Things to do in Turks & Caicos

In this in-depth guide we will be sharing all our tips about the best things to do in Turks & Caicos and how to make the most of your vacation on this breathtaking island.

We have been representing private villas in Turks & Caicos for over thirty years and we have been helping our clients with tips and recommendations based on our personal experience. 

Movie set quality beaches are a big draw for the Turks and Caicos, but relaxing in a beach chair with a Mai Tai in hand is certainly not the only thing these islands have to offer. Zipping around in dune buggies, kite boarding in beautifully clear waters, touring ancient limestone caverns, and snorkeling some of the Caribbean’s most beautiful reefs are just a few of the things that await you here. 

Let's get down to specifics with a more in-depth look at some of the top things you can do and enjoy in Turks and Caicos. We’ll cover:

Top 12 Things To Do In Turks And Caicos

1. Go Snorkeling on the Barrier Reef 


Duration: Half day to full day.

Perfect for: Couples, family, groups.

Why Go: There are few places in the Caribbean with such a diverse underwater scene as the islands of Turks and Caicos. Here, you will find gorgeous barrier reefs teeming with life, ancient shipwrecks, as well as shallow mangroves waiting to be explored. The crystal clear ocean water of the islands makes snorkeling and diving a truly amazing experience.

There are several reefs and locations for snorkelers, including those accessible from the beach. The most popular is Bight Reef, also known as Coral Gardens. It’s located at Provo on the west end of Grace Bay. 

Bight Reef is a great island attraction to start your adventure. It begins just a few feet offshore and stretches out for about 350 feet. Home to a diverse fish and marine life you can see up close, including sea turtles and stingrays. Sea creatures tend to be more approachable here because they are accustomed to snorkelers. 

Insider tip: It’s true that there are some outstanding reefs easily accessible from the beach. However, for a truly unique experience, consider joining a snorkeling boat tour to see one of the largest reef systems of the world: The Turks and Caicos Barrier Reef, only a mile offshore. These boat trips offer snorkeling at multiple sites. Lunch and beverages during the adventure are often included. 

Boat trips will get you up close and personal to several fantastic reefs not accessible otherwise. In addition, during a guided tour you can learn interesting facts about the area, as well as other local tips to make your Turks and Caicos adventure the trip of a lifetime. 

2. Go Sailing - Charter a Catamaran Cruiser or Motor Boat


Duration: An hour to a full day, depending upon your chosen outfit. Read on.

Perfect for: Couples, family, groups.

Why Go: If you want to see Turks and Caicos from a different perspective, consider booking a catamaran or charter a yacht. 

Boat adventures around the islands offer an exciting way to explore the beauty of the area. These Turks and Caicos excursions offer fast boat rides or smooth sailing adventures, often a big hit with kids. 

Insider tip: There’s a vast variety of boat charters on Turks and Caicos. There are activity-oriented cruises like snorkeling boat trips, but you will also find location- and event-oriented cruises offering a different way to further explore the area.  

If you are in the mood for something a touch more romantic, the gorgeous, rosy colors of the sun setting over the ocean on a sunset cruise is a must-see. For those with children or young adults who want to explore, consider a private charter that will take you to one of the countless uninhabited cays within the archipelago. 

3. Wine & Dine - Pamper Your Taste Buds along Grace Bay

Seven stars dining

Duration: All evening long.

Perfect for: Couples and groups.

Why Go: Grace Bay Beach on Providenciales spans several miles on the island's northeastern side. Home to world-class dining like Seven at Seven Stars resort, Turks Kebab, and Hemingway's Restaurant. This is also where Casablanca Casino, one of the archipelago's two casinos is located.

Insider tip: Top restaurants in Turks and Caicos are in high demand for dinner, so we recommend that you make reservations well in advance. This is especially important if you want to dine at one of the restaurants within a resort on Grace Bay. 

4. Go Fishing - Fishing Guides and Fishing Charters


Duration: Half day to full day.

Perfect for: Couples, family, groups.

Why Go: Deep sea fishing is a fantastic choice for those who love being on the open ocean and want the experience of reeling in a massive fish. If you are less about the sporting aspect of deep-sea fishing and would rather have a more personal experience on the coastline, consider bonefishing. It is a unique type of Turks and Caicos activity that will take some skill and experience. 

Here, anglers use only a rod and bait to flip the bait to snare the elusive bonefish. This fishing experience certainly isn't easy but so much fun and it does send you wading about scenic coastlines like those in Highlands Bay and Bell Sound

Insider tip: If you are going deep sea fishing, make sure to book ahead as these boats can get busy during peak fishing seasons. Some outfits are connected with local restaurants who will prepare and cook your caught fish for you. 

5. Enjoy a Spa Session at a Resort

turks spa

Duration: An hour to two hours.

Perfect for: Individuals & couples.

Why Go: Spa sessions are a fantastic activity to build into your vacation. You can opt for an individual spa session or make it more romantic with a couples' session. 

Insider tip: You can book spa days at resorts even if you are not staying there. Do you prefer your facial and massage poolside in the privacy of your island villa? WIMCO’s friendly concierge team can book a session for you.

