Falling in Love with the Sights, Sounds, and Tastes of Tuscany


The Tuscan sun sets over the region, casting a warm glow over the hillside.

The rich smell of garlic and tomatoes bursts through the windows of the trattorias, and the warm scent of fresh baked breads and dried fruit pour from the open bakery doors, inviting you to explore the culinary adventure of dining in Tuscany. Known for its exquisitely uncomplicated dishes, the tastes of Tuscany are simply divine. Sip a robust glass of Tuscan wine from a local vineyard while dining on crispy crustini and bruchetta delicately brushed with olive oil, fresh herbs, and truffles, followed with a plate of hearty homemade gnocchi served in a rich creamy pesto sauce, and end your dining adventure with a cup of strong Italian coffee served alongside a decadent slice of tiramisu.

In the heart of Italy, the region of Tuscany sits among rolling hills and majestic mountains. Traveling from the lovely sprawling vineyards of the villages to the spectacular architecture of the cities, you will find yourself falling in love with the beauty of Tuscany.

The bustling city of Florence is home to some of the most beautiful art and architecture in the world. The birthplace of the Renaissance, Florence is a culturally stimulating experience. Walking the stone streets, you will find yourself surrounded by magnificent museums and churches. Explore the city by foot and discover new wonders in every piazza.

Siena, with its medieval stone walls, charming shops, and sidewalk cafes, is renowned for being one of the most beautiful cities in the country. In the main square, flags representing each of the 17 contrade, or neighborhoods, flutter over the city. Visit in the summer and witness the Palio, a horse race in which each contrada competes against one another. Standing high on the hills of Siena, you can witness the beauty of the countryside that lies just beyond the city.

Visit the lesser known villages, and find yourself amongst sprawling vineyards, rustic wineries, grand castles, and glorious gardens. Even in the smallest hamlet, you will find yourself in awe of Tuscany’s beauty.

As the Tuscan sun sets over the ancient cypress trees, and terra-cotta and cream colored villas retreat in the shadows of the hillsides, one anomalous thought will linger in your mind- in a place so rustic and rich in history, there always seems to be new things to discover.

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