Can You Travel To Italy, France and Greece this summer? Covid19 testing requirements for travel to Europe.

Thinking about rescheduling that long delayed summer trip to Europe?  Looking for accurate, and updated information on coronavirus testing requirements for Italy, France , and Greece?  WIMCO is collecting official government testing requirements and publishing them on this page to help you figure out what testing and/or personal information is required of you for travel to the country you want to vacation in, and what your options are for flying there.


When will Italy reopen to US travelers?

June 21, 2021 update:  Prime Minister Mario Draghi stated that Italy  is open to tourism, for those who had proof of being vaccinated.

The Tourism department of Italy announced the country had opened its borders to all Americans who travel on so-called quarantine-free flights operated by Delta, American Airlines and Alitalia. These are flights that travel non-stop from U.S. hubs like New York to Rome.

Requirements to enter Italy

  • Contact an authorized airline – Delta, American or Alitalia
  • Provide proof of vaccination (CDC cards) OR
  • Provide proof of a negative PCR test taken no more than 72 hours prior to departure
  • Complete the EU Travel Declaration form, to be filled out before departing  – ( )
  • Agree to take a rapid antigen test at the airport
  • Agree to take a rapid antigen test again on arrival in Italy

Quarantine free flights from the US to Italy

Delta will offer COVID-tested flights from New York’s JFK Airport to Rome and Milana. To fly on Delta’s COVID-tested flights from New York to Milan (Malpensa) and Rome (Fiumicino), passengers need to test negative for COVID-19 on at least three separate occasions, including a PCR test taken no more than 48 hours before departure, a rapid antigen test administered at the airport in New York and another rapid test on arrival in Italy. They won’t need to quarantine but must take a molecular or antigen swab test within 48 hours of arrival.

Information on Covid-tested flights to Italy on Delta

Information on Covid-tested flights to Italy on Alitalia


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When will France re-open to US travelers?

June, 2021 update:  French President Emmanuel Macron has laid out a reopening plan that would allow U.S. passport holders to enter France beginning June 9, assuming COVID-19 levels remain under control and visitors can present proof of vaccination, along with a recent negative COVID-19 test. What has yet to be specified is whether this proof of vaccination needs to be uploaded to a health portal or App, or whether it is presented at the boarding gate.

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When will Greece Reopen to US travelers?

June, 2021 update:  The Prime Minister of Greece Kyriakos Mitsotakis announced on April 21 that the country’s borders will open to international tourism on May 15 when a ban on travel between different regions of the country will also be lifted. To enter, proof of vaccination will be required, along with a recent PCR test showing a negative result.  Travelers must provide proof of vaccination against COVID-19, prove that they’ve recovered from COVID-19 in the past nine months or show a negative COVID-19 PCR test result taken no more than 72 hours before arrival.

The Prime Minister made the announcement in a televised address, adding that restaurants and cafes will be allowed to reopen outdoor areas starting on May 3.  Start planing your vacation to Greece now. View villa rentals in Mykonos and Santorini.


European Union Travel Guidelines for member states

June 18, 2021 update – The European Union added the US to the list of countries where the majority of the adult population have been vaccinated, and whose residents  the EU considers welcome to visit Europe. The list applies to all US residents vaccinated or not, for nonessential travel. However, this recommendation from the EU is not legally binding. Each EU country may determine on its own which countries it opens its borders to.

“It’s up to every country to decide how and when to open its own borders,” said French Embassy spokesperson Pascal Confavreux. “The European Union is the one giving the framework, but the decision comes from each of the EU member states.”  Each of the E.U.’s 27 member states has the power to set its own guidelines and timelines for travelers, including whether or not to require vaccinations or COVID-19 tests for entry.

April 24, 2021 update:  Ursula von der Leyen, president of the European Commission, announced that US citizens will be able to enter European countries this summer. To apply for entry, travelers must produce proof that they are fully vaccinated, and in addition, that they have tested negative in five days prior to their arrival day. Details of when this new policy will take effect are expected shortly.

When will Italy, France and Greece open their borders to US citizens?

April, 2021 Update – The country of Greece will re-open its borders to US citizens starting Friday May 14, 2021. To enter the country without having to enter the existing quarantine protocols, travelers need to show proof of having been fully vaccinated, or show proof of a negative test result from a Covid19 PCR test.

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Can I Travel to Italy this summer?

April, 2021 Update:  Travel into Italy is limited to EU citizens and residents. US citizens wanting to vacation in Italy this summer are still not permitted to enter. For those who are permitted to enter, proof of negative Covid test is required to enter Italy. In anticipation of an end to travel restrictions within the next few months, Italian airline Alitalia and US airline Delta have reached an agreement on the terms of quarantine-less flights to and from the US and Italy. This is dependent on the EU lifting travel restrictions on US citizens entering EU countries. Read more.  The EU has authority to govern travel into member counties, and at present the borders are closed to US citizens.  Latest travel requirements for Italy

Italian Government Questionaire to determine if you meet the criteria for entry into Italy.

Interested in what’s required to travel to specific regions in Italy this summer? Click on the region’s name to link to coronavirus travel testing requirements for each specific region: Travel to Tuscany,  Travel to Capri and the Amalfi Coast. Travel to Lake Como.

Can I Travel to France this summer?

April, 2021 Update – Travel into France is limited to EU citizens and residents, as well as the citizens of several  “safe” countries. US citizens wanting to vacation in France this summer are still not permitted to enter. For those who are permitted to enter, proof of negative Covid test is required to enter France. Latest travel requirements for France

Interested in traveling to Provence, the Cote d’Azur or St Tropez  this summer, and wondering what’s required to travel there?  Visit the office site for travel to France this summer.

Tahiti, French Polynesia South Pacific – Brando Island at Tetiaroa-  The island is open, and US residents are permitted entry as long as they have been tested for Covid in the 72 hours prior to departure.


Can I Travel to Greece this summer?

April, 2021 Update – Greece will re-open its borders to tourists from the US on Friday, May 14, Greek Tourism Minister Harry Theoharis said on March 9, 2021. “We’re updating last year’s health protocols to take into account the accumulated experience of the previous year. With these protocols in mind, we will open by the 14th of May,” Theoharis said.

How Greece will re-open, and who can come in?

According to the minister, “Tourists will be welcome if they are vaccinated before travel or have a negative PCR test result” . All tourists that enter Greece will be subject to random testing similar to last year based on the country’s EVA program, Greece’s AI screening and testing program created to vet the Covid-19 risk of incoming tourists through all of the country’s entry points.

For EU residents, all passengers of international flights are expected to show a negative molecular test (PCR) for Covid-19. Upon arrival, those who have been vaccinated or who produce the negative PCR test result will not have to enter the 10 day quarantine. Latest travel requirements for Greece.

Interested in traveling to Mykonos or Santorini this summer. Click on the link to read what’s required to travel to Greece this summer.


If I have been vaccinated for covid19, do I still need to be tested to travel?

Yes. Even if you have been vaccinated, you will be still required to get tested in order to enter most destinations, and to wear a mask in public buildings once there.  Looking for a local testing center?  Try this US Government Test Center finder:  Health & Human Services test center search tool

Getting there: What is it like to fly now?

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