Musha Cay Resort

Escape to Musha Cay, your private mini-archipelago in the Bahamas. With Musha Cay, master illusionist David Copperfield has created one of the world's most exclusive island getaway resorts.

You and your guests will have this paradise in the Exumas to yourselves, with every want and need to be answered by the island’s devoted staff.

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The chance to escape to a West Indies islands realm of your very own: That’s the allure of Musha Cay, Bahamas. Whether it’s a relaxing vacation with family or friends, a corporate retreat, a wedding, or a reunion, this all-inclusive private island resort fits the bill.

In this guide we will introduce Musha Cay resort, detail its accommodations and features, and reveal how WIMCO Villas can make your own private Copperfield Bay escape happen!

Musha Cay Review – Why Visit?

Easy to reach yet splendidly secluded, Musha Cay and the Islands of Copperfield Bay make one of the most coveted of all Caribbean resorts.

The ability to call the cay and ten other private islets (totaling more than 700 acres) your very own Bahamian domain is extraordinary.

This gorgeous medley of land and sea comes with the highest caliber of amenities and staff services. Musha Cay is truly a self-contained tropical wonderland.

Dozens of exclusive beaches are at your disposal with access to watersports and boating, an outdoor movie theater, fireworks shows, and other bespoke experiences. You can be as active above- or below-water as you wish.

Immerse yourself in a novel on a private beach, or venture offshore for snorkeling, sailing, and fishing. Throughout your dreamy stay, from hilltop manor houses to tucked-away surfside bungalows will set you up like royalty.

Plan a romantic getaway, a memorable family vacation, or a destination event everyone will cherish. Musha Cay awaits you in the heart of the Exumas!

Musha Cay Bahamas Nuts & Bolts:

  • Five guest houses with 12 bedrooms and 13.5 bathrooms
  • Capacity for up to 24 guests
  • Dining at the Balinese Beach Pavilion, The Landings, Coconut Beach, Main Dock, and a variety of private island/beach locations
  • Lighted championship tennis court
  • Volleyball & badminton court
  • Karaoke
  • Billiards
  • Freshwater swimming pool
  • Outdoor beachfront movie theater (Dave’s Drive-In)
  • Air-conditioned beachfront gym
  • Watersports & boating with numerous vessels & equipment
  • Full-service guest office with telephone, telefax, and Internet access
  • Steam & massage rooms
  • Attentive support staff of 30-plus

Activities & Experiences On Musha Cay

Musha Cay and its associated islets and waterscapes put a fabulous spectrum of activities and experiences at your fingertips. From jet boats and catamarans to sailboats and paddleboards, you’ve got quite the fleet to enjoy these magical Bahamian waters. Fishing, jet-skiing, windsurfing, snorkeling: Aquatic explorations and adventures abound.

A signature Musha Cay delight is visiting the ethereal, alabaster three-mile-long sandbar that appears and disappears daily with tidal patterns. It’s a mesmerizing place to enjoy a picnic lunch, pop the question, or stroll hand-in-hand, surrounded by aquamarine splendor. Just a few minutes' boat ride from the Musha shorefront, the sandbar, and its everyday vanishing-and-reappearing act nicely reflects David Copperfield’s life passion.

Hiking trails and jogging paths lace Musha Cay. You can also arrange for high-octane workouts on the beach or (for an additional fee) pursue yoga instruction. An air-conditioned gym set along the beachfront provides top-notch strength training and cardiovascular equipment.

Kick back and watch your favorite shows on satellite TV, play board games, or indulge in karaoke in The Landings lounge. It’s the hub of the island community, a spectacular building on top of a staircase overlooking Musha’s main dock and home to a restaurant and the guest clubhouse. Play billiards on a table owned by the one and only Harry Houdini, with a collection of Houdini belongings and mementos surrounding you. This is a magician’s private island resort, after all!

Dave’s Drive-In gives Musha Cay its very own barefoot, beachfront outdoor cinema: A magical place to screen your favorite flicks with popcorn under a breathtaking Exumas night sky.

There are special experiences Musha Cay offers, including a pirate-themed adventure written and scored by Copperfield himself, The Treasure of Copperfield Bay. With swashbuckling actors guiding you to clues scattered from secret beaches to enigmatic caves, it’s a unique experience you wouldn’t want to miss.

The Musha Olympic Games allow guests to engage in relay races and other friendly competitions, followed by a cocktail-hour awards ceremony.

Gape at spectacular fireworks, feed the cay’s resident critters such as giant tortoises and parrots, throw a tiki party, gather around a beach bonfire: There are endless opportunities for thrills, team-building, and all-out entertainment at Musha Cay.

Five ravishing West Indian-style island houses provide the accommodations at Musha Cay and the Islands of Copperfield Bay. Each comes equipped with air-conditioning, international phone service, satellite TV, and other standard amenities.

Indoor and outdoor spaces of generous proportion and beautiful arrangement make these villas both exceedingly comfortable and spectacularly seductive. Expect straight-out-of-a-dream ambiance and sightlines at each.

The artwork and furnishings in Musha Cay villas include pieces selected by the especially well-traveled man himself, David Copperfield.


Musha’s grand, 10,000-square-foot manor house lords over the cay’s loftiest hill, with a panoramic view of coastal waters and neighboring islets. Offering a pair of grandmaster suites, Highview includes two kitchens, a private sauna, and a spacious living pavilion.

Pier House

This 3,200-square-foot beach cottage harbors two lovely bedroom suites and a front door that opens up right onto an ocean pier. The bedroom suites connect to an airy and well-appointed living/dining room.

