Turks and Caicos Beach Guide

Given how many beaches are spread among the Turks and Caicos Islands, it can be hard to decide which to visit. If only you had unlimited time and could take them all in! 

To help you plan your TCI beach-hopping itinerary, we’ve rounded-up our picks for the best beaches in Turks and Caicos

We’ve selected these to represent various types of activities that beach goers seek out. So you’ll find top Turks and Caicos beaches for couples, families, nature lovers, water sports enthusiasts and the like profiled here.

Read on for the lowdown on some of the best beaches in Turks and Caicos, then decide if you should put them on your vacation to-do list. 

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Top Beaches In Turks And Caicos

1. Grace Bay Beach - Among the Caribbean's Best Beaches

Grace Bay Beach


Description: The main span of the beach measures over three miles long and is regularly rated at the top of the “Caribbean’s Best Beach” rankings. Some publications even rate it among the top 10 beaches in the world!

Set along Provo’s north shore — and within Princess Alexandra National Park — Grace Bay beach has miles of pristine undeveloped sands where private villas look out onto the beach. It also has a “hotel and resort district” where you’ll find top all-inclusive resorts, boutique hotels, and restaurants. 

Regarding activities, Grace Bay Beach is a classic jumping-off point for all types of watersports and charters including scuba, snorkeling, jet ski tours, fishing, and island- hopping.

Best For… People-watching, beachfront dining, water sports, sunsets, and sun rises.

Amenities: Grace Bay Beach is well-developed and busy, with five-star resorts, numerous hotels, and concessionaires. There are many beachfront eateries and bars too, including the Flamingo Cafe (Ricky’s at the Beach), Somewhere Cafe, Coralli, and Hemingway’s on the Beach. 

Accessibility: Grace Bay Beach is Provo’s top attraction and is easy to access. Multiple parking areas, from Manor Street to Stubb’s Cut, lie close to its sands.

Know Before You Go: If you are swimming in the Turtle Cove marina area, or by the docks in front of the major resorts, keep an eye on the boat traffic.

WIMCO’s Insider Tip: You can walk miles of beachfront if you start at Leeward Point in the eastern end of Providenciales, and venture west to the mouth of Turtle Cove near Smith’s Reef. 

2. Malcolm’s Road Beach – Remote Splendor & Outstanding Diving

Malcom's Road Beach


Description: Stunning and removed, Malcolm’s Road Beach lies on the remote northwestern coast of Provo. Part of Northwest Point Marine National Park, this roughly mile-long beach is a springboard for top-notch diving

For one thing, the spectacular “Wall,” where the Caicos Bank plunges into the deeps, isn’t far offshore. In addition, the south end of Malcolm’s Road Beach hosts the luxury Amanyara resort.

Best For… Diving, seclusion.

Amenities: Amanyara resort hotel provides beachfront amenities here, luxury accommodations, upscale dining, a bar, and a spa. 

Accessibility: Reach this beautiful beach at the end of Malcolm’s Road from the Wheeland area. It leads to a small paved parking area at the beach.

Know Before You Go: Shore diving at Malcolm’s Road Beach is exceptional but best left to the experts. Consider a dive charter to experience the barrier reef and wall along this coast.

WIMCO’s Insider Tip: Malcolm’s Road is unsigned and sometimes informally called Amanyara Road as well. 

3. Northwest Point Marine National Park – Nature Lover’s Paradise

Northwest Point


Description: This park covers the far northwestern tip of Providenciales, where you’ll find far-flung beaches in nearly private coves. The wind and waves can be rough at this far western end of the island, so be careful. Visiting the Northwest Point beaches often treats you to dramatic surf-watching offshore. 

Scuba divers will find impressive reef and “Wall” habitats to explore. The precious native onshore habitat is protected here as well, including saline ponds and mangrove wetlands.

Best For… Birdwatching, diving, sunsets.

Amenities: There aren’t any amenities here, so bring what you need for coastal exploration and leisure.

