres

Our experience.

As the first boat we boarded of the trip, the Saba 50' set a very high standard for what a cruise should be. Because the boat is so large, we were picked up by the Sea Connection's dinghy, which then brought us to the catamaran. 

Once we were familiarized with the ship, rose, champagne, and cocktails began to pour, and a series of sliders and finger food was paraded around the deck. The crew were funny, extroverted, super helpful, and intuitive with our party. They anticipated needs before requested, and did so with amazing ease.

All your water needs.

The Sea Connection's Sabo 50' is well equipped with whatever you would like in regards to aquatify adventures. Snorkeling gear, paddleboards, and floating matelas come with the excursion. For an additional fee, you can add sea-bobs, jet skis, efoils, and other water toys. Once we got to Colombier and weighed anchor, we hopped in the water to enjoy a snorkeling session.

The snorkeling crew
Amanda with an inaugeral rose

"The crew of the Sea Connection's Saba 50' Catamaran really made our first boat cruise of the trip memorable, invigorating, and relaxing. From the time we boarded, to when we were catching the last lights of the sunset while heading back to Gustavia, I was constantly blown away by their attentiveness and skill in all manner of hosting. From anticipating food and drinks, to making cocktails, to the playlist - everything was top notch."

- Amanda B., Marketing



Ready to hop aboard the Sea Connection's Saba 50' Catamaran?

Let's get you to the island first. Here are some villas you may like:


Villa C'est Ma Vue 3 beds, 3 baths in St. Jean
Villa Noe, 2 beds, 2 baths in Toiny
Villa Nerina, 1 bed, 1 bath in Lorient











The Pardo 43

Like something out of a James Bond fillm, the Pardo 43 is as sleek as it is quick and comfortable. Because of its ability to zip around the island, this vessel is on the smaller side in terms of carrying capacity and overnight stays. For those looking to sleep in its hull, a max of 4 people makes for a comfortable sleep. 
Emily lounging at the bow of the vessel, at sunset


Marta, Laura, and Pascale on the Pardo
Marta, Laura, and Pascale aboard the Pardo 43

Our experience.

We boarded in Gustavia, and after a run-down of the ship, we were off. This thing can go fast and is quite a thrill to be at the bow of. As we moved out to sea, champagne and rose started flowing. 

The captain made easy conversation, was genial and attentive, and knew how to read the cadance of the group he was with and assimilated accordingly; all the marks of stellar service and exceptional care.

The day we were boarding the Pardo also happened to be Marta's birthday - and what a wonderful birthday it turned out to be!

A special touch.

Once we arrived at our destination - a private beach only accessible by boat - the Pardo captain had a wonderful surprise for us: a chance to sing happy birthday to Marta over a fresh (and delicious) strawberry tart.


"Captain Jerome and Sebastien's endearing detail of bringing a cake for my birthday was a wonderful surprise, and a good indication of how they treat their guests who are celebrating special occassions."

- Marta G., Concierge Team


The Pardo is perfect for a special occassion, and can host a full-course dinner on the boat. Imagine celebrating an engagement or milestone aboard this Italian-crafted vessel? It would certainly make the next celebration hard to top.

Marta's Birthday Cake
Marta on the submergable deck

Outfitted for fun.

Of the many bells and whistles the Pardo has to instill luxury and ease, what it offers in the way of sea access is outstanding. For those itching to explore the water, a mini sea bob and snorkeling gear are available. For those looking to relax, pool noodles and a deck that lowers down into the water are at hand.




Ready to hop aboard the Pardo?

Let's get you to the island first. Here are some villas you may like:


Villa Les Embruns, 2 beds, 2 baths in Flamands
Villa The One, 3 beds, 3 baths in Colombier
Villa Yellow Bird, 4 beds, 5 baths in Pointe Milou









Jicky Marine's Lagoon 46' Catamaran


The last boat we tried out was the Lagoon 46' Catamaran with Jicky Marine. If the Pardo was made for intimate occassions, this catamaran was made for large celebrations. With space for 6-12 people, the Lagoon 46' is perfect for birthdays, reunions, and any other party you could wish to celebrate with friends and family. 
Emily enjoying champagne
Captain Luuck and Captain Radek

Our experience.

We boarded the vessel in Gustavia harbor, and after our drink order was taken and a run down of the ship was given, we toasted and began our sunset cruise. The co-captains consisted were attentive, personable, warm, and very funny. 

Once we were on the water, finger food started to pour out - everything from charcuterie boards to freshly cut fruits made their way around the catamaran.

Built for unwinding.

The Lagoon 46' comes well equiped for entertainment. The bow of the ship hosts an open-water netted sitting area (that doubles as a trampoline for those with tough feet), there are plenty of bean bags to create comfortable seating, and there's plenty of seating - from the helm to the flybridge. 

Snorkeling is also an option, and the Lagoon 46' offers plush towels to dry off with after you're done in the water.


Amanda sitting on the open-water net
A beautiful sunset, even with sand from the Sahara

 A family (or friend!) affair.

"I can see why Jicky Marine is one of, if not the most, popular charter companies on the island. I loved everything about this charter – the boat, the crew + captain, the laidback atmosphere. Perfect for just a couple of people, or the whole family."

- Emily B., Concierge Team


Ready to hop aboard the Lagoon 46' Catamaran?

Let's get you to the island first. Here are some villas you may like:


Villa Wine Note, 5 beds, 5 baths in St. Jean
Villa Les Dunes, 6 beds, 6 baths in Saline
Villa June, 6 beds, 6 baths in Corossol










Interested in chartering a boat to St. Barts?

We can help you charter a yacht - whether it's to St. Barts, or for a few days while you enjoy your vacation there. 

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