Turks and Caicos vs Grand Cayman: How do the Islands Compare?

Turks and Caicos vs Grand Cayman: Two Caribbean islands, two versions of paradise … which one to choose when planning your next vacation? Travel with us through a virtual tour of everything both of these islands have to offer – from beaches and villas to activities and beach bars. Curious about which island offers the most things to do for kids? Wondering which island has the best restaurants? We’ll let you draw some of your own conclusions on which island is the best fit for you: Turks & Caicos or The Grand Cayman.


The Beaches

Seven Mile Beach vs Grace Bay Beach


7 Mile Beach, Grand Cayman


These are two of the most celebrated beaches in the Caribbean, and each has a lot to offer vacationers. Both are teeming with fun beachside bars, immaculate sea and sand, and enough water-related activities to take up your whole vacation. Looking to snorkel or scuba dive on some coral reefs? Both beaches offer this with ease.


Grace Bay Beach, Turks & Caicos

Although the Seven Mile Beach isn’t really seven miles long, it is bigger than Grace Bay Beach (6.3 miles vs a little over 3 miles). So if you’re looking for the longest stretch of beach, The Grand Cayman has you covered. However, if you’re looking for the most pristine sand, Turks & Caicos’ Grace Bay Beach will not disappoint your feet.


The Underwater World

Both Turks & Caicos and Grand Cayman are world-renowned for their underwater wonders. Whether it’s deep-sea diving or snorkeling, both islands offer Bucket List views and the powerful gift of a special memory.


Scuba Diving, Turks & Caicos (image courtesy of Visit TCI)

Turks & Caicos is home to the world’s third-largest barrier reef (after Australia’s Great Barrier Reef and the barrier reef in Belize). Much of this spectacular reef lies less than one mile off the shore of Grace Bay Beach, making it oh so accessible for scuba diving and snorkeling outings. One of the biggest attractions to the underwater life of Turks & Caicos is the Grand Turk Wall, a 7,000-foot underwater wall best known as the “Grand Canyon of the Caribbean”.


Stingray City, Grand Cayman (photo courtesy of Wikipedia)


Grand Cayman has its own colorful coral reefs and underwater wonders, highlighted by the unique Sting Ray City. For a Bucket List experience reserve a seat in a 6-person submarine for an unparalleled marine world experience venturing from Stingray City to the Mastic Reserve and Trail. The Grand Cayman, known as the birthplace of deep-sea diving in the Caribbean, is also home to a variety of artificial reefs, including the ex-USS Kittiwake, a ship intentionally sunk just off the coast of Seven Mile Beach to support Caribbean marine life.


Things To Do

Natural Wonders vs Non-Stop Fun

While both destinations offer their fair share of natural wonders and outdoor activities, each island has attractions that are unique to it. One activity that is predominant on both islands is golf. Turks & Caicos boasts the Provo Golf Club while The Grand Cayman touts the Ritz-Carlton Golf Club.


Crystal Caves, Grand Cayman

Crystal Caves, Grand Cayman


Grand Cayman has a lot to offer when it comes to natural wonders, and if you’re looking for a slice of the untamed, this may be the island for you. One day you could be walking into the glittering spectacle of the Crystal Caves and the next you could be taking walk through the Queen Elizabeth Botanical Gardens, just a few of the natural wonders to behold in the Grand Cayman.


Provo Ponies, Turks & Caicos

Turks & Caicos knows how to get your adrenaline going. Take up parasailing or kiteboarding in their pristine waters or enjoy an afternoon cruise on a wave runner. Looking to have an unforgettable view of the island? Enjoy a one-of-a-kind sunset horseback tour along Long Bay Beach and beyond. Golf and fish to your heart’s desire one day and then wake up and ATV across the island the next. There’s no end to the outdoor fun you can have on Turks & Caicos.


Getting Around

Whether by Boat or by Land

Trekking Turks & Caicos or The Grand Cayman is adventurous by land, but they are simply breathtaking by water. Both islands offer inexpensive ferry rides and unparalleled panoramic views.


High Waves Tour, Turks & Caicos (image courtesy of Visit TCI)

A great way to see the islands from the water on Turks & Caicos starts by arriving at Heaving Down Rock Marina. From there you can choose from a variety of ferry rides that will navigate you from Provo to Middle Caicos. Spend the day weaving through several small cays, observing the marine life along the way. Wake up early for a sunrise cruise or cap off your day with a sunset cruise…


Glass-Bottom Boat Tours, Grand Cayman


When navigating The Grand Cayman by water, partake in the thrilling experience of traveling by glass-bottom boat. Journey across the length of the Seven Mile Beach with the blue of the sky above you and the crystal clear blue of the Caribbean sea below you. Enjoy sunrise and sunset cruises from Rum Point, across the bay, and along the Seven Mile Beach as well…



The Villas

Distinctive and Characteristic vs Ready for Action


Villas in Grand Cayman

WIMCO’s villas on Grand Cayman island are unique in their charm, architecture, and offerings. Take Villa CM COR for example: with an intimate and unique resting spot on Seven Mile Beach, or Villa CM POL with its’ greenhouse-like architecture.


Villas in Turks & Caicos

As for villas in the Turks & Caicos Islands, WIMCO’s selection offers much in the way of pairing well with the surrounding natural environment and getting you closer to fun. Enjoy a beautiful view of Long Bay Beach on Villa TNC COO with family and friends, or run straight onto Grace Bay Beach from Villa PL KAN.



The Food

Endless Potential vs Environmentally Conscious

Both Turks & Caicos and The Grand Cayman are known for their foodie culture.


Coco Bistro, Turks & Caicos


If you are looking for the widest and most diverse selection, then Turks & Caicos is the place for you. From the laid-back atmosphere of Da Conch Shack to the beachfront casual scene at Somewhere Café to the white table cloth setting of Coco Bistro, your choice of food and ambiance options is expansive.


The Brasserie, Grand Cayman


However, if your carbon footprint is a big factor in your trip, the Grand Cayman offers a beautiful variety of sustainably sourced and green-focused restaurants. Indulge in seasonal varieties at The Brasserie or Duke’s Seafood and Rib Shack.



Getting There


Many may be surprised to know that getting to both Turks & Caicos and The Grand Cayman is quite easy. Direct flights are available in many cities in the USA. Do you need help finding a direct flight to either island? WIMCO is more to be a resource in this endeavor.


Getting There, Turks & Caicos


Getting to Turks & Caicos

For Turks & Caicos, most flights last no longer than 3 and a half to 4 hours, with direct flights from:

  • Atlanta
  • Charlotte
  • Chicago
  • Dallas
  • Ft Lauderdale
  • Miami
  • New York
  • Philadelphia


Getting There, Grand Cayman

Getting to Grand Cayman

The Grand Cayman’s direct flight times are about the same length of time – running anywhere to 3 and a half to 4 hours:

  • Atlanta
  • Boston
  • Chicago
  • Detroit
  • Houston
  • Minneapolis
  • New York
  • Newark
  • Washington



So, What Island Suits You?

When it comes to Turks and Caicos vs The Grand Cayman, which one will you choose? If you still have trouble deciding between these two getaways, our Villa Specialists are always ready to help you factor in your own personal wants and needs to make either a relaxing and unforgettable experience.


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