5 Reasons Why Anguilla Beaches are the Caribbean’s Best

The island is only 16 miles long and 3 miles wide, but its coast is home to 33 unique Anguilla beaches. How will you experience your next visit?

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Anguilla is laid back and unspoiled; there are no cruise ships, high-rise hotels, or casinos anywhere. You’ll never find yourself overwhelmed by crowds or shoulder-to-shoulder with other beachgoers – even on the most popular beaches. You can’t go wrong wherever you put down your beach chair in Anguilla. However, there’s more than meets the idea when it comes to Anguilla beaches — you just have to know where to look.

5 reasons why Anguilla beaches are so special

1. There’s a private little beach called Little Bay only the most savvy travelers and locals know about

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Little Bay is secluded, quiet, and calm, but with that kind of privacy comes one caveat — it’s not the easiest beach to get to.

There used to be two ways to get to Little Bay beach: private boat, or parking at the top and climbing down the rocks with the help of a rope. Unfortunately (or fortunately, for some), as of 2016, the rope has been taken down. So, if you want to make the trip to Little Bay, it’s easy to book a private charter or rent a kayak and paddle your way over.

2. You can snorkel your way around a sunken Spanish ship at Stoney Bay Marine Park

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Anguilla is home to seven marine parks, which are beach areas with sensitive habitats that the island has protected. Out in the water, you’ll see red mooring buoys and white mooring buoys; the red are for dive boats and the white are for recreational boaters.

Each marine park offers something different, from swimming to snorkeling to beach bars, but one of the most interesting is Stoney Bay Marine Park. Explore a sunken Spanish ship from the 18th century named El Buen Consejo. This wreck went down on July 8, 1772, carrying Franciscan priests, general provisions and livestock, and thousands of devotional medals. 

3. Just wave your arms and a little boat will bring you to the private Scilly Cay

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Anguilla has some interesting offshore sandbars and cays, including Scilly Cay, which makes an outstanding day trip. If you go to Island Harbor and stand on the dock on a Sunday or Wednesday, a small boat will take you over to the coral island of Scilly Cay for free. On-island, plan to swim, listen to live music, and sunbathe. 

4. You’ll create your own rum punch trail around the island (and make Dune Preserve Beach Bar a necessary stop)

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Along with the Caribbean’s best beaches come the Caribbean’s best beach bars as well. Anguilla is famous for delicious – and sometimes extremely strong – rum punch, so some visitors like to make a game of trying the rum punches served at each beach bar they visit.

One beach bar, however, has earned quite a reputation over the years — Dune Preserve Beach Bar. Owned by reggae star Bankie Banx, Dune Preserve was constructed over a 20-year period using pieces of old boats and driftwood. It has been voted the “best beach bar in the world” by CNN and people say it’s the only beach bar where you’ll find a former president (Bill Clinton has visited twice), a former pirate, and a former Wall Street bigwig all in the same place. Dune Preserve is also home to the Moonsplash Music Festival every March.

5. Party like it’s Mardi Gras during the August Carnival at Sandy Ground Village

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Anguilla beaches are known for being tranquil and serene, but during Anguilla’s Carnival in August, things get a little more exciting. Held on the beach in Sandy Ground Village, hundreds of boats dock side-by-side and line the beach on August Monday (the first Monday in August). You will find great food, music, and fun, but the centerpiece of the day is the boat race in which contestants sail around the island.

Anguilla beaches right outside your front door

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If you can’t imagine spending a moment away from Anguilla’s pristine beaches, don’t worry — you don’t have to. With a wide array of villas to choose from that are beachfront, or only a few minutes from the beach, it’s easy to spend as much time as you want soaking up the Caribbean rays.

Your next trip to Anguilla is just one call away. Our villa rentals give you a home while you venture out to the island’s 33 beaches. Step out your door to sample Anguilla golf, gourmet restaurants, and chic designer shopping boutiques. What are you waiting for? Your villa awaits you!

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