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What Are The Best Caribbean Islands to Celebrate New Year’s Eve?

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The best Caribbean Islands to celebrate New Year’s Eve attract travelers seeking the thrill of fireworks on the beach, live music in the streets, masquerade balls and costumed parades.

The start of each new year means new beginnings — so why celebrate with the same crowd in the same city every year? If you’ve never rung in the new year in the Caribbean, now is the perfect time.

Not sure which Caribbean island to go to? Whether you’re traveling with friends, family, or kids, here is a list of the best Caribbean Islands for a New Year’s Eve celebration:

The best Caribbean Islands for New Year’s fun: Fireworks, festivities, parties, and music

St. Barts

villa rentals caribbean, st barts, vacation rental, new years

On New Year’s Eve, this typically laid back gem of an island in the French West Indies comes alive. For instance, some of the biggest names in Hollywood, music and business come together for celebrations in the bars of Gustavia, the beaches of St Jean, and on yachts moored just off shore. Recently, St. Barths made headlines as NYE visitors included Leonardo DiCaprio, Paul McCartney, LA Reid, Beyonce, Jeff Bezos, Ellen Degeneres, Rhiana and Russell Simmons. Even the late Prince, who arrived by helicopter, performed at a private party.

The most buzzed about gatherings are usually hosted in villas or on yachts. However, there are plenty of parties held at restaurants like Nikki Beach, Shellona, La Guerite, Pearl Beach, Sand Bar and Bonito. If you don’t have an invite, you can create your own unforgettable New Year’s Eve. For instance, rent a villa that’s positioned to give you front row seats for the fireworks over Gustavia Harbor. You can also have WIMCO arrange for a catered dinner with champagne out on the terrace by your villa’s private pool Take a swim as the clock strikes midnight to give you a fresh beginning for the new year.

Grand Cayman

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Karoo, By the Crescent, Camana Bay

The 7 pm fireworks show at Camana Bay is the best way to start your New Year’s Eve in Grand Cayman. Camana Bay has several outstanding restaurants with outdoor seating, like Karoo, so grab a table early to ensure you’ve got a prime spot for viewing. If you take too long getting ready and don’t make it for the 7 pm show, there’s an encore at midnight. Favorite events on Grand Cayman include the “No Resolutions” party at The Crescent, or an elegant Masquerade Ball at the Ritz-Carlton. The Ball includes dinner, entertainment, and fireworks on the beach.

In the morning, stop by the Westin for a champagne beach brunch, or the Ritz-Carlton for their famous buffet and spicy Bloody Mary bar.


villa rentals caribbean, vacation rentals, new years

Simon Cowell has been spending New Year’s in Barbados for some time, and once you visit you’ll understand why. Barbados has a different name for New Year’s Eve — it’s “Old Year’s Night” — and there are plenty of family-friendly events all around the island. For example, Sandy Lane Resort will make sure your kids are taken care of with a special “cocktail” party during the evening. On New Year’s Day there’s a Treehouse Club Carnival. Many Bajans go to church for Midnight Mass before going out to celebrate and welcome guests. The fireworks usually go off from the Hilton Hotel Resort on the South Coast. The West Coast has fireworks going off from Sandy Lane Resort and Mango Bay Resort.

Ready for a little-known fact about renting villas in Barbados? You will always be taken care of as most villas come with staff. for example, New Year’s dinner can even be prepared on the beach where you can watch fireworks after sunset.

Turks & Caicos

The main island of Providentiales (Provo) in the  Turks & Caicos  islands is only a four-hour direct flight from NYC, and even shorter from airports like Atlanta, Charlotte and Miami, making it a highly desirable island on which to celebrate the New Year.  Most vacationers will gather along Grace Bay, either directly on the beach or in one of the waterfront restaurants to watch the fireworks shows put on by some of the top hotels on the island. You’ll find fireworks and other festivities there, however one of the most unique is the “Junkanoo Jump Up: which takes place in downtown Provo. When the clock strikes midnight, you’ll see the streets in downtown Provo fill with people wearing flamboyant costumes and outlandish masks. They play instruments, dance, and lead a parade across the island. This event is one of Turks & Caicos’ oldest traditions. It began in the 16th century, initially started by slaves who were celebrating their one day off around the Christmas season. If you’re feeling festive, bring your own costume and join in on the celebration.

Don’t wait…book your villa in the Caribbean for a New Year’s Eve Celebration

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WIMCO’s Villa Vagabond  in Petite Saline, St. Barts offers a magnificent view of New Year’s fireworks from its beautiful hilltop location.

There’s nothing quite like escaping the chill of winter and spending the holidays in the Caribbean. Therefore, the time around the New Year is extremely popular with vacationers, and thus vacation villas are in high demand. If you’re thinking about counting down to the new year on one of the best Caribbean Islands for New Year’s eve celebrations, call WIMCO now to see what’s available and book the villa that’s perfect for your needs. Call 1-401-849-8012

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