Best Restaurants in Tuscany, Italy

Tuscany is heaven on Earth for culinary enthusiasts. Not many places in the world have so many Michelin restaurants in a relatively small area. You can find some of these restaurants in Tuscany's main cities, such as Lucca, Siena, and Florence, while others may require a bit of a drive out into the country. But all are well worth the effort. 

Since Tuscany is a true gastronomic destination, it can be hard to decide which of these outstanding establishments to try during your stay. We put together this comprehensive guide so you can easily find must-visit restaurants in Tuscany and effectively plan out the most amazing gastronomic experience of your journey.

We grouped these restaurants into various sections based on locations and categories, such as best dining experience, best local food, best farm-to-table restaurants, etc.

Cleanse your palates and discover the best restaurants and talents.

Top 7 Restaurants in Lucca

II Piccolo Principe

Overview: The dishes served by Chef Giuseppe Mancino in this 2 Michelin-starred restaurant are a master class in beauty, creativity, and presentation. The lovely setting within a luxury hotel only adds to the extraordinary dining experience you will enjoy at Il Piccolo Principe.

Some dishes served here include a lobster in a smoked Bernese sauce and a roasted pigeon complemented by mango chutney and foie gras.

Insider tip: Il Piccolo Principe offers several tasting menus.

Ambiance: Elegant with beautiful views.

What we love: The extensive wine menu.

Location: Viareggio, Address: Piazza Puccini 1 Grand Hotel Principe di Piemonte, Phone: +39 0584 401806

Ristorante Casa Puccini

Overview: Ristorante Casa Puccini is located in the heart of Lucca, serves international flavors such as a potato and saffron gnocchi with octopus ragout, as well as traditional Tuscan dishes such as rabbit loin with sage and rosemary.

Insider tip: You can dine outdoors on the restaurant's lovely terrace in the summer.

Ambiance: Refined and classy, yet welcoming.

What we love: The restaurant's knowledgeable Sommelier will help you select the perfect wine to complement your meal.

Location: Lucca LU, Address: Corte San Lorenzo 1, Phone: +39 0583 180 1996


Overview: Established in 1979, this restaurant proudly serves cuisine that marries historical regional flavors with contemporary inspirations and techniques. Two examples of the innovative dishes you might find on the menu include sweet, and sour sweetbreads and tortellini served with truffle in a broth. In 2019, Michelin awarded Giglio 1 star.

Insider tip: The restaurant offers a 6-course and 8-course tasting menu, as well as the option to order a la carte.

Ambiance: Elegant, understated dining room.

What we love: In fine weather, the restaurant's outdoor seating is on a little piazza that is perfect for a more relaxed dining experience.

Location: Lucca, Address: Via Olanda, 11, Phone: +39 055 653 3260


Overview:   If you love surprises, L'Imbuto is the place to go.

At L'Imbuto, your mission is just to sit back, relax, and enjoy a culinary journey prepared by Chef Cristiano Tomei. All you have to do is inform the chef of how many courses you would like and any dietary restrictions you or your guests may have. He will then surprise you with his creative and innovative dishes.

Think steak tartare on burnt pine bark or a cuttlefish "marshmallow.".

Insider tip: Because the dishes you'll be receiving will be a surprise, you may want to choose the wine pairing option, available for an extra charge.  

Ambiance: Intimate with an artsy vibe (located in a Contemporary Art museum).

What we love: Chef Tomei's creations are as artistic as delicious.

Location:   Lucca, Address: Via della Fratta 36, Phone: +39 331 930 8931

Buca di Sant'Antonio

Overview: First established in 1782, the restaurant proudly serves traditional regional cuisine, including faro soup, one of the oldest dishes in Italy. A fun fact about Buca di Sant'Antonio is that it makes all of its pasta by hand.

Some of the dishes you might enjoy here include a rabbit stew and a mushroom pie. 

Insider tip: Reservations are highly recommended for this restaurant's dinner service.

Ambiance: Charming, warm, and inviting.

What we love: The restaurant's outdoor seating is the perfect setting for a relaxing meal on nice days.

