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La Plage de Lorient

One of the lesser frequented beaches of St. Barths, Lorient is a hidden gem among a veritable jewelry box of coastlines. A bit removed from the hustle and bustle of Gustavia and St Jean, La Plage de Lorient offers a bit more of a local feeling without missing the incredible view and water that other beaches are known for.

La Plage de Lorient

The main entrance to the beach at Lorient and the iconic surf shack.

Lorient has 2 faces; the tranquil clear watered beach cove, and the wild wavy surf haven. One reason for the great wave action is the abundance of reef at Lorient. This, as you can imagine limits the areas where swimming is possible. However, the open sandy spots suitable for a dip light up with vibrant green, creating a spectacularly dappled shoreline. Incredible variations in the shade and the color of the water paired with small rugged islands along the horizon create the incredibly relaxing feel one hopes for in the Caribbean.

La Plage de Lorient

Relaxation at its best in Lorient.

The main entrance to the beach is marked with a typical tile sing, but also a red and yellow surf shack. When the surf is up, surfers line up along the left hand cliffside, and onlookers can climb to the upper platform of the shack to get a better view. The main surf season is Dec-March, and during that period of time it’s not unusual for a contest or two to be held in Lorient. Although it is a reef break, on the right day the waves are small and mellow, making them perfect for beginners wishing to give it a go for themselves, or perhaps take a lesson from one of the local pros.

La Plage de Lorient

Lorient is a laid back more local beach, providing visitors with a nice alternative to the busier more popular beaches of the island.

Conveniently, the beach is just across the street from Le Mini Mart and Marché Jo Jo, two small grocery stores perfect for stocking up on essential beach supplies. And let’s not forget Jo Jo Burger, which not only offers a killer burger selection, but also lighter fare and freshly made fruit smoothies and juices. There are also quite a few villa rentals right on the beach. Check out WIMCO VILLAS BAS and ABV.


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