Accessibility: A signed single-lane road accesses Northwest Point Marine National Park off the Millennium Highway. It’s about a mile from Northwest Point Resort to the park’s coastline. This primitive track continues beyond Northwest Point, but isn’t recommended for most vehicles. 

Know Before You Go: Exercise caution driving the road out to here. It’s narrow and curvy in places, so you want to be careful about meeting a vehicle coming in the opposite direction.

WIMCO’s Insider Tip: Bringing a Caribbean bird guide to Northwest Point is highly recommended. You can see some thrilling species here without trying very hard, from seabirds and shorebirds to flamingos and spoonbills.

4. Half Moon Bay – Flawless Beach & Dune Splendor

Half Moon Bay


Description: A sandbar linking Water and Little Water Cays, the Half Moon Bay Beach ranks among the treasures of TCI. Indeed, it’s just about the top draw for boat excursions on the islands. 

The broad, dune-backed beach and associated lagoon — part of Princess Alexandra National Park — are a vision of paradise. Thatch palms and abundant rock iguanas add to the exotic “desert-island” vibe. 

Best For… Scenery, wildlife, kiteboarding.

Amenities: The Half Moon Bay sandbar is undeveloped and without amenities. That said, coming here on a boat charter tour often involves a beach cookout. 

Accessibility: Half Moon Bay is reachable by boat. Most come on tours or charters. But you can also kayak over from Provo.

Know Before You Go: Half Moon Bay’s lagoon is one of the go-to Turks and Caicos destinations for kiteboarding.

WIMCO’s Insider Tip: Scan the Half Moon Bay lagoon for the shadows of lemon sharks, a thrill to see.

5. Leeward Beach – Unmatched Beauty & More Elbow Room

Leeward Beach


Description: Forming an eastern continuation of Grace Bay Beach, Leeward has far fewer crowds. It abuts a residential area richly stocked with villa rentals. Leeward’s white sands against almost otherworldly turquoise waters cast a strong spell. The beach is a sheer joy to stroll. 

Best For… Romantic strolls, shelling, sunsets.

Amenities: Leeward Beach doesn’t have much in the way of amenities. But amenity-packed Grace Bay Beach is just a stone’s throw away.

Accessibility: Multiple accesses within the adjoining residential area, including Pelican Beach and Pelican Point.

Know Before You Go: If you feel like a long sand-and-surf stroll, you can walk from Leeward through Grace Bay Beach to Smith’s Reef. That’s a roughly seven-mile (blissful) trek.

WIMCO’s Insider Tip: Leeward Beach is a good launch point for paddling trips out to Little Water Cay, Half Moon Bay, and Mangrove Bay.

6. Long Bay Beach – Kiteboarding Hotspot

Long Bay Beach


Description: The pearly sands of Long Bay Beach lie along Provo’s southeastern seashore. Shallow water extends far off the beach, and steady trades set the stage for TCI’s most lauded kiteboarding hub. This three-mile-long strand, which edges the Long Bay Hills neighborhood, is another jewel among Providenciales beaches.

Best For… Kiteboarding, sunrises.

Amenities: You won’t find amenities at Long Bay Beach, so bring what you need to enjoy its postcard-perfect pleasures.

Accessibility: The easiest ways to access Long Bay Beach are via Long Bay Beach Drive or the Shore Club parking area.

Know Before You Go: The southeasterly aspect of Long Bay Beach sets you up for magnificent sunrises. Early risers are rewarded here.

WIMCO’s Insider Tip: Provo Ponies offers surfside horseback rides at Long Bay Beach — a heck of a way to experience these sands.

7. Taylor Bay – Quiet Beauty & Friendly Waters

Taylor Bay Beach


Description: Taylor Bay’s blissful beachfront lies on the south coast of Provo, west of the similarly lovely Sapodilla Bay. Spectacular Chalk Sound’s also within shouting distance. 

The placid, shallow waters of the bay are family-friendly, and the vistas are wonderful. Taylor Bay Beach runs about 2,000 feet, and you’re almost guaranteed plenty of elbow room.

Best For… Child-friendly swimming, family picnics.

