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WIMCO presents articles about shopping during villa vacations in Europe and the Caribbean islands.

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St. Barths – Vacation Testimonials

St. Barths Testimonials Truly Exceptional People We were in our favorite villa, WV LLA in St Barths, and all went extremely well until the Coronavirus news hit, airlines started canceling flights, and airports announced they...

Italy in Winter

A Guide to Visiting Italy in the Winter

The leaves are falling, the crowds have gone: there is no better time of year to enjoy the cultural riches of the Italy’s “art cities”! Although Italy is rightly considered as one of the top...

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Italy’s Hidden Gems – Lake Como and Lake Garda

Italy’s Lakes Region runs across the north central part of the country, bracketed to the north by the scenic Alps, and bordered on the south by fashionable Milan. Whether you’re relaxing by the shore with...

The Locals-Only Guide to St. Barths

`by Nairi Najarian Coined the chicest island in the Caribbean, St. Barths, more formally known as Saint Barthélemy, definitely tops the list as far as luxurious destinations go, combining its French pedigree with the pleasures...

Lavender Fields on Valensole Plateau, Provence, France

France: An Experience for the Senses

France: a renowned travel destination boasting a series of unique regions, all with their own je ne sais quoi. Whether you’re sampling regional cuisine, driving up the coast, or touring the living reminders of history,...

Fresh Caught Fish in Gustavia

One of the joys of spending time in the Caribbean is the availability of fresh locally caught fish.  While it is possible to find fresh seafood in many of the grocery stores on St. Barths,...

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