Turks and Caicos Islands: Your Turks and Caicos Vacation Starts Here

Turks and Caicos Islands: Your Turks and Caicos Vacation Starts Here

Are you looking to experience the beauty of Turks and Caicos, known for its stunning crystal-clear waters and neverending white sandy beaches?

The island chain is ideal for travelers seeking privacy and tranquility, with secluded villas and elegant resorts, world-class dining, and activities like snorkeling, scuba diving, and paddleboarding.

Our Turks and Caicos travel guide is perfect for planning your vacation or if you want to learn more about the islands. Below you’ll find all the information you could ever hope to know about this enticing island paradise. 

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Entry Documents

If you are coming from North America, the UK, Europe, or Australia, you will need a valid passport to enter Turks and Caicos. A valid ticket is also required for your onward or return journey.

Upon arrival, you will be required to fill out an immigration form that will be presented to the customs officer. As of April 1st, 2023, Turks and Caicos has removed all Covid-19 restrictions and requirements for entry.

Turks and Caicos Essential Island Information (Nuts and Bolts)

Turks and Caicos Island

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Capital: Cockburn Town

Language: English is the official language. Some people speak Spanish and Haitian (people with origins from the Dominican Republic and Haiti, respectively).

Population: The population of Turks and Caicos is 59,367 people according to cia.gov, the majority of whom reside on Providenciales Island.

Size: 37 miles (60 km) long with an area of 366 sq. miles (948.0 km²) 

Location: The Turks and Caicos Islands lie southeast of Miami, Florida, by 925 km (575 miles). They are also 45 km (28 miles) southwest of the Bahamas and 140 km (87 miles) north of Hispaniola, where Haiti and the Dominican Republic are located.

The country consists of over forty islands and cays, known for their stunning beaches, pristine marine environment, and luxury resorts.

Other Names: Turks and Caicos is also referred to TCI or T&C

Airport Names and Codes:

  • Providenciales International Airport: IATA: PLS, ICAO: MBPV
  • Grand Turk International Airport: IATA: GDT, ICAO: MBGT
  • North Caicos Airport: IATA: NCA, ICAO: MBNC
  • Middle Caicos Airport: IATA: MDS; ICAO: MBMC
  • South Caicos Airport: IATA: XSC, ICAO: MBSC
  • Salt Cay Airport: IATA: SLX, ICAO: MBSY
  • Pine Cay Airport: IATA: PIC, ICAO: MBPI
  • Ambergris Cay Airport: ATA: SPR, ICAO: MBAC

Electric Current: Electricity follows the U.S. standard: 120 V, 60 Hz cycles with U.S. style plugs.

Time Zone: Eastern Standard Time

Currency: US Dollar is the only currency accepted in Turks and Caicos.

Topography: The islands of Turks and Caicos are mostly low-lying and flat. The highest point on the islands is only 49 meters (161 ft) above sea level.

Telephone: The local area dialing code is +1 (649)

Is Turks and Caicos Safe?

Turks and Caicos is a safe destination with one of the lowest crime rates in the Caribbean. 

However, theft and robberies still occur so take precautions. Don’t leave valuables unattended and don’t walk alone at night or open your villa to strangers.

Best Time To Visit Turks and Caicos

Sapodilla Bay

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The best time to visit Turks and Caicos is at the tail-end of the busy season: April and May. These months offer lower prices and fewer crowds than the peak season of December to March when many people escape the cold winter. You can also enjoy pleasant weather, with average highs in the mid-80s °F (27 °C) and low chances of rain or hurricanes.

What Is the Weather Like in Turks and Caicos?

Turks and Caicos has pleasant weather throughout the year, with little variation in seasons. The average temperature ranges from 75°F (24°C) in the winter months to 95°F (35°C) in the summer months. 

The precipitation level is low, with an average of 33 inches (84 cm) of rain annually. Most of the rain falls during the hurricane season, which runs from June to November. 

How to Get to Turks and Caicos

How to Get to Turks and Caicos

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The best way to get to Turks and Caicos is to catch a flight to Providenciales International Airport. There are direct flights from major cities in the US and across the Caribbean. WIMCO can even arrange your flights for you

It’s also possible to arrive by cruise ship, yacht, or private plane.