Amenities: Taylor Bay Beach doesn’t offer any amenities, though villa rentals are abundant in the vicinity.

Accessibility: Taylor Bay Beach is reached via a short path from a small parking area along Ocean Point Drive. While there aren’t many parking spaces, this beach isn’t heavily visited.

Know Before You Go: The long reach of calm, shallow waters makes Taylor Bay among the safest and most kid-friendly places to take a dip in Providenciales.

WIMCO’s Insider Tip: Look for starfish in the crystal-clear waters off the beachfront.

8. Sapodilla Bay – Calm, Family-Friendly Waters

Sapodilla Bay Beach


Description: A hop, skip, and jump east from Taylor Bay, Sapodilla Bay offers similarly sheltered and shallow waters. A bit shy of 1,000 feet long, this beachfront is a bit more bustling, given its amenities and accessibility. But it’s still much less crowded than Grace Bay, mere minutes away. 

Best For… Swimming, snorkeling, watersports.

Amenities: You’ll find food and drink concessions as well as watersports and beach gear rentals at Sapodilla Bay.

Accessibility: Chalk Sound Drive provides no-hassle access to Sapodilla Bay Beach.

Know Before You Go: Low tide reveals plenty of rippled sand flats that offer pleasant lounging perches.

WIMCO’s Insider Tip: For one of the best views on Provo, make your way up 50-foot Sapodilla Bay Hill beside the beach.

9. The Bight Beach – Topnotch Snorkeling

The Bight Beach


Description: Set between Smith’s Reef and Grace Bay Beach, Bight Beach is a broad stretch of white sand flanked by the Bight neighborhood. 

It’s a pleasure to stroll, sunbathe, and swim here. But the foremost attraction is surely the snorkeling, with seagrass pastures and the Bight Reef — the “Coral Gardens” — easily accessed from the beachfront. 

Best For… Snorkeling.

Amenities: Numerous resorts and villas flank The Bight Beach, continuing the extensive development of Grace Bay westward. Restaurants are close by as well.

Accessibility: You can reach Bight Beach from numerous access points, the prime one being Children’s Park.

Know Before You Go: Along with various tropical fish and stingrays, snorkelers off Bight Beach have a decent chance of spotting sea turtles.

WIMCO’s Insider Tip: If you’re visiting the beach on a Thursday, consider hitting up one of the popular fish fries offered in the neighborhood.

10. Mudjin Harbour – Unrivaled Coastal Scenery on Middle Caicos

Mudjin Harbour


Description: Mudjin Harbour sits easily on the shortlist of the most beautiful places in the Turks and Caicos. Its shining three-mile Middle Caicos beach adjoins bold, high-standing limestone headlands. 

And just offshore, ironshore islets — most iconically the craggy Dragon Cay — loom, often battered by dramatic breakers. Several caves are easily explored along and near the beachfront.

Best For… Scenery, adventure.

Amenities: Besides the nearby Dragon Cay Resort’s offerings, you won’t find much in the way of amenities here.

Accessibility: A parking lot in the Dragon Cay Resort offers easy access to Mudjin Harbour’s beach. You follow a paved footpath to get there.

Know Before You Go: The distinctive name of this coastline is derived from “Bermudian Harbour,” referencing its resemblance to a section of Bermuda’s seashore.

WIMCO’s Insider Tip: Use caution when exploring the Mudjin Harbour beachfront. The limestone outcrops can be crumbly, and the poisonous West Indian shrub called poisonwood is abundant.


Best Of The Best Beaches In Turks And Caicos

You can’t go wrong with any of the glorious white-sand TCI beaches. That said, certain sandy seashores stand out for particular activities or goals. 

The following sections round up the very best beaches in Turks and Caicos for specific reasons. You’ll also find lists of the best restaurants/bars, villas, and hotels on or close to top-grade beachfronts.