Location: Lucca, Address: Via della Cervia 3, Phone: +39 0583 55881


Overview: Although the Michelin-starred eatery is located in an area popular with travelers, it has managed to avoid becoming a tired tourist-trap-style restaurant. Instead, Peperosa's talented chefs serve up beautifully plated, creative dishes that celebrate regional flavors.

Its pappardelle is served, for example, with Tuscan pecorino cheese from the Angela Saba farm and accented with black truffle. And its Tuscan pork is served with local artichokes. 

Insider tip: Check out Peperosa's Facebook page for special holiday menus or announcements, such as when the restaurant has white truffles available. 

Ambiance: Beautiful outdoor dining facing the charming Piazza dell'Anfiteatro. Indoor seating is understated and romantic.

What we love: Peperosa has a special menu for children under 10 years old.

Location: Lucca, Address: Piazza dell'Anfiteatro 4, Phone: +39 0583 082361

Santi Peccanti

Overview: A relatively new restaurant in Lucca, Santi Peccanti's cuisine honors the local Tuscan flavors and products but does so with an eye towards creativity and innovation. Examples of Chef Andrea Madonia's creations include a larded pigeon breast served with a corn and pomegranate sauce or linguini with a guinea fowl sauce.

Insider tip: Keep an eye on Santi Peccanti's Facebook and Instagram pages for special holiday menus and mouthwatering pictures of their dishes.

Ambiance: Rustic elegance.

What we love: Santi Peccanti's beautifully presented plates are truly Instagram-worthy works of art. 

Location: Lucca, Address: Piazza San Francesco 2, Phone: +39 0583 164 6959

Top 7 Restaurants in Siena


Overview: Mugolone's menu is a showcase of traditional Tuscan fare that has been creatively reinterpreted. Think rabbit ravioli in cheese, pepper, and black truffle sauce or a filet from one of the oldest breeds of cattle in the world – the Chianina – simply flavored with pepper, salt, and a hint of herbs. 

Insider tip: Reservations are highly recommended at this popular restaurant.

Ambiance: Warm and inviting.

What we love: This restaurant offers two tasting menus – one based on meat dishes, and the other on fish. 

Location: Siena, Address: Via dei Pellegrini, 8/12, Phone: +39 0577 283235


Overview: The two Michelin star restaurant is located about 30 minutes from Siena. Here, you'll enjoy authentic Tuscan flavors in creative dishes made with organic, locally grown produce.

While the menu changes with the seasons, some examples of the dishes you might enjoy here include fresh tortellini stuffed with sheep ricotta or crispy quail eggs with cauliflower and Taggiasca olive. 

Insider tip: Arnolfo has a compulsory babysitting service for children six years of age and under for an extra fee. 

Ambiance: Elegant and intimate, yet warm and inviting.

What we love: Arnolfo's Sommelier can guide you through the restaurant's 600 vintages to find the right one to accompany your meal. 

Location: Colle di Val d'Elsa SI, Address: Via XX Settembre, 50, Phone: +39 0577 920549

Osteria le Logge

Overview: Osteria le Logge delights in serving locally grown and raised ingredients in its contemporary take on the Tuscan fare. For example, its cured Cinta Senese ham comes from Siena's heirloom belted pigs.

Osteria le Logge's menu changes seasonally to take advantage of what is fresh and available. 

Insider tip: Since it’s quite a popular restaurant, you’d want to make reservations.

Ambiance: Located in an ancient grocery store, this restaurant has a cozy, old-world charm.

What we love: The restaurant's nearby wine cellar, housed in an ancient tunnel, is a must-see for wine enthusiasts.

Location: Siena, Address: Via del Porrione, 33, Phone: +39 0577 48013

Ristorante Campo Cedro

Overview: At Ristorante Campo Cedro, you will relish the restaurant's contemporary interpretation of the traditional Tuscan cuisine that occasionally blends in Asian flavors.

Its dishes include duck leg in a miso crust with celeriac and black garlic and tagliatelle with hare in a Parmesan cream sauce.