Airport Arrival Services

If you have reserved a villa in Turks and Caicos with WIMCO, our concierge service will greet you at the airport, help with luggage and car rental, and guide you to your villa. 

Turks and Caicos VIP Airport Transfers

WIMCO also offers a VIP airport transfer service, whisking you from your home airport directly to your villa. With either a private chartered plane or a yacht, this is a personal and hassle-free way to travel to your luxury villa in Turks and Caicos.

Where to Stay in Turks and Caicos

Where to Stay in Turks and Caicos

One of the main choices you’ll have to make when visiting the Turks and Caicos is where to stay. From luxury beachfront villas to world-class resorts, each accommodation option has its style and amenities. 


When it comes to luxury vacationing in Turks and Caicos, a private villa is an excellent choice. Providing contemporary design, privacy, and all the amenities you need, WIMCO is proud to offer an excellent selection of properties.

Private beachfront villas: Turks and Caicos is known for its stunning beaches – staying in one of WIMCO’s villas on the beach puts the powder-soft sand practically at the doorstep of your vacation home.

Villas with a private chef and staff

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Villas with a private chef and staff: An easy way to make the best of a vacation is to rent a villa in Turks and Caicos that comes fully staffed. Imagine a private dinner under the stars and waking up to the smell of fresh coffee and breakfast. 

Hot new villas: New properties are popping up all the time. Browse through the hottest new villas in Turks and Caicos for your stay, offering the latest in design, luxury, and style.

Beach Enclave Villas

Beach Enclave Villas © www.beachenclave.com

Beach enclave villas: Gated Beach Enclave combine privacy, exclusivity, and service, mere steps from the best beaches. Browse WIMCO’s selection of beach enclave villas in Turks and Caicos here

Hotels & Resorts

Hotels & Resorts

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There’s also a fine selection of idyllic hotels and resorts in Turks and Caicos. From classic accommodations to luxurious, all-inclusive resorts, each estate has easy access to nearby beaches and wonderful service. 

For something really special, our top pick would be the Amanyara Resort and Villas, nestled on the western edge of Providenciales, right next to the rugged and wild Northwest Point Marine National Park. 

Is There Internet, Phone and TV/Cable in Villas and Hotels in Turks and Caicos?

All the villas and hotels in Turks and Caicos offer internet free of charge. Most (but not all) will have phones, TVs, and cable channels.

Getting Around on the Island

Getting Around on the Island

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The best way to get around Turks and Caicos is with a rental car. WIMCO’s concierge service can get you the best deal on a vehicle, and even have the car delivered to your villa. 

Alternatively, you can opt for taxis, private drivers, scooters, and ATVs. Turks and Caicos does not have public transport like buses or trains. 

If you want to visit different islands in Turks and Caicos, you can either catch a domestic flight or hop on a passenger ferry. 

Where to Eat?


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There are over 200 restaurants in Turks and Caicos, varying from Caribbean fast food to high-end cuisine. The food focuses on the fresh ingredients at hand (seafood plucked from the ocean) and the cooking styles of the various ethnicities who call the islands home. 

For a comprehensive list of restaurants in Turks and Caicos, check out this page


Tip of around 15-18% is expected if you received good service. If the service was above and beyond, it’s common to leave around 20%.

Top Activities & Attractions in Turks and Caicos

Top Activities & Attractions in Turks and Caicos

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Some of the world’s most stunning beaches are in Turks and Caicos, which makes this an attractive destination for lovers of sun, sand, and surf. But that’s not all there is to do. 

From renting an ATV and adventuring into the rugged western region to exploring ancient limestone caves, Turks and Caicos has plenty of experiences to choose from.

See this page for an extensive overview of activities and attractions in Turks and Caicos


There are many annual events and holidays for locals and visitors to enjoy in Turks and Caicos. Some of the most popular festivals are sea-themed, such as the Big South Regatta, a traditional boat race around the islands, and the Conch Festival, which celebrates the delicious and iconic shellfish. 