Best Beach Bars & Restaurants in Turks and Caicos

Bay Bistro

Sunset Dining at Bay Bistro ©https://www.visittci.com

There are plenty of contenders for top beachfront bars and restaurants in Turks and Caicos, especially in Providenciales. Bay Bistro and Mango Reef are hitting the top mark for both cuisine and ambiance along Grace Bay Beach. 

Bay Bistro is located at the Sibonné Beach Hotel and serves local seafood, a mean burger, and other gourmet fares. 

Mango Reef’s seasonal menu is perhaps best known for its lobster dishes.

Over along Blue Hills Beach, meanwhile, we recommend Da Conch Shack, a casual — and much-loved — open-air beach grill. Expect conch prepared in every way imaginable.

Best Beaches in Turks and Caicos for Snorkeling

Turks & Caicos Snorkeling

Snorkeling at Smith’s Reef ©https://www.visittci.com

Many Turks and Caicos beaches offer great snorkeling. The extensive barrier reef of the Caicos and Turks banks includes plenty of easy-to-reach nearshore exposures. 

Wonderful snorkeling beaches include the Grace Bay area’s Bight Beach, providing access to the outstanding Bight Reef/Coral Gardens. 

To the west, Smith’s Reef delivers perhaps the finest all-around beachfront snorkeling in Provo.

Out on the more remote west coast, Malcolm’s Road Beach tempts with vibrant reefs within Northwest Point Marine National Park.

Most Romantic Beaches for Couples in Turks and Caicos

Here again, romantic beachfronts are super-abundant in Turks and Caicos. All that magical white sand against turquoise shallows, those blazing West Indies sunsets — you’re spoiled for choices. 

But if we had to choose the best beaches in Turks and Caicos for romance, we’d have to include Grace Bay Beach. After all, more than a few argue this is the world’s finest beach. (And romantic beachfront dinners are ready to hand here.) 

Other good options include the nearby Leeward Beach with its fabulous scenery (and lighter crowds), plus the extensive, lovely Long Bay Beach.

Best Hidden Gem Beaches in Turks and Caicos

If you’re looking to ditch the crowds, Turks and Caicos offer many more off-the-radar or less-trammeled beachfronts. Taylor Bay Beach, profiled above, draws visitors to uncrowded sands and marvelous family-friendly swimming. 

Offshore Provo’s Leeward shoreline, Little Water Cay, aka “Iguana Island,” includes flawless beaches and charming rock iguanas. 

And boat tours can take you to the unblemished sands of Gibbs Cay, the “Stingray City” of snorkeling renown.

Best Beachfront Villas in Turks and Caicos

There are many exceptional beachfront villas in Turks and Caicos. 

These are just some of them on the world-famous Grace Bay Beach: the private five-bedroom Villa Paprika (IE PAP), the seven-bedroom Villa Coral House (PL COR), the six-bedroom Villa Serenity House (IE SER), and five-bedroom Villa Turtle Beach (TNC TUR).

Best Beach Hotels in Turks and Caicos

Many well-regarded hotels and resorts flank the top beaches in Turks and Caicos. That’s certainly true of the best-known beach in the islands, Grace Bay Beach. 

Two of its beachfront hotels impress above all others, in our opinion. 

These are the Seven Stars Resort & Spa, known for white-glove luxury and gourmet dining, and the Grace Bay Club, the first all-suite luxury resort in TCI.

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Frequently Asked Questions About The Beaches In Turks And Caicos

Some are, but plenty aren’t! You can naturally expect lots of company at Grace Bay Beach, given its worldwide fame and dense resort development. But you’ll find plenty of more secluded sands, from Provo’s Taylor Bay to tranquil, ravishing North Bay Beach on Salt Cay.

More developed beachfronts like Grace Bay and its surrounds certainly have facilities and food and beverage services nearby. Quieter and more remote beaches generally don’t.

Turks and Caicos waters are renowned for their clarity. Obviously, this can vary depending on ocean conditions, but generally, you can expect pretty crystal-clear waters. The sargassum pileups known in parts of the Caribbean are uncommon in TCI.

Popular beaches with resorts and hotels tend to have beach chairs, umbrellas, and other beach gear rentals readily available.

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