The Best Beaches on Grand Cayman Island

Barkers National Park

An unspoiled, remote beach. if seclusion is what you're seeking, you've come to the right place. Because it is a national park, you can guarantee that your natural surroundings will untouched. (And aside from a few barbeque pits and picnic tables, there are no real amenities).

Cemetery Beach

Great for sunning, swimming, and snorkeling in the reef areas just off-shore. (A strong swimmer will have no trouble getting to and around these reef areas). This beach is a favorite among those who love to play and feed some very friendly local fish and marine life.

Colliers Beach

Located on the East End, Colliers Beach is a secluded beach where many go to get away and enjoy the views of baby fish swimming along the waters near the shore. Many enjoy walking the pier as well.

Governors Beach

Located along West bay road near the end of Seven Mile Beach, this beach is great for swimming and sunbathing. There are no public facilities at this beach, but there are several restaurants nearby.

Rum Point

Casuarina trees shade this beach and the numerous hammocks and picnic tables here. You'll also find amenities like restrooms, showers, and watersports. Watch the sun set at this celebrated spot, or enjoy dinner at Rum Point restaurant. While it's accessible by car, the 30 minute ferry from North Sound is a scenic trip.

Seven Mile Beach

The biggest on Grand Cayman and the most popular. The sand is fine, the water is shallow, and there are numerous activities. You can go parasailing, take helicopter rides, rent a jet-ski, or go tubing. Expect a plethora of restaurants and beach bars.

Smith Cove

Smith Cove is the closest thing to a lagoon you can find in the Cayman Islands. Located in a secluded part near George Town, it is a 10 minute drive from Central George Town, as well as about 15 minutes away from West Bay.

Starfish Point

As the name suggests, this beach contains a unusually high number of starfish. Many tourists and first time visitors absolutely adore this fun local secret.

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