How to Book a Memorable Villa Vacation Rental

The perfect villa vacation rental offers more space, privacy, and the feeling like you’re at home—except better!

Whether you’re honeymooning in Turks & Caicos, reconnecting with family in Tuscany, or meeting up with friends in St. Barths, a villa vacation rental can serve as your home-away-from-home in paradise. So often we are accustomed to the ease of hotel life that we might shy away from a vacation elsewhere. When renting a villa you can expect the same level of quality and service – but with more room and privacy. You also might find that there are relaxed, spontaneous moments when staying all together – the type of moments that create wonderful memories.

Work with a reputable company that will handle everything for you

villa vacation rental - Villa WV LLA, St. Jean, St. Barthelemy

Villa WV LLA, St. Jean, St. Barthelemy

When you book with a full-service villa vacation rental company (like WIMCO), each and every detail is managed, no matter how large or small. In addition to simply booking the villa, WIMCO will schedule your flights, reserve your rental car — even make sure your fridge is fully stocked when you arrive. In addition, we’ll organize babysitters, fitness instructors, and anything else you may require. The best way to make a trip truly relaxing is to leave the planning to the experts. Share with WIMCO what you’ll require, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Pick the perfect villa vacation rental for your group (not just whatever is available)

villa vacation rental - Villa CT MAG, Catherineberg, St. John

Villa CT MAG, Catherineberg, St. John

One of the best things about working with a company like WIMCO that has a portfolio of thousands of villas, is that you don’t have to settle. Decide how many bedrooms you’ll need, where you want the property to be situated (in town, beachfront, hillside, etc.) and any other “must-haves”. For example, you could say that you absolutely would like his & her sinks, or connecting rooms which are convenient for families with small children.

Once you’ve determined the “must-haves” think about the extras

villa vacation rental - Villa IE BAL, Turtle Tail, Turks & Caicos

Villa IE BAL, Turtle Tail, Turks & Caicos

Booking a villa vacation rental with a full-service company means you can elevate and customize the entire experience:

• Request that a decorated Christmas tree is set up in your villa if you’re traveling during the holiday season.

• Have a local professional chef cook  in your villa’s kitchen and dine under the stars.

• Schedule time with a personal trainer every morning to get your workout in by the pool each day.

Ask your Villa Specialist any questions you may have


WIMCO’s Villa Specialists are unique because they don’t just book villas, they know all of the properties intimately. They’ve traveled to the destination you’re traveling to and thoroughly inspected (and oftentimes stayed in) the villa. Tap into their wealth of knowledge and ask any little question you can think of leading up to your trip to make your stay more comfortable. Your Villa Specialist can answer questions like:

“How far is my villa from the grocery store?”
“What’s the most secluded, beautiful beach on the island?”
“What’s the best restaurant to visit for conch fritters?”
“Will I need to bring a voltage adapter, or does my villa already have one?”
“Who should I contact in case of an emergency?”

Take advantage of your personal travel expert

villa vacation rental - Villa BRV COL, Tuscany/Chianti, Italy

Villa BRV COL, Tuscany/Chianti, Italy

Ready to get started?

If you’re in the beginning stages of planning a villa vacation, it helps to have a rough idea of dates and how many guests in your groups.  Like to start searching on your own? Head to the WIMCO website, call us at + 1 401 849 8012, or email us at Speak with a Villa Specialist about your “must-haves” and desired extras, and they’ll provide you with a selection of villas they recommend.

Renting a villa is the ultimate way to immerse yourself in a destination and enjoy total privacy with the ones that you love.

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