Blue Point

Also encompassing a 3,200-square-foot floorplan, Blue Point occupies a swoony vantage atop a rocky knob just steps away from a private beach. Enhancing the interior with its pair of master suites and living/dining room, and a broad and shaded wraparound porch promising sea breezes and gorgeous vistas.

Palm Terrace

This five-bedroom, 4,500-square-foot beach house renders perfect Musha Cay accommodations for families. Two master suites lie upstairs, with the other three bedrooms nicely arrayed downstairs. Hang out together in the soaring living room, or kick back out on the beautiful mahogany wraparound porch.

Beach House

The one-bedroom Beach House charms with its open-air, thatch-roofed living room and bathroom. Your private Bahamian abode comes true in this cottage, nestled against a private, crescent-shaped Musha Cay beach.

Dining Options At Musha Cay

A personal chef and kitchen staff supply you and your guests with the finest island cuisine on a Musha Cay escape. Among the ingredients available are fresh-catch seafood delicacies from local waters. In addition, the resort’s chef will work with you to devise the ideal menu for your tastes, preferences, and dietary needs.

You've got options as far as where you can tuck into this delicious, meticulously prepared cuisine! Dine under the thatch-and-timber roof of the fabulous, 2,200-square-foot Balinese Beach Pavilion, right by the freshwater swimming pool and one of the Musha Cay beaches. You can also visit The Landings and enjoy expansive views of the turquoise water with your meal.

You might also select a special candlelit dinner over the sea on the Main Dock, following torch-lined steps leading down from the Landings. Or indulge in sand-between-your-toes dining on Coconut Beach, followed by a private screening at Dave’s Drive-In.

Perhaps arrange for a one-of-a-kind al fresco meal on the three-mile sandbar, relishing the novelty of wining and dining on plush sand hidden by the tide every day. And any number of picnic excursions to secluded islets or hidden beaches.

Is Musha Cay A Suitable Wedding Venue?

Musha Cay is an exceptional place to tie the knot. Tropical beauty for your complete, exclusive private use and enjoyment will make your most memorable day even more special.

The Musha Cay wedding planning team will work closely with you to make sure your private-island nuptials proceed exactly as you envision.

From professional catering, photography, and videography to flower arrangements, hairstylists, fireworks, and live music or DJs, you’ve got all the resources you need for the most glamorous of all destination weddings.

Breathtaking seaside locations for the ceremony itself are easy to come by here.

The resort will also happily arrange for the presence of the requisite registrar's office representative and Notary Public on the cay to complete your marriage license. Every detail is taken care of—and any dream vision for a Caribbean wedding fulfilled—at Musha Cay!

What Makes Musha Cay Different?

It’s one thing to have Musha Cay and its wonderful island villas as your private retreat. It’s another to also be able to tool around the other 10 uninhabited cays owned by David Copperfield as part of the resort. Here’s a place to unleash your inner “pirate” or castaway while enjoying the very finest in luxury tropical resort living.

Curated Copperfield-schemed experiences, a nostalgic outdoor cinema by a flawless Bahamian beach, chattering parrots and toucans—Musha Cay casts an undeniable spell that’ll stay with you even back home. In a place where you enjoy not only private beaches but also multiple private islets, it’s easy to fall entirely under the sway of a rhythm that’s refreshingly different from “real-world” life.

Start your day with coffee in your luxury villa or at The Landings. Paddle along the pristine shorefront, or go for a sail. Have lunch on the sugar-sand beach, or maybe that ethereal sandbar.

Feast in an open-air pavilion or right on the beachfront, then assemble for a movie under the West Indies stars. It’s all possible—and much more—amid the dreamscape of Musha Cay.

Musha Cay and the Islands of Copperfield Bay lie in the Bahamian district of Exuma, part of a string of cays running northwestward of Great Exuma and the district capital of Georgetown. The Bahamas form part of the Lucayan Archipelago—the northern frontier of the West Indies—with the Turks and Caicos Islands.

Enwrapping you in exclusive island loveliness away from mundane routines, Musha Cay feels as far removed from the “real world” as you can get while still pampered with every imaginable luxury.

David Copperfield’s private Bahamas resort is still quick and straightforward to reach. It’s only an hour or so away from Miami or Fort Lauderdale, Florida by plane!

Non-stop commercial flights as well as private jets and charters transport guests to the Georgetown Airport on Great Exuma. From there, it’s just a 20-minute transfer flight or roughly hourlong boat ride (drenched in Bahamian scenery) to Musha Cay.

Private yachts can also take advantage of Musha Cay’s sheltered, deep-water anchorage in Copperfield Bay.

What Services Does WIMCO Villas Provide To Our Clients Renting A Villa On Musha Cay?

At WIMCO Villas, we can help carry out the smallest and largest detail of your Musha Cay getaway with flawless execution. Whether you need help planning your dream vacation, a honeymoon, or a reunion, we’re here to create a unique, custom-designed vacation just for you.

We will arrange transportation, assist with making sure groceries and bar supplies are available in your villa upon arrival and provide personal housekeeping and other support services. If you’re interested in organized activities or guided tours, we’ve got you covered.

With firsthand knowledge of Musha Cay’s accommodations and amenities, the WIMCO team can make sure everything from open-ended vacations to corporate travel, weddings, and other special events go blissfully note-perfect.

Ready To Get Started With Your Musha Cay Vacation?

To find out more about the resort offers, or to start the process of booking it for yourself, get in touch with the friendly WIMCO Villas team.