New Year’s Eve Party on Jost Van Dyke: Indulge in the British Virgin Islands!

The Celebration

Also known as the Old Year’s Night, this is one of the top three places in the world to be for the New Year’s Eve celebration. Located in the British Virgin Islands this celebration takes place at a famous local bar by the name of Foxy’s, which remains the center of the party for this annual event. Foxy’s is located on the 4 mile long beach of Jost Van Dyke. During this celebration the beach comes alive with all sorts of people including yachtsman, sailors, celebrities, and party-goers. There is music to be heard, food and drinks to be consumed, and celebrating to be enjoyed. Do not be surprised it you are taken aback by all of the partiers crashing on the beach for a little shut-eye. Snuggling up in the sand is very common on New Year’s Eve on Jost Van Dyke. Boaters and party- goers from all over the world take a day trip over to the little island of Jost Van Dyke not knowing exactly when they will be returning to their boats!

Jost Van Dyke

Celebrate on the British Virgin Islands

The Details on Foxy’s

This famous local bar is owned by legendary Foxy Callwood. Foxy is well-known as a troubadour, raconteur and sixth-generation son of the island of Jost. This friendly guy has made friends with everyone that comes to his bar and offers them with a memorable experience. At Foxy’s you can expect to be welcomed with open arms and you will always be invited to indulge in great BBQ and drinks on this beautiful British Virgin Islands beach.

Your British Virgin Islands Vacation

If you are looking to travel to the British Virgin Islands for this New Years celebration, travel to the island of Tortola. Staying in a villa on Tortola will make it easy for a quick day trip to Jost Van Dyke for the great New Year’s party. After a long night of celebration, you can return to your peaceful villa and relax under the sun all day long. This trip will truly be an unforgettable vacation!


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