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Located in the British Virgin Islands across from Tortola, Peter Island is virtually untouched but for a single 1,800-acre guest facility.

Once home to Christopher Columbus, Sir Francis Drake, and the pirate Blackbeard, Peter Island became a high-end resort in the '70s. Catering to yachtsmen who enjoy the island's unparalleled anchorages and docking services, The Peter Island Resort also draws visitors who come here to swim, snorkel, be pampered and find guaranteed privacy away from the more built-up corners of the Virgins.

Peter Island features five private beaches, along with a picturesque hillside shrouded in tropical gardens.

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The Peter Island Resort, frequently rated as one of the "best places to stay in the world" by Cond� Nast Traveler, includes 54 guest accommodations and three private villas. You may sail here yourself or catch the ferry from the Peter Island dock on Tortola just outside of Road Town.

The beach at Deadman's Bay, only a short walk from the resort, is rivaled only by secluded White Bay beach on the other side of the island, a great place for private picnics and relaxing getaways. Enjoy snorkeling around the many reefs surrounding the island, or spend an afternoon paddleboarding or windsurfing. Tennis, volleyball, basketball and yoga round out the activities, as well as horticultural tours and a spa.

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For some, nothing beats hotel life-the ease of room service and on-site restaurants is a treat in and of itself. Take advantage of our team of hotel specialists, who have spent time at each of the intimate hotels we represent, and who actively reflect client feedback into their recommendations.

Our hotel specialists will spend time to understand your group's specific needs and wants, research available rooms, and secure the best available price. In other words, let us do the heavy lifting! Peter Island is both a destination and an all inclusive resort hotel. Our hotel team can book long weekend getaways or full length vacations, and would be thrilled to help arrange destination weddings and honeymoons.

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