Testimonial Tuesday: Happy as Can Be in St. Barths Villa WV HBV

There is something undeniably special about a villa vacation on St. Barths. With some of the world’s most beautiful beaches and delectable restaurants, St. Barths is simply synonymous with paradise. J.M and her husband enjoyed a retreat on the stunning Caribbean island and stayed at the lovely Villa WV HBV in Flamands. Nestled in the Flamands hillside, this two bedroom St. Barths villa is an escape to paradise. At Villa WV HBV, the pool is drenched in sun all day, and the sound of the rolling surf will lull you to sleep.  

“The trip was wonderful:  Villa WV HBV was so much more than we could have even imagined and the island was beautiful. We were thrilled with the fully equipped kitchen and charcoal grill. The restaurants were wonderful and as you know the beaches are the best in the world – we loved Saline and Gouveneur the best but did go to Nikki Beach one day and enjoyed the celebrity life!! We are definitely looking to revisit St. Barths next year.

We could not have been happier with St. Barths. My husband said it was the best trip we have taken in the last ten years and I agree 100%!”  –J.M.


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