The Amalfi Coast & Capri Events and Festivals Schedule


Festival della Tradizone

The town of Praiano has an annual festival of tradition, which is four days of folk music and traditional dances. There are also many local handmade goods and foods available to help visitors enjoy the festivities.


Regatta of Ancient Maritime Republics- June 8

The ancient republics of Pisa, Genoa, Venice, and Amalfi compete each year in a rowing completion to remember their old seafaring empires. Each city has eight men race in a boat that has a figurehead representing the animal and colors of their city.


Ravello festival- April 17- October 12

Over 50 musical shows are hosted at either the Auditorium Oscar Niemeyer or the Villa Rufolo. The festival has performances by world-renowned artists in every genre from chamber music to live debates to art exhibits.


Le Giornate del Pesce Azzurro- August 6- August 9

The coastal village of Cetara is famed for its fish and hosts a gastronomic fair each year with tastings and seminars about their way of life. In the evenings the town's port transforms into a huge open-air restaurant with live music.


Settembrata Anaapresse

The town of Anacapri's four quarters compete each year to show off their talents in many areas. They built floats, cook large meals, make handcrafted goods, and more to try and get their neighborhood the prize. Each year has a different theme and each year the four quarters come together to give a show for all to enjoy.

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