Grand Cayman Beach Guide

Visiting Grand Cayman and not too sure where to head for the best day in the sun? Grand Cayman has some of the most beautiful, award-winning beaches in the Caribbean. In addition, this tropical island is full of attractions to enjoy; parks and nature, cultural tours, and water sports adventures. 

In this guide, you'll find that the best beaches in the Cayman Islands, including Grand Cayman each have their own unique flair. Some are more secluded than others, some offer the best coral reef dives, some are full of marine life, and some close to the hustle and bustle of shops, beach bars and restaurants.

Whatever you are looking for on your vacation in Grand Cayman, make sure that you check out these top ten beaches to ensure an extraordinary and memorable experience.


Top 10 Beaches in Grand Cayman

1. Seven Mile Beach – One of the Globe’s Most Famed

Description: The Seven Mile Beach is widely known for its award-winning beauty. It runs along the western coast of Grand Cayman and is only 15 minutes from the airport. 

Look out into the clear and pristine water as white sand meets your feet with brilliance like no other. Although this beach is clearly something special, there are often no crowds – leaving you alone to truly embrace the serenity of the waters. Fun fact: the Seven Mile Beach is actually only six miles long.

Why it's unique: The Seven Mile beach is kept in pristine and clean condition, making it ideal for walking. While the beach itself feels quiet in many spots, more so than on any other beach in Grand Cayman no matter where you are on the beach, you will always be within walking distance to shops and restaurants. 

Best For... Families! There’s lots to do here, and the presence of lifeguards all along the beach gives those with toddlers peace of mind – this is the spot you'll want to bring the whole family to! Let the kids enjoy a swim lesson or try a little triathlon training in the sand. Try a little snorkeling to see the colorful fish living in the coral reef. Go for an adventure and jetski as the sunset brings out the orange in the sky.

Amenities: Lifeguards patrol this beach. A definite bonus if there are children in the group and want to make sure that they have an extra eye kept on them. There are also bathrooms and showers along the beach if you need to rinse off or use the facilities.

Accessibility: You're in luck if you decide to drive! Seven Mile Beach has a large parking lot nearby. No room? Try parking in the shoulder areas nearby and you're sure to find a spot.

Know Before You Go: If you're in the mood for a little shopping after you enjoy the beach, there are several shops nearby. Grab a little souvenir or trinket to send back home to your loved ones. Forget your bathing suit? There are shops around this beach to get a new one, so don't worry too much if you've forgotten it.

WIMCO Insider Tip: The lifeguards on duty are said to be a little more strict than in other places. While this is a good thing for safety, be sure you listen and swim with caution. If they lose sight of you, or if you get too close to boats, they'll definitely blow their whistle.

2. Governors Beach – Calm Waters & Great Snorkeling

Description: Within reach of the Seven Mile Beach, the Governor's Beach is located a few miles away from the harbor and 15 to 20 minutes from the airport. Not too crowded, this beach has turquoise-blue crystal waters that gently greet the sandy shore. 

Not in the mood for a swim? Head to the North Sound Golf Club to hit some golf balls or get some golf lessons – only 5 minutes away.

Why it's unique: Known for its snorkeling, make sure to swim along the coral reef.

Best for... Those snorkel lovers who want to see the best of the best under the water. Governors Beach in Grand Cayman is huge for snorkeling. Don't miss out if you want to see some colorful fish and incredible sea life.

Amenities: Luckily, there are facilities if you need to use the restroom and many picnic areas if you want to sit down and enjoy a nice meal throughout your visit.

Accessibility: Parking here is free, so feel able to drive on over and park your rental if you plan on staying for a while.

Know before you go: After you play in the water all day, go shopping across the street as there are many shops along the way, or go to Tortuga Beach Bar and Grill to replenish your afternoon – perfect for a day full of fun.

WIMCO Insider Tip: Try to catch the chickens that tend to roam around this area (they are friendly and you can try to feed them if you like).

3. Rum Point Beach – Caribbean Family Fun

Description: Roughly 45 minutes from the George Town/Owen Roberts airport, Rum Point Beach is a true Caribbean paradise. White sand and teal blue waters, colorful signs, and a white pier you can stroll along. 

Rum Point Beach is located on the North Coast of Grand Cayman and is 5 minutes away from Cayman Kai Public Beach! If you are feeling hungry, try out the Rum Point Club, located right off of the beach.

Why it's unique: Although you can find tranquility at the more popular beaches like the Seven Mile Beach, this Grand Cayman beach is definitely at a much slower pace – letting you fully enjoy your own space.

