The Best St. Tropez Shopping: From One-of-a-Kind Boutiques to Designer Stores

Whether you forgot something at home or simply want to indulge in a St. Tropez shopping trip, you’ll be sure to find a few must-have items along the cobblestone streets

st. tropez shopping

Before Brigitte Bardot transformed this coastal town on the French Riviera into a glamorous destination, it was a simple, unassuming fishing village. The weaving of past and present in St. Tropez culture make it a uniquely charming, and relaxing European getaway.

Most visitors are attracted to the turquoise water of the beaches and the local cuisine, but at least one day of vacation should be dedicated to a very important activity in St Tropez: shopping. Here you can find clothing, jewelry and decor from big brands to local talented artisans. Let’s hope you brought an empty suitcase to bring home your goods. If not, there are plenty of shops to purchase another one!

What to Do in St. Tropez: Shopping, Shopping, Shopping

As you stroll along the cobblestone streets of St. Tropez, you will encounter some familiar favorites (bonjour, Louis Vuitton!) and many one-of-a-kind boutiques you may have never heard of. Stop in as many shops as you can, but these areas, shops, and storefronts should go to the top of your list:

The Golden Triangle

The Golden Triangle is not a store — it’s the nickname for a chic area of St. Tropez where visitors can find brands like Chanel, Dior, Louis Vuitton, Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, and Fendi. Within the triangle formed by Places des Lices, Rue Gambetta, and Rue Allard, the classic favorites are all there.

Place des Lices Market

Places des Lices is a delightful open-air market that is set up every Tuesday and Saturday from 8am until 1pm. Vendors bring their tables and tents and everyone — both tourists and locals — venture over to browse the food, clothing, and one-of-a-kind gifts. Here is where you can bring home lavender-scented soaps and locally produced olive oil. Just be sure to get there early, as it gets busy.

St. Tropez ShoppingRondini

Sandales Tropezienne are the classic sandals of St. Tropez, and you cannot leave without picking out your own handmade pair. Since 1927, the Rondini family has been crafting these beloved sandals and the commitment to quality shows.

Gas Bijoux

This now international jewelry brand began in St. Tropez where it opened its first store in 1971. Gas Bijoux is known for exceptional handmade costume jewelry that is unique, colorful, and a bit bohemian.


Manoush is a popular brand in France, but in other countries, it is not as well known (yet). Manoush means “gypsy” in French, and the clothing reflects just that — it’s young, fun, and similar to Gas Bijoux, weaved with a bohemian flare.

Marinette Saint Tropez

If you are looking to discover sumptuous home décor in St. Tropez, shopping at Marinette is a must. Choose from fine linens, deliciously scented candles, and other unique items for your home that brings a story of St. Tropez shopping home with you.

La Chemise Tropezienne

This boutique is dedicated solely to classic button-down shirts in a selection of colors and patterns for both men and women. Women often opt to purchase the shirts as beach cover-ups, while men tend to choose tailored dress shirts.


Forgot a bathing suit? Known for their bright, long-lasting bathing suits, Kiwi offers the perfect men’s trunks and stylish bikinis to wear on your St. Tropez trip…and when you return home.

Get ready for St. Tropez shopping this summer

St. Tropez Shopping

St. Tropez is the type of destination that you will want to return to year after year, especially in the summertime. There is a wonderful energy as the town gets busy and you will find there’s always something to do: whether you enjoy indulging in Tarte Tropéziennes, shopping until your sandal straps give way, or staying up to enjoy one of the most celebrated nightlife scenes in Europe.

Let your free spirit experience the free-spirited side of the sunny French Riviera. We love St. Tropez, which features narrow alleyways and cobblestone streets fronted by designer boutiques, art galleries, and fashionable bistros and cafés, and we have villas available right in the heart of it all.

Let our Villa Specialists book your trip to St. Tropez this summer — there are still plenty of private villas available to serve as your French home base.

Where have you found the best St. Tropez shopping? Let us know in the comments!


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