See a complete list of the festivals and events on offer in Turks and Caicos

What to Wear in Turks and Caicos

With warm temperatures and sun year-round, lightweight clothing is going to be the best choice. Evenings out at a restaurant also call for smart casual dress; think sundresses for ladies, and long pants and button-down shirts or polos for men. 

A light shawl or a lightweight jacket also comes in handy for the cooler evenings.

Swimwear is acceptable at the beaches, beach bars, and hotel pools, but everywhere else you should be fully dressed. 

Traveling With Kids

Ocean Outback Adventures Boat

Ocean Outback Adventures Boat © www.visittci.com

Turks and Caicos is a kid-friendly paradise, easy to get around and with calm, amazing beaches.

Kids will love wading into the water with their snorkeling gear and exploring the colorful coral reefs from the shore. 

The sea is also calm, so there’s no need to fret about tides or waves. Plus, everyone speaks English, it's very safe, and there are plenty of places with yummy delicacies.

Banks and ATMs in Turks and Caicos

On Providenciales, you’ll find several international banks: Scotiabank, Royal Bank of Canada, and First Caribbean International Bank.

Tourist-oriented businesses like car rentals, restaurants, and tour operators all accept credit cards. It’s recommended to have some cash, since smaller establishments and non-Providenciales islands may not accept cards.

ATMs are available at banks, some hotels, and Providenciales International Airport, but accessing cash may be a challenge on smaller islands. For instance, South and North Caicos have one ATM each, while Middle Caicos and Salt Cay have none.

Is There Cell Phone Service in Turks and Caicos?

You shouldn’t have trouble using your phone in Turks and Caicos, with cell phone service available almost everywhere. However, you may have to enable international roaming with your mobile operator before you leave.

The two local telecommunications companies (Flow and Digicel) offer GSM services. Flow also offers CDMA service (for Verizon and Sprint phones).

If you want to use data and make local calls, you can buy a local prepaid SIM card.

Power Plugs and Voltage in Turks and Caicos?

If you are from the U.S., you don't have to worry about electricity or power plugs in the Turks and Caicos Islands. You will find the same 120v (60Hz) power and plugs in Turks and Caicos.

If you are from a country with 220-240 volt power and plugs you will need some preparation. Bring your own U.S.-style plug adapter, as they are hard to find on the island. Also, check your devices to see if they can work with 110-240 power (50/60 Hz). Most technology products can, and you only need a cheap plug adapter. 

But some devices like certain curling irons and some hair dryers can't, and you would need a costly voltage converter as well as a plug adapter.

What Does “Turks and Caicos” Mean?

The Pirate Cave at West Harbor Bluff on Providenciales

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The name “Turks and Caicos” translates to “Pirate Islands”, hinting at the region’s history of piracy.

The word Turks was a common name for the Muslim seafarers who attacked and enslaved people along the shores of Africa, Europe, and the Mediterranean. 

The word Caicos came from a native language that meant something like "a group of islands" or "a string of islands".

The name first appeared on the maps sailors used to navigate, warning them of the dangerous area. The name stuck and has remained the same ever since.

Turks and Caicos History

The Turks and Caicos Islands are a string of Caribbean islands with a rich and diverse history

The first inhabitants were the Lucayans, who lived there for centuries until they were wiped out by European colonizers. The islands were then claimed by various European powers, including Spain, France, and Britain.

During the colonial wars that ensued, the islands became a haven for pirates, privateers, and loyalists. The islands also played a role in the salt industry, the cotton trade, and the slave trade.

Turks and Caicos was a part of the Bahamas until 1848 when they became a separate colony under British rule. The islands gained self-government in 1976 but remain a British Overseas Territory. 

WIMCO's Top 7 Travel Tips for Turks and Caicos

Trumpetfish at Bight Reef

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Go snorkeling: Snorkeling in Turks and Caicos is among the best in the Caribbean, with vibrant coral reefs, beautiful shipwrecks, and plenty of marine life.