Best for... Rum Point Beach is extremely family-friendly, so don’t be afraid to take the kids on this adventure.

Amenities: Did you end up driving to this paradise? There is plenty of parking nearby, as well as restrooms and changing stations. So feel free to bring some dry clothes to change into after you snorkel under the water for a couple of hours.

Accessibility: Take a 45-minute drive to Rum Point Beach or you can also take a catamaran ferry to this beach as well!

Know before you go: Feeling a little thirsty? Try out the Wreck Bar & Grill known for its famously delicious mudslides!

WIMCO Insider Tip: Rum Point got its name when a ship washed up on shore full of rum barrels.

4. Spotts Beach – Marine Life Viewing & Snorkeling Wonderland  

Description: Located on the south side of Grand Cayman, Spotts beach is a 20-minute drive east of George Town. This beach is certainly a snorkeling wonderland full of rock pools and shade. 

Spotts Beach is relatively uncrowded, but if you are looking for the ideal time to really get away from the crowds, the weekdays are the days that you’ll want to visit.

Why it's unique: If you want to spot turtles, then you’ve found the right location. Snorkeling is a must here, but the reef is over 80 yards offshore – so beginners should make sure they swim with a buddy when heading out to the coral reef.

Best for... Snorkel lovers and turtle lovers! It seems like every beach in Grand Cayman is great for snorkeling, but this one is especially good for spotting sea turtles.

Amenities: Free parking is available at this beach! Portable restrooms are available here as well. Everyone should be cautious when swimming here because there are no lifeguards, and the current can be strong at times.

Accessibility: Spotts Beach used to have a small and cramped parking lot, but has since then restructured it to have much more space for those who want to drive to this Grand Cayman beach.

Know before you go: Since this beach faces the south, sunsets are a staple here. Grab a cabana or bring some chairs because these sunsets are unlike any that you’ve seen before.

WIMCO Insider Tip: While usually, it's easy to spot a sea turtle here, some people have recorded that their timing has just been off and they couldn't find any. If you're having a hard time finding some, try going earlier in the day or later in the evening to spot some.

5. Starfish Point – Kid Friendly Beach & Spotting Starfish

Description: An isolated beach known for... starfish! Located on the north side of Grand Cayman, Starfish Point is a secluded beach with shallow, calm waters. 

This beach is closest to Rum Point and Kaibo – making it roughly a seven-minute drive from Rum Point and 44 minutes from George Town. Plenty of boat excursions come over here, so wave high as you are knee-deep among the many starfish under the water.

Why it's unique: Plenty of starfish in the waters, which is, of course, how it got its name. It’s almost guaranteed that will see plenty of starfish in the water each time that you come to this Grand Cayman beach.

Best for... Those who want to spot some starfish! Great for kids who want to do some exploring – definitely a family-friendly beach.

Amenities: This beach has plenty of parking if you decide to drive, a few restrooms, and plenty of shade!

Accessibility: The best way to get to this beauty is by boat, but you can also drive with free parking available on site.

Know before you go: There are surrounding picnic tables at this beach in case you decide to eat lunch. And if you want to enjoy some light shopping after, head on over to the few surrounding shops nearby.

WIMCO Insider Tip: One note to keep in mind: you should not pick starfish up, and please don’t take them out of the water because it can kill them. Remember to look but not touch when it comes to marine life.

6. East End Beach / Colliers Public Beach — Romantic Retreat

Description: On the eastern side of Grand Cayman, you will find East End Beach, also known as Colliers Public Beach. It’s roughly a 36-minute drive from George Town and about 40 minutes from the George Town/Owen Roberts Airport. With a spectacular view, this beach is known for its romantic sunsets. 

Colliers Beach is generally clean, and you will find plenty of rocks and seaweed within the waters of this Grand Cayman treasure. A less-populated beach, feel free to spend your entire day here as you wade in the waters.

Why it's unique: Its sunset views are truly like no other. You'll be lost in the calmness of this beach, and fall in love with it when the sun goes down.

Best for... Couples. Its romantic views and sunsets are perfect for the date night you've been waiting for (or a proposal if you want to sweep your partner off their feet.)

Amenities: There are public restrooms as well as showers and lots of shade to wind down from bathing in the sun all day. If you want to get here by car, you can even park right on the street.

Accessibility: Take a stingray, snorkel, starfish tour and land at this beach for a while! 

Know before you go: Colliers Beach is a water sports favorite as well, so bring out the scuba gear and try to spot some baby fish in the waters!