6. Rent a Paddle Board or Kayak and Visit the Mangroves


Duration: Couple of hours to full-day experience.

Perfect for: Couples, family, groups.

Why Go: Forget chartering a boat that someone else captains. Why not take the navigator's role yourself by renting a kayak or paddle board? The best kayaking and paddle boarding experiences lie close to island shores so you don't even have to worry about being out in the open ocean.

These islands support a fantastic network of tidal channels and mangrove wetlands that even the novice kayaker or paddle boarder will feel confident traversing. But don't think that easy conditions equate to boring conditions. 

These mangroves and tidal channels are teeming with wildlife and on any good day, you can expect to see barracuda, stingrays, turtles, sea birds, and so much more. It is one of the best excursions the island has to offer for families with kids. 

Insider tip: You can opt to rent and go it on your own, or you might choose a guided excursion instead to learn more about the flora and fauna of Turks and Caicos. Plus, a local guide tends to be more keen-eyed, able to spot those hidden tells of local animals in the bush and beneath the waves.

7. Go Horseback Riding on Long Bay Beach

horses in water turks

Duration: Couple of hours to half-day.

Perfect for: Couples and small groups.

Why Go: If you have ever daydreamed about riding a horse into the sunset, then how could you ever pass up an opportunity to go horseback riding along a remote beach in Turks and Caicos? 

Long Bay Beach is located on the southeast end of Providenciales and its shallow water makes it outstanding for horseback riding. Horses are encouraged to wade in the water, making for a truly unique experience. 

Insider tip: There are a couple of different outfits and different types of horses used for horseback riding in Turks and Caicos. All of them are going to have certain stipulations on weight limits and what can be brought with you during the ride. There may be other types of mobility limitations. Make sure to ask about this before you book your trip. Our concierge team also can answer any questions you may have.

8. Play a Round of Golf

provo golf course

Duration: Half day.

Perfect for: Small to mid-sized group.

Why Go: A golf-loving traveling group simply cannot pass up a round of golf at Turks and Caicos. This is, after all, where you will find the championship, award-winning 18-hole Provo Golf Club. 

This golf course is located in Grace Bay and has been named as one of the best golf courses in all of the Caribbean. Just take a moment to close your eyes and imagine teeing off atop an idyllic green hill overlooking the ocean and complete with soft coastal breezes. 

Insider tip: After your round, meander over to the on-site Fairways Bar and Grill. This restaurant offers an outstanding array of Caribbean dishes, including fried fish platters featuring seafood caught just offshore. 

9. Go Jet-skiing at West Harbour Bluff


Duration: Half hour to half day.

Perfect for: Individuals, couples, groups of all sizes.

Why Go: Jet skis make it possible for a person to take the driver's wheel as it were and explore a stretch of coastline more independently. While almost all jet ski outfits on the island are going to require you to opt in to a guided tour if you are going out of eyeshot of the dock, that guided tour will be worth it. 

Jet ski tours can take you places that are inaccessible by land or by a larger boat. You can get into shallower waters, explore ocean cliffsides, secluded beaches, uninhabited cays, and even some pretty cool shipwrecks. 

Pretty much every major island in the Turks of Caicos will have something worth exploring. West Harbour Bluff has some pretty unique geography so we highly recommended it. Here, you can explore a small coastal cave, zoom by the tallest sea cliffs on the island of Providenciales, and check out some historical rock inscriptions. A must-see place when you’re in Turks and Caicos for sure. 

Insider tip: This is one of the most sought-after Turks and Caicos activities. That said, while it may seem worth it to go cheap, just cruise around for an hour route, the guided tours are where you are truly going to get a memorable adventure. 

10. Catch Flight with Kitesurfing


Duration: Half day.

Perfect for: Individuals and couples.

Why Go: Many kitesurfing magazines and professionals name Turks and Caicos one of the best places to kitesurf, especially for beginners. In fact, the islands sport "world-class learning conditions" thanks to the coastal waters here being very shallow (and safe) with steady tradewinds. 

Even if you are an experienced kitesurfer, you are going to love the optimum conditions these islands have for the sport. Long Bay beach in Provo looks out at a shallow shelf extending 40 miles out along the nearby islands, making it one of the top kitesurfing areas in the Caribbean.

Insider tip: Kitesurfing is a lot of fun and one of the best individual Turks and Caicos activities, but it isn't really a group activity. This is one of the few activities on our list that we would say keep it at one to three people, especially if you are doing a learning session with one of the many professional outfitters here.

11. Shop 'til You Drop in Grace Bay

shopping grace bay

Duration: Half day to full day.

Perfect for: Anyone who loves a good souvenir.

Why Go: Okay, last plug for the Grace Bay area, we swear. In fact, you will find tons of fantastic local shops, boutique stores, and art galleries in the resort area of Grace Bay in Providenciales.

But don’t limit Turks and Caicos has great shops throughout the islands, so don't limit yourself just to this one area. 