Dishes here are artistic and as stunning as they are delicious. 

Insider tip: If you want the chef to choose your meal for you, consider either the four- or seven-course tasting menus that can also be paired with wine for an extra fee. 

Ambiance: Rustic elegance.

What we love: You can choose to eat either indoors or outdoors in a lovely courtyard. 

Location: Siena, Address: Via Pian D'Ovile, 54, Phone: +39 0577 236027

La Locanda dei Tintori

Overview: Located in the center of the city, this small restaurant spoils its guests with excellent service and delicious Tuscan dishes. Examples of the cuisine you might find here include suckling pig or veal battuta with black truffles. 

Insider tip: Check out the restaurant's Facebook page to learn about special holiday menus hours and to see more photos of La Locanda dei Tintori's dishes.

Ambiance: Intimate, cozy, and welcoming.

What we love: High-quality food at reasonable prices.

Location: Siena, Address: Via dei Pittori, 13, Phone: +39 0577 550225

Ristorante Tar-Tufo

Overview: Ristorante Tar-Tufo's menu changes with the seasons and is an expression of what is fresh and available. The one constant is truffles, which enhances many of Tar-Tufo's dishes.

You might, for instance, dine on scallops in a porcini mushroom cream or slow-cooked pheasant breast -- both of which will be dusted with freshly grated truffles. 

Insider tip: In the summer, you'll want to consider dining on the terrace with its stunning views of the city.

Ambiance: Elegant, romantic Old World charm.

What we love: The restaurant offers several tasting menus, including 5- and 7-course meals dedicated to truffles.

Location: Siena, Address: Via del Sole, 6a, Phone: +39 0577 284031

Antica Osteria da Divo

Overview: The dishes served here pay homage to traditional flavors and traditions. The restaurant's menu changes regularly, but examples of the dishes you might savor here include wild boar braised in Chianti and the pappardelle and hare. 

Insider tip: Dine on the third floor if you’re with your partner as it is particularly suited for a romantic, candle-lit dinner.

Ambiance: Unique, three-level restaurant with rooms dating back to the medieval and Etruscan periods.

What we love: The creative sweet treats whipped up by the restaurant's pastry chef. 

Location: Siena, Address: Via Franciosa, 25/29, Phone: +39 0577 286054

Top 7 Restaurants in Florence

Santa Elisabetta

Overview: Located in the ancient Byzantine Pagliazza Tower inside the Hotel Brunelleschi, Santa Elisabetta was awarded two Michelin Stars in 2021. The Mediterranean cuisine here has seasonal variations, but examples of what you might enjoy here include pasta stuffed with oxtail and served with mushroom gravy or smoked amberjack accompanied by a Bernese sauce. 

Insider tip: The restaurant's à la carte menu is only available for lunch on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.

Ambiance: Elegant and intimate.

What we love: For dinner, you can choose from the chef's 5-, 7-, and 9-course menus. For lunch, there is a 3-course menu. 

Location: Florence, Address: Piazza Santa Elisabetta, 3, Phone: +39 055 273 7673

Enoteca Pinchiorri

Overview: There are only 11 3-star Michelin restaurants in Italy and Enoteca Pinchiorri is 1 of them.

This restaurant, which has been in business for decades, offers guests innovative Tuscan, Italian and international dishes created by Chef Annie Feolde.

Enoteca Pinchiorri offers visually stunning gourmet dishes, including the double squab breast and peas in mint and the roe deer served with horseradish, roasted celeriac, and mandarin.

Insider tip: Diners can choose either from an à la carte menu or from special six- to eight-course tasting menus. Wine pairings can be added for an extra fee.

Ambiance: Elegant and classy.

What we love: The restaurant's wine cellars are home to more than 150,000 bottles. 

Address: Via Ghibellina 87 - 50122 Florence.  Phone: 39 055 26311

Location: Florence, Address: Via Ghibellina, 87, Phone: +39 055 242777

Guelfi e Ghibellini

Overview: Located in the Hotel Relais Santa Croce, Guelfi e Ghibellini serves modern interpretations of Mediterranean and traditional Tuscan dishes. You might, for instance, dine on pork medallions from a breed of pig from the province of Siena called the Cinta Senese. You might also enjoy their turbot with a black quinoa crust and saffron. 

