A Summer Vacation in Italy- Day 3

The next day, we headed out early after an AMAZING buffet breakfast at the hotel to explore Genoa. As you head towards the water, the population increases in density. We went to the aquarium, which wasn’t particularly riveting, but was a fun experience. We then walked around the waterfront area where there were hawkers selling knockoff purses. We didn’t linger. We then made our way back up towards the main square to seek out lunch. We went to an Indonesian restaurant. Nothing to write home about, except they did serve a traditional dark rice cake dessert that was quite tasty.

After lunch, we went to an outdoor market with many local vendors. It was really fun to see what everyone was selling and what everyone was buying. At this point, we took the long way back to the hotel along a popular shopping street. Most of the shops were closed, but we were able to look in the windows and had a good time. We popped into a couple cool courtyards too. Once back at the hotel, everyone split up for some downtime. I went up to the rooftop patio and relaxed with a book on a lounge chair, overlooking the city and harbor in the distance. I had a nice glass of wine and may have also taken a nap. After regrouping, we all walked down to dinner by the port at a chic little restaurant. We shared a great trio of fish tartare- salmon, tuna and a white fish. I then had a seafood terrine with ‘green sauce’ that tasted great.

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