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The Best Beaches on Anguilla

Cove Bay

A long beach on the west end of the island, it's the only one in the area not populated with hotels. Visitors can rent beach equipment such as floats, umbrellas, and mats. With views of St. Martin, this spot is popular for picnics and enjoying cold drinks at the bar.

Rendezvous Bay

A mile and a half-long stretch of sand overlooking calm clear water. Rendezvous Bay has several resorts, a few rental villas, and restaurants lining this beach. The long, winding beach is ideal for romantic walks, and the placid waves make this a swimmer's paradise.

Savannah Bay

Sand dunes back this sweeping crescent shaped beach, located on the eastern end of the island. If you're seeking seclusion, a snorkeling spot, you've come to the right place. (There's also a beach bar.

Shoal Bay East

Voted one of the ten best beaches in the Caribbean, Shoal Bay wins the title as most popular beach on Anguilla. Beach bars and umbrellas line the beach, along with a number of open-air restaurants.

Sile Bay Beach

Not much foot traffic in the area makes this a beach to get away from the crowd and have an afternoon picnic. It is known for having relatively calm waters and a good spot for snorkeling.

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