Insider tip: Check out the restaurant's website for its seasonal and special holiday menus.

Ambiance: Upscale and refined.

What we love: The attentive and friendly service.

Location: Florence, Address: Via Ghibellina, 87, Phone: +39 055 234 2230

Ristorante La Loggia

Overview: Located in the Villa San Michele hotel, Ristorante La Loggia boasts stunning views that serve as the perfect backdrop for a memorable meal.

Here, La Loggia's Executive Chef Alessandro Cozzolino serves up his unique and modern twists on traditional Tuscan fare. You might, for instance, dine on lightly smoked risotto with grilled eel and grapefruit or risotto with roasted peppers and pork sausage. 

Insider tip: Dinner only, from 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.

Ambiance: Classic, elegant, and romantic.

What we love: The sunset view from this restaurant is one of the best you'll find in Florence.

Location: Fiesole, Address: Via Doccia, 4, Phone: +39 055 567 8200

Borgo San Jacopo

Overview: Borgo San Jacopo offers gourmet fare with spectacular views of the River Arno and the Ponte Vecchio.

At Borgo San Jacopo, you can expect your dishes to be made from only the best ingredients, such as milk-fed porchetta and fresh seasonal vegetables.

If you want a special treat, consider trying one of this Michelin-starred restaurant's tasting menus, both of which are proof of Chef Claudio Mengoni's exquisite techniques.  

Insider tip: In addition to its tasting menus, you can also order à la carte if you so desire. Borgo San Jacopo also has a vegetarian tasting menu.

Ambiance: Elegant, upscale, and romantic. 

What we love: Borgo San Jacopo's knowledgeable sommelier can guide you through the 900 labels found in its wine cellar to find the right one to accompany your meal.

Location: Florence, Address: Borgo San Jacopo, 62/R, Phone: +39 055 281661

La Leggenda dei Frati

Overview: Set in the Villa Bardini museum complex, this Michelin-starred restaurant offers elevated Tuscan cuisine in a stunning setting. Some of the dishes you might enjoy at La Leggenda dei Frati include its signature chicken liver terrine (on the menu since 2004) or pigeon served with chestnuts and vermouth. 

Insider tip: In the summer, you'll want to consider dining on the restaurant's romantic terrace.

Ambiance: Understated elegance.

What we love: The menu offers two tasting menus, one with seven courses and another with nine.

Location: Florence, Address: Costa San Giorgio 6/A, Phone: +39 055 0680545

II Palagio

Overview: This Michelin one-star restaurant is located in the Four Seasons Hotel in Firenze. Its menu contains regional classics with a contemporary twist. Think lightly smoked risotto with seasonal cabbages or free-range crunchy eggs served with porcini mushrooms and candied lemon and garlic. 

Insider tip: Check out the restaurant's Facebook page for information on its newest culinary creations and specials.

Ambiance: Contemporary, sophisticated, and elegant.

What we love: Impeccable and exceptional service.

Location: Florence, Address: Borgo Pinti 99, Phone: +39 055 2626450

Top 7 Restaurants in the Tuscany Countryside


Overview: If you love meat, Solociccia is the place to be. The restaurant is run by Dario Cecchini, a famous butcher who has appeared on many television shows, including Top Chef.

At Solociccia, you will dine from a prix fixe menu that includes "everything from the muzzle to the tail." For example, your meal could include a Panzanese steak as well as spicy meat ragu on toast.

Insider tip: Reservations are a must. And believe it or not, this "meat"-forward restaurant does have a vegetarian option. 

Ambiance: Rustic, fun, family-style meals.

What we love: Kids under 10 and "kids" over 90 pay half price here.

Location: Panzano in Chianti, Address: Via XX Luglio, 11, Phone: +39 055852020

II Faconiere

Overview: In addition to amazing food worthy of a Michelin star, you'll also get to enjoy stunning panoramic views from the restaurant's dining terrace.

