If you crave a vacation spot that offers privacy without being too secluded, a place with plenty of diverse activities and a lovely beachy setting, then Tulum is the place for you. Located along Mexico's Riviera Maya coast, Tulum combines Bohemian chic with low-key, private villas and beautiful beaches. Plus, there are natural limestone swimming holes called cenotes, and historic 13th century Mayan ruins to explore.

Although the area is casual, for accommodations Tulum offers a myriad of luxury villas for rent, boutique hotels and vacation rental houses, most of which are located along the sparkling Caribbean Sea. Imagine waking up to the sun rising over the turquoise water or to have a glass of wine on the beach in front of your villa in the evening.

Private villas provide many of the same features and amenities that you're used to finding in five-star resorts. However, with a private villa or beach house rental, you'll have more space and a full kitchen where you can make some of your meals.

Featured Tulum Villa Rentals

WIMCO Villas,  Mexico Vacation rentals ML1 CGO, Mexico, Tulum Vacation home rentals, Tulum Villas

Godi (ML1 CGO)

$1207 - $2875/Night

WIMCO Villas,  Mexico Vacation rentals ML3 AMA, Mexico, Tulum Vacation home rentals, Tulum Villas

Amara (ML3 AMA)

$1550 - $4000/Night

WIMCO Villas,  Mexico Vacation rentals ML2 CBS, Mexico, Tulum Vacation home rentals, Tulum Villas

Casa Buena Suerte (ML2 CBS)

$1780 - $4180/Night

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Tulum Villas and Vacation Rentals

Whether your idea of the perfect vacation is a secluded beach or action-filled days, there's a villa rental that's perfect for you. Tulum is home to some of the most scenic beaches along the Caribbean Sea, including Playa Ruinas and Paradise Beach.

We'll help you find a villa where you can step right out on the sand or one that's nestled in a picturesque jungle setting for more privacy and seclusion. Many villas on the beach have private swimming pools, a big plus for families.


Beach Houses and Beachfront Villas in Tulum

Picture walking right out of your luxury Tulum villa onto the sugary white sand. Think how wonderful it will be to carry your morning cup of coffee right out to the beach and enjoy the changing seascape as the sun rises in the sky.

You can have this experience and share it with your friends and family with a luxury beachfront house or villa. The area has a Bohemian, laid-back atmosphere, but that doesn't mean you have to sacrifice luxury. There is a wonderful selection of beach properties in this area as well as large houses to accommodate groups and family reunions as well as cozy, romantic hideaways for two.

Tulum Vacation Ideas

Villa ML3 MST, Mexico Vacation home rentals, Mexico VillasTulum Vacation home rentals, Tulum Villas

Moonstar (ML3 MST)

$1100 - $2720/Night

Villa ML2 VER, Mexico Vacation home rentals, Mexico VillasTulum Vacation home rentals, Tulum Villas

Verde (ML2 VER)

$1400 - $1700/Night

Villa ML3 CHK, Mexico Vacation home rentals, Mexico VillasTulum Vacation home rentals, Tulum Villas

Casa Chakte (ML3 CHK)

$2000 - $2000/Night

Villa ML6 BEJ, Mexico Vacation home rentals, Mexico VillasTulum Vacation home rentals, Tulum Villas

Bejuco House (ML6 BEJ)

$924 - $1849/Night

Plan Your Tulum Vacation

Tulum 5 Star Hotels and Luxury Resorts

For those who desire more on-site services and big hotel amenities, Tulum offers a good selection of intimate five-star luxury resorts. These beachfront oases are distinctly different from their cousins in nearby Cancun or Playa del Carmen.

Tulum's luxury resorts are smaller in scale, more Boho chic than industrial chic, with such things as thatched-roof cottages, outdoor yoga classes and jungle-inspired decor. Of course, you'll also find swimming pools, spa services and a good selection of restaurants and bars. Many Tulum luxury hotels, such as Casa Malca and Nest Tulum are located on a stretch of beach that is home to fun beach bars like Ziggy’s as well as private villas.

Some, such as Habitas Tulum, are more secluded and combine lush tropical surroundings with sea views. Still others, such as Hotel Esencia, evoke the experience of being a visitor in a large seaside estate with an attentive staff and full amenities. In short, whatever your taste and style, there is a Tulum luxury resort for you.


Renting Luxury Villas or Luxury Resorts - Which One Is Right for You?

There are so many inviting places to stay in Tulum, you might find it difficult to choose between a luxury villa and a Tulum luxury resort. Rest assured, there's no wrong choice.

