The Paradise of Barbados’ Villa BS FUS

Barbados’ BS FUS

BS FUS in St. Lucy, Barbados is everything one imagines when dreaming of paradise

Walking through the exotic gardens at Barbados’ BS FUS, you will feel a million miles from the world. Beautiful pink Pride of India, orange Flamboyant, and yellow Ylang Ylang reflect the colors of the radiant sun as it sets over the Caribbean. Enjoy the company of Barbados Green monkeys and humming birds as they make their way through the blossoming gardens. Take a night swim in the warm glow of the pool lagoon while the calls of the tiny tree frogs echo and fireflies sparkle in the darkness. Walk the lush pathways of the estate, breathe in the warm Caribbean air, and commit this moment to memory; you have discovered paradise.

Originally built in the 17th century and redesigned in the 1970s by famous theatrical designer Oliver Messel, Villa BS FUS is one of the most beautiful and unique estates in the Caribbean. Indoor and outdoor spaces are seamlessly integrated, and lush gardens surround the property’s three residencies, making this 11 acre estate perfect for peace and privacy.

Barbados’ BS FUS

Take a dip in the swimming pool carved from the coral ridge, designed by Oliver Messel.

Guests at Villa BS FUS need not worry about a  thing. This gorgeous six-bedroom villa comes complete with staff to care for your every need. Enjoy delectable Caribbean delicacies and delicious homemade ice cream freshly prepared by Kenroy Hunte, the villa’s in-house chef and arguably one of the best chefs in the Caribbean. Enjoy all the services provided by the villa’s fourteen full-time staff members, who are there to attend to you when you need them, and allow you your privacy when you do not.

Perfect for family reunions, conferences, destination weddings, and private vacations, Villa BS FUS is what one imagines when envisioning paradise. Find out more about Villa BS FUS and plan your Barbados villa vacation at WIMCO.


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