Il Faconiere prides itself on growing many of the ingredients it uses on its own farm, including the olive oil. And many other ingredients are locally sourced, such as the Chianina beef.

Examples of the dishes served at this restaurant include a burrata cheese ravioli or sautéed calf liver with apples and creamy onion julienne. 

Insider tip: The Tuscany Italy restaurant has three indoor dining areas: The main room can accommodate up to 60 people. There is a small room with one table that is perfect for a romantic meal. Then there’s a third room that can accommodate up to 18 people at one long table.

Ambiance: Old-world elegance.

What we love: This restaurant's wine list is exceptional and contains many local labels, including ones produced on the property.

Location: Cortona, Address: San Martino a Bocena, 370, Phone: +39 0575 612679

II Canto del Maggio

Overview: This gem of a restaurant serves elevated farm-to-table cuisine that has earned it many accolades. Money, Inc., in fact, included it in its list of the Top 5 Restaurants in Tuscany, and Travel Away included it in its 15 Best Food Experiences in Tuscany. An example of the creative dishes you might savor here include duck egg with truffles and asparagus here is to die for. 

Insider tip: If you really want to make the most of your time at Il Canto del Maggio, consider staying at one of the property's eight-bed and breakfast apartments. 

Ambiance: Quaint and convivial.

What we love: This restaurant offers dishes for vegans, vegetarians, as well as those with food intolerances.

Location: Località Penna Alta, 30/d, Address: Località Penna Alta, 30/d, Phone: +39 333 6885906


Overview: Caino, located in an isolated medieval hamlet, is a two-starred Michelin restaurant that serves creative and elevated Maremma cuisine such as pecorino risotto or crispy chestnuts with foie gras and red wine sauce. 

Insider tip: Reservations are essential.

Ambiance: Romantic and intimate.

What we love: The wine cellar is home to more than 20,000 bottles.

Location: Montemerano, Address: Via Della Chiesa, 4, Phone: +39 0564 602807


Overview:  Located in Colle di Val d'Elsa, Arnolfo is a two Michelin star restaurant with panoramic views of the Tuscan hills. 

Because the restaurant prides itself on serving locally grown and organic produce, its menu changes with the seasons. That means that you might dine on game and foraged produce in the autumn months. But at other times, you might be treated to lobster on a pumpkin puree. 

Insider tip: For an extra fee, the restaurant has a compulsory babysitting service for children who are six years of age and under.

Ambiance: Understated elegance with beautiful views.

What we love: The restaurant's extensive wine list has more than 600 vintages.

Location: Colle di Val d'Elsa, Address: Via XX Settembre n 50, Phone: +39 0577 920549


Overview: Located near Massa Marittima, this Michelin 2-star restaurant is run by the Bracali brothers. Francesco is the chef, and Luca is the sommelier and runs the front of the house. Together, they have created an establishment that is a showcase for dishes that are traditional in flavor, but modern in concept. 

For example, its menu might include potato and nettle gnocchi over a foie gras pudding or pigeon served with radicchio and foie gras. 

Insider tip: Reservations are essential. 

Ambiance: Elegant and stately.

What we love: This restaurant's wine cellar has been carefully curated by Luca and is considered to be one of the best in Tuscany.

Location: Ghirlanda, Address: Via di Perolla, 2, Phone: +39 0566 902318

Virtuoso - Tenuta le Tre Virtu in Scarperia

Overview: Virtuoso is not only a 1-star Michelin restaurant, but it has also earned a Michelin Green Star for sustainable gastronomy. 

The cuisine here is Tuscan, but the presentation is modern and creatively presented. Think chicken stewed with mushrooms, potatoes and strawberry grapes or homemade pasta with red mullet and Cinta Senese bacon. 

Insider tip: The restaurant is open for dinner from Wednesday to Saturday by reservation.

Ambiance: Romantic, rustic chic.

What we love: The restaurant prides itself on using fresh, local ingredients from its own farm and from small local producers.