If you're seeking a relaxed, secluded vacation experience, a Tulum luxury villa is likely your best option. A villa combines luxury accommodations and a beautiful setting with a little more space to spread out. For families and groups, a villa allows individuals their own sleeping space while offering common rooms where you can enjoy each other's company.

Staying in a luxury home or villa doesn't mean you have to forego hotel services. You can set up services like regular housekeeping, laundry service, private chefs, in-villa spa services and more.

If you'd rather stay in the heart of the action, a luxury resort is a better choice. All of Tulum's 5 star resorts are just steps away from the beach and most are near the exciting activities and attractions. At a luxury hotel, you'll also have multiple restaurants on the property as well as amenities like spa treatments, daily housekeeping services and beachfront bars.

At WIMCO Villas, our friendly and skilled travel planners know all of the right people to contact to help you personalize your Tulum vacation. We'll also assist you with flight reservations, car rentals and securing a great table at that seaside restaurant. We want your Tulum vacation to be all you imagined it could be...and more.

Where is Tulum and Why Visit?

Tulum is located on Mexico's Riviera Maya, the coastal area that stretches 80 miles from Cancun to the lively town of Playa del Carmen to the casually-chic beachside resort town of Tulum.

The area is well-known for its relaxed atmosphere, beautiful luxury beachfront villas and resorts, the historic Mayan ruins and casual beach bars and restaurants. The weather in Tulum is tropical with high temperatures in the 80s (Fahrenheit) year round. September through November is the rainy season, but rarely do showers last for more than a few hours, often less.

How to get to Tulum?

Visitors to Tulum fly into Cancun International Airport, which is located about 90 minutes by car from Tulum. It's easy to find a non-stop flight to Cancun. There are more than 10,000 weekly flights from more than 100 destinations in the United States and Canada, including New York City, Detroit, Toronto, Ottawa, Los Angeles, Atlanta and Houston.

Travel time is approximately 4 hours from New York City, 5.5 hours from Los Angeles and 4 hours from Toronto.

Visitors from both the United States and Canada are required to have a valid passport that has at least 180 days validity left on it to visit Tulum. You must also obtain a Mexican Tourist Card. This can be done online or obtained from the airline.

What are the Top Five Things to do in Tulum?

There are so many fun and exciting things to do in Tulum, you'll want to reserve your luxury villa for at least a week, if not longer. Just a few of the most popular things to see and do include:

1. Enjoy the Beach

The beach is arguably the most popular place in Tulum. Some of the most popular stretches of white sand include Playa Paraiso, Playa Palma and Playa Ruinas, with the picturesque Mayan ruins looming behind the sand. Most beaches offer watersports, such as paddleboarding, kayaking and snorkeling.

2. Explore the Ancient Mayan Ruins

The ruins of the ancient Mayan walled city of Tulum are another major attraction. More than a half-dozen limestone structures still stand and harken back to the Pre-Columbian days when this city was a major trading and commercial center. The site is relatively small and can get somewhat crowded. For the best experience, visit early in the day, shortly after the site opens at 8:00 a.m.

3. Swim in a Cenote

Tulum is home to a diverse collection of cenotes, the cragged limestone formations that double as swimming holes. Some are commercial with man-made decks and food vendors. Others allow you to enjoy the raw natural beauty of the spot.

4. Savor the Local Food

The food here is fresh, affordable and plentiful. Many of the eateries are also located in beautiful, waterfront settings. You'll find everything from organic fruit stands to elegant, five-star meals. But, don't worry, the dress code is casual, even for the most elegant meals.

Some of our favorites include Taqueria Honorio in town and Posada Margherita on the beach. For a casual drink and a game of pool, try Ziggy’s, a sprawling Robinson Caruso inspired thatched roof beach bar.

5. Shop for Mexican Craft Items

Colorful Mexican crafts made excellent gifts and reminders of your trip. You'll find silver and onyx jewelry, woven placemats and rugs, hammered silver serving ware, cotton dresses and glazed and unglazed pottery. Make sure to venture into town away from the beach strip for the best selection and prices.

What Services Does WIMCO Villas Provide to Clients Vacationing in Tulum?

Looking for a stress-free vacation? Imagine making one call and have all of your travel details taken care of. Want advice on the best places to eat and the activities your family would most enjoy? The staff at WIMCO Villas can do all that and more for you.

Enjoy a full menu of amenities when staying in our Tulum luxury villas and other properties. We'll make arrangements for a car and driver, book that hair salon and spa appointment or help you plan an impromptu birthday party at your villa.

We're happy to do whatever it takes to make your vacation enjoyable. Contact us at your convenience to start planning your vacation and take advantage of WIMCO Villas' complimentary concierge travel service.

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