Long Bay Beach Club Villas

Long Bay Beach Club Villas in Turks & Caicos – The Insider’s Guide

Long Bay Beach Club Villas is a top choice for accommodation on Long Bay Beach, a luxurious three-mile long beach on Providenciales.

Its villa accommodations marry luxurious privacy with the pitch-perfect hospitality of a five-star resort.

In this guide, we’ll go through the virtues of each of the three spectacular beachfront villas. We’ll also point to some other excellent choices for villa accommodations along this remarkable oceanfront.

Long Bay Beach Club Villas

A trio of outstanding villas provides the seaside accommodations at Long Bay Beach Club. All of them are three-level, five-bedroom havens spread across 6,000-plus square feet. Their common amenities include private balconies, beach-view sundecks, and private infinity pools. 

They also all share a contemporary and warm aesthetic, with seamless flow between indoor and outdoor spaces. And the sandy garden scape courtyard, edging the beach, enhances the coastal beauty within the view of all the villas.

Long Bay Beach Club Villas

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In short, you can’t go wrong with any of these Long Bay Beach Club villas. Below, we’ll highlight the special charm of each.

1. Villa Eos – Long Bay Beach 

Overview: Villa Eos is named after the Greek goddess of the dawn. This lavish property’s terraces and beachfront deck are marvelous places to admire the daybreak over Long Bay.

Villa Eos – Long Bay Beach 

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What to Know: Villa Eos is, essentially, a mirror image of Villa Helios. These are the two front-most villas along the club’s Long Bay beachfront.

Amenities: The first floor includes two bedrooms, a family media room, and garden terraces. A spacious kitchen and chef-preparation pantry awaits on Level 2, which also features sliding wall-to-wall glass doors, a master suite, an infinity pool, and a sundeck with a fire pit. Both the Grand Master Suite and Master Suite anchor the top floor, each with private baths. 

You’ll Love: Stunning indoor-outdoor living experience in Villa Eos, with its wall-to-wall sliding glass doors that open up to your own private infinity pool and breathtaking views of Long Bay.

Insider Tips: Consider al fresco beachfront meals on the Terrace, the Courtyard, or the covered dining area by the infinity pool.

Nuts & Bolts: 5 bathrooms, 5½ baths, family media room, garden terraces, sundeck, fire pit, balconies, kitchen, chef preparation pantry, private infinity pool


2. Villa Hyperion – Long Bay Beach

Overview: Villa Hyperion comes slightly set back from Long Bay Beach Club’s other two villas. That gives this central villa an enhanced sense of privacy and luxurious seclusion. The name references a Titan of Greek mythology associated with wisdom and light.

Villa Hyperion – Long Bay Beach

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What to Know: Villa Hyperion offers a slightly different floor plan than its more front-facing counterparts. You don’t have quite the direct beach access, given the set-back position, but the surfside sands are still just steps away.

Amenities: Villa Hyperion includes 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and a family media room on its first level. Level 2 offers a kitchen, pantry, sundecks, an infinity pool, covered balcony, outdoor lounge, and fire pit. The Grand Master Suite and two Master Suites, each with private covered terraces, compose Level 3.

You’ll Love: The added privacy and in-your-own-world sense Villa Hyperion provides.

Insider Tips: All three Long Bay Beach Club villas are fabulous, but Villa Hyperion may just exude the grandest, most palatial vibe.

Nuts & Bolts: 5 bedrooms, 5 baths, family media room, sun decks, fire pit, private infinity pool, backyard garden patio

3. Villa Helios – Long Bay Beach

Overview: There’s no better place to worship the stunning Caribbean sunrise and sunset over the Long Bay Hills than Villa Helios. The God of the Sun feels like a protective presiding presence at this decked-out three-level beachfront residence.

Villa Helios – Long Bay Beach

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What to Know: Villa Helios shares the same basic floor plan as Villa Eos. They’re the two front-facing, surfside villas at Long Bay Beach Club.

Amenities: Level 1 of Villa Helios includes 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a family media room, and terraces. Level 2 includes the kitchen, pantry, infinity pool, sundeck, and fire pit, plus a Master Suite. Above, the villa’s third level includes the oceanfront Grand Master Suite and a second Master Suite.

You’ll Love: Enjoying the breathtaking panoramic views of Long Bay from the private infinity pool and beachfront deck. 

Insider Tips: The covered dining area on Level 2 includes a BBQ setup.

Nuts & Bolts: 5 bedrooms, 5½ baths, family media room, garden terraces, sundeck, fire pit, balconies, private infinity pool

Interior Design & Furnishing at Long Bay Beach Club Villas

The location alone of the Long Bay Beach Club villas would be an irresistible draw. After all, it’s hard to argue with 160 feet of exclusive frontage along one of the finest beaches in TCI. But, as it happens, the interiors of these exclusive luxury properties are also big-time attractions. 

Interior Design & Furnishing at Long Bay Beach Club Villas

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These five-bedroom villas boast lovely contemporary decor, the millwork interior blending wood accents with grays and whites. They bring the West Indian sunshine and the sea inside, essentially. 

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Other Top Villas on Long Bay Beach

As it happens, the stellar villas of Long Bay Beach Club aren’t the only top-notch places to stay within easy reach of this amazing coastline. The WIMCO collection includes other remarkable private oases, from Triton and Lidiga House to La Dolce Vita and Pearl East. Explore other stunning Long Bay Beach villas below.

What Services Does WIMCO Villas Provide to Clients Vacationing in Turks & Caicos?

Whether Villa Eos, Hyperion, Helios, or another local vacation rental, choose WIMCO for your Long Bay Beach villa accommodations. For one thing, you get a spectacular choice of private luxury lodgings. That’s not all, not by a long shot!

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Activities at Long Bay Beach on Turks & Caicos

You can be as busy or as laidback as you like at Long Bay Beach Club. Either way, you’re getting one of the best getaway experiences in the Turks and Caicos. 

Your beachfront villa puts a genuinely legendary kitesurfing destination at your fingertips. Bathed in the trades, Long Bay is a famously great place to kitesurf, and the conditions are favorable for both beginners and experts. 

You can also cruise along happily on a stand-up paddleboard or sample the underwater marvels of TCI via scuba diving or snorkeling. 


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Amazing saltwater fishing awaits you here, too: from inshore casting to bluewater charters after big West Indies gamefish. Fishing trips aren’t the only offshore cruises available to you. 

Consider, in season, a whale-watching trip focused on the migrating humpbacks that provide among the finest wildlife spectacles in the Caribbean.

Stunning as the Long Bay beachfront and coastal waters are, there’s plenty to do on terra firma as a villa guest. That includes finding yourself only 10 minutes from Provo’s finest shopping and dining. 

You’ll also be nice and close to one of the best 18-hole golf courses in the Caribbean: the Royal Turks & Caicos Golf Club.

Ready to Get Started With Your Long Bay Beach Club Villa Vacation in Turks & Caicos?

Experience refined luxury during your Long Bay Beach getaway with one of the Long Bay Beach Club Villas. Treat yourself to front-row seats along a celebrated beachfront with the WIMCO experience at a world-class villa. Don't hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions. We're always happy to assist you.

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