WIMCO Insider Tip: Although the East End isn't known for its abundance of restaurants, there are a few nearby. Try out Tukka or Big Tree BBQ for a quick bite and refreshment.

7. West Bay Beach – Family Friendly & Locals’ Favorite

Description: On the north side of the Seven Mile Beach, West Bay Beach is an incredible Grand Cayman Beach for families. Enjoy walking amongst the parade of palm trees aligning with the shoreline and look out to the calming waves and soft sand. 

West Bay Beach is a 15 to 20 minute drive from George Town and 50 minutes from the island’s East Coast.

Why it's unique: West Bay Beach is where the locals come to hang out in Grand Cayman. Watch the true culture come to life at this Grand Cayman beach and soak up how locals interact with each other, as well as their art and custom-made gifts.

Best for... Families, and those who like immersing themselves in different cultures and  want to get away from the tourist attractions.

Amenities: Close to several eateries, as well as restrooms and changing stations – this beach is extremely accessible for all.

Accessibility: This beach has an accessible boat ramp for those who want to get here by boat, and there is also a parking lot for those who drive!

Know before you go: This is the spot where locals come out to hang, so immersing yourself in the culture here is a definite treat. Vendors will be lined up and down as you spend your day here at this uncrowded, yet locally popular favorite.

WIMCO Insider Tip: With so many restaurants near this beach, try out some different flavors! Heritage Kitchen is a must-eat as well as VIVO Cafe Restaurant, which is a little way further.

8. Cemetery Beach — Quite & Great Snorkeling Destination

Description: A small, uncrowded section in the northern part of Seven Mile Beach at the west end of Grand Cayman, Cemetery Beach got its name from the cemetery located at the back of the beach. 

Cemetery Beach is about 15 minutes away from George Town and 5 minutes from the Ritz Carlton Art Gallery. This Grand Cayman beach has plenty of coral reefs to explore, all while enjoying the significant amount of shade that the surrounding trees offer.

Why it's unique: This spot has great snorkeling for those that are a little bit more experienced. Swim out some ways and explore the deeper waters to one side of this beach.

Best for... Snorkel lovers! You have to work a little bit harder to see the best snorkeling that this beach has to offer, but it is well-worth the swim. About 60 yards off shore, you might want to use a paddleboard to make it a little bit easier.

Amenities: There are no bathrooms or public showers here, unfortunately. 

Accessibility: Park in the free grassy parking across the street or take a public bus to this location. 

Know before you go: This beach isn't the cleanest, so if you want to sit along the beach and not partake in the snorkeling adventure, bring a chair or blanket!

WIMCO Insider Tip: These waters are abundant with marine life. Try to spot a stingray, some sharks, or some tropical fish – but be careful if you swim out to the reef as it isn't safe for beginners and gets pretty deep.

9. Cayman Kai Public Beach — Uncrowded and  Family Friendly

Description: On the northern tip of Grand Cayman lies Cayman Kai Public Beach. This Grand Cayman beach is a little further out than most, but it is perfect for those who really want to get away from it all. 

A 45-minute drive to this oasis from George Town/Owen Roberts Airport. Enjoy the views of several palm trees that reside in this area as you dip your toes in the 400 yards of royal blue water and white sand.

Why it's unique: Its seclusion is definitely what draws most people here. Not as many shops and eateries by this beach, but it's ideal for those who simply want to have fun on the water away from everyone.

Best for... Families find Cayman Kai Beach perfect for a day full of fun. This beach is also good for those who don't like being around large crowds.

Amenities: This beach has plenty of amenities to offer... there are restrooms, tables, and you are even allowed to bring your fur friends to play!

Accessibility: Take a somewhat lengthy drive and park in the free parking available!

Know before you go: If you want a little shade, there are umbrella rentals available as well as paddleboards, volleyball, surfing, and snorkel gear if you want a little bit more fun in the waters.

WIMCO Insider Tip: While this location is near several hotels, there aren't a lot of shops or restaurants nearby... You might have to drive a little way to find that perfect meal (or maybe pack a lunch if you want have a picnic on the beach)

10. Smith Cove/Smith Barcadere — Instagram-worthy Patch of Sand

Description: A beach worthy of a million photographs, it’s also known as Smith Barcadere beach. Located in the southeast corner of Grand Cayman, crystal clear waters are surrounded by large stacks of rocks that make it the ideal location for photo ops. This picturesque beach is only 15 minutes from Seven Mile Beach and 10 minutes from the airport!

Why it's unique: Smith Barcadere is known for being photogenic. Easily one of the most picturesque spots in Grand Cayman – walk along the rocks and gaze out into the crystalline waters or go snorkeling!

