Sail the Virgin Islands

Sail the Virgin Islands and spend your nights relaxing in your own luxury villa from WIMCO.

Relax in the peace of the clear-blue Caribbean as the trade-winds carry you across the shimmering water, the sun casts a warm glow on your skin, and the salt air fills your senses. Anyone who’s ever sailed knows that it is more than just a water sport; it is a passion. Sail the Virgin Islands and experience everything these spectacular destinations have to offer, from the preserved national parks of St. John to the hillsides of Tortola, to the secluded beaches of Peter Island, to the slow-paced lifestyle of Virgin Gorda.

After a glorious day on the water, come home to Virgin Gorda’s Villa VG COO. Less than a one-minute walk to the beach, this beautiful, wonderfully-appointed, three-bedroom villa is the perfect place to relax after you’ve dropped the sails for the day.

For those looking for more secluded accommodations, sail to Peter Island and dock your boat at the yacht club. Relax at the Peter Island Resort, and enjoy the privacy and seclusion this virtually untouched island has to offer

Wherever the Caribbean winds take you, let WIMCO help make your trip memorable. With private luxury villa rentals on some of the most exclusive islands in the world, start planning your Caribbean sailing trip with WIMCO today.


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