Location: Località Lucigliano, 13, Address: Località Lucigliano, 13, Phone: +39 055 0763619

Best of the Best Restaurants in Tuscany Italy

The following are the best restaurants in Tuscany divided by categories:

Best Dining Experience at a Winery Restaurant

Sala dei Grappoli 

This one Michelin star restaurant is part of the Castello Banfi Wine Resort. Located about an hour from Siena, Sala dei Grappoli serves authentic Italian and Mediterranean cuisine made from local, seasonal ingredients. 

Its creative takes on regional flavors include dishes such as risotto with vanilla-flavored cauliflower cream and porcini mushrooms.

Location: Poggio alle Mura, Address: Castello di, Phone: +39 0577 877524

Osteria di Passignano

Located about 30 to 60 minutes from Florence, Siena, and Lucca, this elegant Michelin-starred restaurant serves imaginative dishes based on traditional Tuscan flavors. Even better, you can complement your meal with a bottle from this venue's own winery.

Location: Badia A Passignano, Address: Via Passignano, 33, Phone: +39 055 807 1278

Osteria del Borro

At Osteria del Borro, you'll enjoy stunning panoramic views of Il Borro, a medieval village, while dining on masterful and beautifully presented cuisine. The dishes here are made exclusively with the best Tuscan ingredients, such as the marinated boar with roots and sprouts.

Osteria del Borro is located about 45 to 60 minutes from Siena and Florence.

Location: San Giustino Valdarno, Address: Frazione Borro, 52, Phone: +39 055 977 2333

Il Poggio Rosso  

Il Poggio Rosso is an elegant, Michelin-starred restaurant that serves creative dishes that honor traditional flavors. It also prides itself on only using local ingredients in its beautifully presented cuisine. Examples include roasted pigeon with nutmeg and hibiscus or ribeye in a dolce-forte sauce.

Location: Castelnuovo Berardenga, Address:   Localita' San Felice, Phone: +39 0577 3964

Best Restaurants in Tuscany Italy for Local Food


A fixture in the Tuscany restaurant scene since 1988, this little restaurant serves up local Tuscan fare that has been elevated with modern ideas and techniques. For instance, its ravioli is filled with sheep's milk ricotta and buffalo mozzarella and it serves a rabbit loin stuffed with herbs and new potato chips.

Location: Lucca, Address: Via Arancio, 38, Phone: +39 0583 493129

Osteria Da Pasquale

Ranked number 1 of 605 restaurants in Lucca by TripAdvisor readers, Osteria Da Pasquale prides itself on respectfully preparing fresh, local ingredients in its innovative creations. Think beef filet with white truffle sauce or sesame seed-crusted tuna. Staff is multilingual and attentive, and the wine list is impressive.

Location: Lucca, Address: Via del Moro, 8, Phone: +39 0583 496506

La Taverna di San Giuseppe

You will feel like you're stepping back in time when you enter the ancient building that now houses this Michelin 1-star restaurant that serves authentic Tuscan cuisine. Think Tuscan spaghetti served with slow-cooked wild boar and porcini mushrooms or a souffle with pecorino and pear sauce.

Location: Siena, Address: Via Giovanni Duprè, 132, Phone: +39 0577 42286

La Bottega del Buon Caffe

This farm-to-table restaurant doesn't just buy its ingredients locally, it also raises much of its own produce. Other ingredients, such as beef, are also sourced locally. Though the menu changes seasonally, examples of the dishes you might enjoy here include hay-smoked pigeon breast or agnolotti pasta stuffed with rabbit.

Location: Florence, Address: Lungarno Benvenuto Cellini, 69/R, Phone: +39 055 553 5677


Solociccia is owned by TV celebrity butcher/chef Dario Cecchini, so the spotlight here is on meat. The prix fixe menu, which is served family-style, might include Panzanese steak or boiled beef and vegetable salad.

Location: Panzano in Chianti, Address: Via XX Luglio, 11, Phone: +39 055852020

Best Michelin Star Restaurants Tuscany


This Michelin-star restaurant has been a fixture in Tuscany since 1979. It serves regional flavors elevated with contemporary techniques and plating. Some of the dishes you might enjoy here include stuffed pigeons or sweet and sour sweetbreads.