Best for... Photographers and snorkel lovers. Bring your camera because you are going to need it. This beach has been in magazines for its beauty, and it has some of the best snorkeling in Grand Cayman.

Amenities: There are restrooms, benches, and outdoor showers to enjoy at this cove.

Accessibility: Many people take cruises to this cove, but you can also drive here. There is available parking across the street if you choose to drive.

Know before you go: If you are going to need shade, it's best to get there early as those spots get taken up the fastest. It doesn't tend to get too crowded, but it's better to be safe than sorry!

WIMCO Insider Tip: If you want to get some waterfront dining, Grand Old House is a nearby waterfront restaurant with the perfect view to watch the sunset.

Best of the Best Beaches in Grand Cayman

Do you want a beach with the best bars nearby or do you want the best beach for you and your family to enjoy? Here is the best of the best to help you find what works for you!

Best Beaches in Grand Cayman for Families with Little Kids

Have kids with you? No problem! Governor's Beach is great for snorkeling with the whole family. Seven Mile Beach is fabulous if you all want plenty of water activities to enjoy. Starfish Point is perfect for exploring marine life with the little ones.

Best Beach Restaurants in Grand Cayman

Feeling a little hungry on your beach day adventure? If you are near Cayman Kai, try Kaibo Beach Bar & Grill!  For those on Seven Mile Beach? Check out Veranda and Anchor and Den for a relaxing meal.

The Most Romantic Beaches for Couples in Grand Cayman

If you are with your significant other and looking for a little romance, finding the right beach can help start your day off right together. Try West Bay Beach, perfect for sunbathing, or Colliers Beach known for its romantic sunsets. Then, there's Seven Mile Beach with many fun activities to do with your partner!

Best Beaches for Exploring Wildlife in Grand Cayman

If you are in the mood to explore, try out Cayman Kai Beach, Starfish Point, or Cemetery Beach. All locations are great for seeing turtles and tropical fish underneath the water. These snorkel locations will satisfy your exploration itch.

Best Beachfront Villas in the Cayman Islands

While some people prefer hotels, we suggest trying out a private villa on the beach on your next trip to Grand Cayman. Vacationing in a beachfront villa offers an entirely different experience. Here are some of our favorites:

Villa Blue Water (GCM ZAR): This four-bedroom gated estate sits directly on the beach in Rum Point, along Grand Cayman's north coast. It offers a gorgeous pool deck complete with a beachfront hot tub. 

Villa Coral Reef (CM COR): Castaway to this gorgeous 7-bedroom villa, located on Seven Mile Beach within steps of the beach and a short walk to beachfront eateries, bars, spas, shopping and more. This spacious completely renovated beachfront villa enjoys panoramic sea views.

Villa Tarasand (GCM TAR): Enjoy the good life at Villa Tarasand, a two story, 4-bedroom villa offering barefoot swimming from its palm-shaded beach. At the end of a quiet cul-de-sac, Tarasand is extremely private and the chances are high that you will not see a soul on your beach the entire stay.

Villa Kai Zen (GCM KZE): Gorgeous 3-bedroom villa in the Rum Point area of Cayman Kai. This villa enjoys spectacular sunsets, a palm-shaded beach, and a private dock Located steps from the sea, a 5-minute walk from the Kaibo Yacht Club, and a 10-minute walk from the Rum Point Club. 

Villa Fischers Reef (GCM FSR): Enjoy this bright and luxurious 8-bedroom villa in Cayman Kai, just steps from the sand with friends and family. This beachfront villa enjoys a spectacular view of the sea through swaying palm trees.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Beaches in Grand Cayman:

Do I need a car to get to most beaches or are there taxis?

While there are taxis available in Grand Cayman, as well as shuttles and public buses, having a car is the easiest and most flexible form of transportation. You don't, however, need a car to get to most beaches. Taxis are available at the airport and hotels.

Are there changing rooms or facilities on the beaches?

Most beaches do have changing rooms and facilities, as well as outdoor showers. Some that do NOT include Cemetery Beach and Spotts Beach (although Spotts Beach does have portable restrooms).

Do any of the beaches have chair and umbrella rentals?

There are chair and umbrella rentals at some of these beaches. Try Calico Jacks for your beach rental needs. Cayman Kai is also known to have umbrella rentals available for your beach stay.

Do any of the beaches have food and drink availability?

Food and drink availability is possible with the right location! You will find a few eateries at West Bay Beach or Rum Point Beach. If you are looking for more restaurant choices by the beach, your best bet is in the heart of Seven Miles beach.

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