Enjoy a round of golf: With the warm and gentle trade winds, year-round sun, and stunning tropical scenery, a round or two of golf in Turks and Caicos comes highly recommended.

Relax with a spa treatment: Indulgent treatments with picturesque views of sand and sea? We can’t think of a better way to pamper yourself than with a world-class spa day in Turks and Caicos.

Leeward Beach

Leeward Beach © www.visittci.com

Unwind at the beach: The beaches in Turks and Caicos are among the most stunning in the world, with crystal-clear water and powdery, white sands – perfect for unwinding.

Indulge in an amazing seafood dinner: Enjoy a night out at one of the island’s best restaurants, where fresh fish and shellfish are plentiful and delicious. 

Go on a scuba diving adventure: TCI is surrounded by incredible coral reefs, shipwrecks, and steep sea shelves, offering top-quality scuba diving around the islands. 

Ask WIMCO to provision your villa with groceries before your arrival: To make your stay as hassle-free as possible, let WIMCO concierge services take care of filling your villa with groceries and drinks before you arrive.

What Makes Turks and Caicos So Special?

An Island Paradise

Tour Boat at West Harbor Bluff

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The phrase “paradise on earth” gets thrown around a lot – but when it comes to Turks and Caicos, there’s no better way to describe the islands. 

This stunning archipelago offers remarkable beauty and tranquility in the Caribbean, with mesmerizing white-sand beaches, sparkling turquoise waters, and spectacular views. 

Unlike some other Caribbean islands, TCI isn’t crowded or commercialized, so there’s a sense of exclusivity and luxury. 

You’ll often feel as if you have the whole island to yourself; immersing yourself in this tropical paradise will leave you feeling relaxed and blissful.

The World’s Best Beaches

Taylor Bay Beach

Taylor Bay Beach © www.visittci.com

In a region where beaches are among the best in the world, the coast of Turks and Caicos is a rare gem. Finding that many stunning beaches anywhere else in the world would be a challenge. 

Grace Bay Beach is among the most famous, and regularly voted the most beautiful beach in the world. But venture across one of the territories over 40 islands, and you’re bound to discover your private slice of sand. 

Deliciously slow-paced days spent lazing in the sun are a true way to spend some time in this lo-fi Caribbean destination. 

Natural Wonders

Twin-Engine Airplane Wreck, Chalk Sound

Twin-Engine Airplane Wreck, Chalk Sound © www.visittci.com

Slipping into the easy rhythm of life again is always going to be easy on Turks and Caicos, but there are more engaging things to do. 

These islands are also a place to have fun and adventure. Snorkeling and scuba diving are world-class, with vibrant coral reefs, mysterious shipwrecks, and jaw-dropping sea shelves. 

Marvel at colorful fish, turtles, stingrays, and eagle rays, or experience the thrill of diving along the walls and drop-offs, peering down into the depths of the sea. 

If you prefer to stay on land, you can explore the island's natural beauty by visiting the national parks, hiking trails, or wetlands. See some of the island's wildlife, such as flamingos, iguanas, and pelicans. 

Turks and Caicos Rock Iguana

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Or if you enjoy a game of golf, visit one of the island's scenic golf courses, framed by serene views of the ocean and the hills.

Finally, to cap it all off, the private villas in Turks and Caicos are perfect for a blissful island escape. Designer style, contemporary furnishings, ocean views, and beach access make this holiday one you’ll remember for the rest of your life.

Why Choose WIMCO Villas for Your Turks and Caicos Vacation?

As experts in luxury Turks and Caicos vacations since 1983, WIMCO offers exceptional service and access to the finest villa rentals across Providenciales, Grace Bay and other parts of the Turks and Caicos Islands.

At WIMCO, we also provide a complimentary concierge service for our guests. Our experienced team is available 24/7 to help you with all of your vacation requests and needs during your stay, including booking excursions and arranging for special services. 

WIMCO's knowledgeable team provides personalized service to help you book the perfect villa for your vacation needs and expectations. 

Feel free to reach out to us with any questions or requests and to help you book your next luxury vacation rental in the Turks and Caicos.

Turks & Caicos Vacation Ideas