Location: Lucca, Address: Piazza del Giglio, 2, Phone: +39 0583 494058

Enoteca Pinchiorri

In 2021, Enoteca Pinchiorri was one of only eleven Michelin 3-star restaurants in Italy. Enoteca Pinchiorriis best known for its visually stunning and innovative gourmet dishes such as guinea fowl galantine with mushrooms and roasted lamb loin with asparagus tops.

Location: Florence, Address: Via Ghibellina 87, Phone: +39 055 26311

La Taverna di San Giuseppe

This Michelin 1-star restaurant serves authentic Tuscan cuisine in an old structure that dates back to 1100. Examples of this restaurant's cuisine include brick-baked chicken and slow-cooked wild boar and porcini mushrooms.

Location: Siena, Address: Via Giovanni Dupre, 132, Phone: +39 0577 42286


Bracali has earned 2 Michelin stars for its innovative cuisine that honors traditional Tuscan flavors but is modern in concept. An example of a dish you might try here is Bracali's pigeon served with radicchio and foie gras.

Location: Ghirlanda, Address: Via di Perolla, 2, Phone: +39 0566 902318


Even though Caino is located in an isolated medieval hamlet, this two-star Michelin restaurant has had no problem attracting epicureans. Caino serves great Maremma cuisine including pecorino risotto and rabbit served with pappardelle.

Location: Montemerano, Address: Via Della Chiesa, 4, Phone: +39 0564 602807

Piccolo Principe

Piccolo Principe has earned 2 Michelin stars for its beautifully presented and creative dishes. Here, you’d want to be treated to lobster in a smoked Bernese sauce or a roasted pigeon complemented by mango chutney and foie gras.

Location: Viareggio, Address: Piazza Puccini 1 Grand Hotel Principe di Piemonte, Phone: +39 0584 401806


Arnolfo is a Michelin 2-star restaurant that prides itself on serving authentic regional flavors in creative and innovative dishes. Because it uses organic, locally grown produce, Arnolfo's menu does change with the seasons. One example of a dish you might enjoy here is crispy quail eggs with cauliflower and Taggiasca olive.

Location: Colle di Val d'Elsa, Address: Via XX Settembre n 50, Phone: +39 0577 920549

Best Farm-to-Table Restaurants in Tuscany

Il Canto del Maggio Restaurant

Il Canto del Maggio is known for its elevated farm-to-table cuisine. Many of the ingredients used in its dishes are grown in its gardens. Though the menu changes seasonally, an example of Il Canto del Maggio's cuisine is its duck egg with truffles and asparagus.

Location: Terranuova Bracciolini, Address: Fraz. Penna 30 / D, Phone: +39 333 6885906

Culinaria Bistro (Florence)

Stop by Culinaria Bistro when you're in Florence for a meal that celebrates local products and ingredients. Even better, this restaurant's exceptional dishes -- such as its homemade tagliolini with tomato cream with basil and buffalo heart or octopus with lime mashed potatoes -- are relatively affordable.

Location: Florence, Address: Piazza Torquato Tasso 13 R, Phone: +39 055 229494

Fattoria Poggio Alloro

Fattoria Poggio Alloro is located in San Gimignano, about a 45-minute drive from Siena and Florence. It specializes in serving family and local recipes made with seasonal and organic local products.

Location: San Gimignano, Address: Via Sant'Andrea, 23, Phone: +39 0577 950153

Tips for Dining Out in Tuscany and FAQ

Do restaurants in Italy take U.S. dollars? 

Restaurants in Italy do not accept U.S. dollars. 

How much to tip in Tuscany, Italy? 

Italians typically only tip if service is exceptional. And if they do, it's usually only about 10 percent of the total check. Some restaurants may add a service and/or cover charge on your bill. If so, you should factor that into any amount you leave for a tip. 

Are dinner reservations necessary at Tuscany fine-dining restaurants? 

Yes, at most of the fine-dining establishments, reservations are essential. 

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