Looking for an unforgettable honeymoon getaway after the stress of the wedding preparation?

Imagine you and your loved one waking up to the breathtaking St. Barths view of the crystal blue Caribbean Sea with a whole day ahead of you to enjoy doing what you love. No more worrying about what color the flowers need to be or who should you invite to the wedding. Put all that tension behind you and just let the ocean breeze capture your worries and take them off the island. Honeymoon Villa WV KAI, on the romantic island of St. Barths has all the privacy that you newlyweds would love. Not only would the solitude be a plus, but ,also, the beautiful heated pool with lounge chairs which would provide a perfect place for your afternoon nap after a morning trip into Gustavia. After purchasing fresh, local food from town, you and your spouse could make a home cooked meal and enjoy it at the table for two overlooking the ocean with the sun setting on the horizon.



The large open pool deck could also serve as the perfect place to sway in the wind with your loved one as you listen to your favorite melody under the twinkling stars. With only a 3 minute walk to the beach and a 10 minute drive to town, the possibilities are endless of what you and your honey can do from your private honeymoon villa.

This romantic St. Barths Villa has received some extraordinary reviews from previous guests with statements describing it as, “Slice of heaven,” and “Breathtaking, absolutely amazing, the location is PERFECT!!”

If all this sounds enticing, Villa WV KAI might just be the one for you, (newlyweds)!

Find out more about St. Barths WV KAI and plan your villa vacation with WIMCO today!


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