Spend an afternoon meandering about the Salt Mills Plaza, a gorgeous retail complex situated in the heart of the commercial district. Salt Mills Plaza boasts art galleries, apparel stores, gift shops, and dining establishments. 

If you are really looking for style and fashion, book an afternoon trip to the Regent Village. This outdoor shopping center is particularly renowned for its jewelry stores and art galleries. You will also find some quality clothing shops like Outpost Caribbean and FashionCAY.

Insider tip:   One thing to keep an eye out for: Cuban cigars can be purchased legally in Turks & Caicos. Look for them in the Salt Mills plaza. Just don’t bring them to the US. 

12. Dune Buggy-it Up

dunebuggy turks

Duration: Half day to full day.

Perfect for: Groups of all sizes (although note there may be some age restrictions).

Why Go: Why walk when you can dune buggy? Dune Buggies are comfortable ATV vehicles that typically seat two and offer a way for adventure-minded people to tour the less-trodden trails of the Turks and Caicos. 

Grand Turk is probably the best place for this adventure as it has one of the biggest outfits across the archipelago. Here, you can get a well-outfitted dune buggy at a fantastic price and have the door opened to a whole bunch of exploration opportunities and Turks and Caicos excursions.

While you can get a guided dune buggy tour, you can also simply rent one to use on their own across the directed trails and beaches. Guided tours on Grand Turks will take you across natural areas as well as showcase the colonial architecture and quaint culture of the historic Cockburn Town. This is one of the best introductory things to do in Turks and Caicos as it gives you an idea of what might most interest you for your next day trip. 

Insider tip: As a British overseas territory, Turks and Caicos are a bit strict when it comes to driving regulations. Most outfitters will require drivers to be age 18 or older and for passengers to be over the age of 12. Check with the outfitter you're looking at booking for more information if relevant to your group. 

Best Things To Do In Turks & Caicos For Couples

turks and-caicos, providenciales couple admire-sunset on leeward beach

There are plenty of romantic things to do in Turks and Caicos, from enjoying a couples spa treatment to going on a sunset cruise. The islands have been voted the most romantic destination in the Caribbean, and with good reason! 

There are plenty of beautiful beaches and luxurious resorts to enjoy. Here are some of the best things to do in  Turks and Caicos for couples:

  • Relax on the beach: Turks and Caicos has some of the most beautiful, secluded beaches in the world. The powdery white sand and crystal clear water make it the perfect place to relax and enjoy each other’s company.

  • Get a couples massage: What could be more relaxing than a couples massage overlooking the beach? There are several spas on the islands that offer this indulgent treatment. And if you’re staying in a villa, WIMCO can even arrange for in-villa treatments.

  • Take a sunset cruise: One of the best ways to enjoy the stunning views of Turks and Caicos is from the water. A sunset cruise is a perfect way to spend an evening. Relax on the deck, enjoy a cocktail, and watch the sun set over the horizon.

  • Dine out at a beachfront restaurant: There are plenty of romantic restaurants to choose from in Turks and Caicos. For a truly memorable dining experience, opt for a beachfront restaurant where you can enjoy the stunning views as you dine. Looking for something more specific? Moonlight dinner at CocoBistro. With its abundant palm trees, it provides an alluring tropical setting for a romantic dinner.

Uniquely Turks And Caicos Experiences

Rock Iguanas, Half Moon Bay

rock iguana turks

Imagine jumping into the most perfect temperature water, feeling the softest sand on your feet, and feeling the cooling breeze amidst a warm but not scorching day. Downright gorgeous!

If you want to do something different for a change, consider these other unique things to do in Turks and Caicos:

  • Ride a horse on the beach. Lean back in the saddle and become a tropic cowboy for an afternoon with a horseback riding experience across some of the world's most sought-after beaches. 
  • Enjoy a cold beer at Turks Head Brewery. A Caribbean favorite, check out the cold, refreshing beers at the brewery itself (located in Provo), or ask for one at any Turks and Caicos bar. Getting a cold beer after a long flight to the islands ought to be on the top of your must-do in Turks and Caicos; so why not make it better with a local brew?
  • Meet the Rock Iguanas of Half Moon Bay. Half Moon Bay spans an incredible 132 oceanfront acres and boasts a rich variety of animal life, including the Rock Iguanas. 
  • Go kayaking in a glass-bottom kayak at Chalk Sound National Park. It really is hard to believe that water can be this clear and beautiful. Chalk Sound National Park is a protected ocean refuge that is not open to motorboats, thereby making a glass-bottom kayaking experience truly unique and magical. 
  • Try a food or drink at the Thursday night fish fry. If your vacation has you on Providenciales on a Thursday, then we highly recommend that you check out the weekly Island Fish Fry event. This event takes place every Thursday from 5:30 pm to 9:30 pm at the Bight Park on the very western end of Grace Bay. Don't let the name fool you! Fried fish is certainly a big part of the weekly event, but so too are a number of other vendors. Here, you will find live entertainment, local arts and crafts vendors, and all the locally-caught seafood dishes you could hope for. 
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