Turks and Caicos Marinas

Turks & Caicos Marinas

With its plush white sands, fabulous coral gardens, resort-lined bayfronts to deserted cays, the Turks and Caicos are a yachting paradise. In this guide, we’ll run through five of the top Turks and Caicos marinas

You’ll find essential details on their location, access, facilities, and nearby dining, sightseeing, and recreational options. You’ll also find each marina’s phone number (and, where available, the website URL).

We’ll also explain how WIMCO Villas can help handle all the arrangements for your cruising holiday in this seductive corner of the West Indies.

5 Best Marinas in Turks & Caicos

Located in the most popular area of the Turks and Caicos Islands, Providenciales is a natural starting point for exploring the rest of the chain. 

These five marinas are among the best in the area, scattered along the northern, eastern, and southern coasts of the island.

Turtle Cove Marina

Turtle Cove Marina

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Overview: The oldest of Provo’s recreational marinas, Turtle Cove offers 100 deepwater slips along the island’s north coast. An inlet links its dredged basin (once the saline Sellar’s Pond) with the sea, where vessels approach through Sellar’s Cut in the barrier reef. 

Facilities: The full-service Turtle Cove Marina offers power and water at each deepwater slip. High-speed pumps dispense 91-octane non-ethanol gasoline as well as marine diesel. 

You’ve also got pump-out services here as well as showers, laundry, on-site ice, and Wi-Fi available. A boat ramp promises easy access to the marina waters. A security guard is posted after-hours at Turtle Cove Marina. 

The marina store sells beer, other cold drinks, snacks, souvenirs, and gifts. There’s an IGA supermarket not far away, and you can even arrange for grocery deliveries to the marina. 

Environment: The Turtle Cove Turks and Caicos area is well developed but also fairly quiet and laid back.

Nearby Restaurants & Attractions: Plenty of eateries within ready reach of Turtle Cove Marina, including several restaurants, such as Sharkbite Bar & Grill, right along the waterfront here. Various sportfishing and sightseeing charters operate here, as do watersports businesses. 

An outstanding nearshore Provo snorkeling site, Smith’s Reef, lies nearby, and Grace Bay Beach isn’t far to the east.

In terms of accommodations, numerous fabulous private villa rentals are available on Grace Bay Beach, within a short distance of Turtle Cove Marina. 

What We Love: Turtle Cove Marina’s position within a dredged inland lagoon ensures nice and calm waters for mooring. The marina’s also the location for some great annual events, including the TCSPCA Dog Show in November and the Christmas in the Cove boat-lighting festival in December.

Port of Entry: Yes

Contact Information: 1-649-941-3781; turtlecovemarina.com

Blue Haven Marina

Blue Haven Marina

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Overview: This well-appointed marina adjoins the luxurious and beautiful Leeward area of northeastern Provo. Accessed via Leeward Cut, it sits along Leeward-Going-Through-Channel across from Mangrove Cay. It can accommodate vessels with up to a 12-foot draft and a 200-foot length.

Facilities: Multiple floating docks and canal slips compose Blue Haven Marina. The Main Dock, which can accommodate crafts up to 200 feet long, offers 50 slips and six mega-yacht berths. 

The VIP Dock has six slips for boats up to 90 feet long. And the Resort Dock includes 32 slips available for boats 40 feet or shorter. 

In terms of utilities, Blue Haven Marina offers fuel (petrol and diesel via high-flow pumps), electricity, water, and pump-out services. You’ll also find laundry/dry-cleaning facilities here as well as restrooms and private showers. The marina is WiFi-equipped. 

Other services include waste collection, storage, and on-site customs/immigration. Onsite provisioning and ice delivery are available, and the adjoining Blue Haven Resort maintains a grocery store. The complex comes protected by 24-hour security, including CCTV.

A Marina Pilot is available, and first-time visitors are required to use this guide boat to navigate in. 

Environment: Blue Haven Marina provides beautiful and auspicious moorage. It’s right on the doorstep of Princess Alexandra Nature Reserve, with ample protected and sealife-rich waters close by. With the all-inclusive Blue Haven Resort, you also have plenty of R&R and entertainment. 

Nearby Restaurants & Attractions: The Blue Haven Resort includes a pair of restaurants and a spa. 

Some of Provo’s top ecotourism destinations are a stone’s throw away in Princess Alexandra Nature Reserve, including Mangrove Cay, Little Water Cay (Iguana Island), and Half Moon Bay’s sandbar beachfront.

You’re also close to other stellar beaches, not least Leeward Beach. Grace Bay Beach — among the world’s most celebrated stretches of sand — is just minutes away. (So are all of its restaurants, bars, outfitters, and other attractions.)

WIMCO’s Grace Bay-area villas also provide convenient (and spectacular) private accommodations close to Blue Haven Marina.

What We Love: It’s fabulous to have ace kayaking and stand-up paddleboarding available at Mangrove Cay and the rest of the nature reserve so close.

Port of Entry: Yes

Contact Information: 1-649-946-9910; bluehavenmarina.com

South Side Marina

South Side Marina

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Overview: This small Turtle Tail-area marina lies on the south coast of Providenciales. Its slips lie along a little developed harbor connected to the ocean via a short channel. Inland canals, meanwhile, link this moorage to surrounding residential areas.

Facilities: The South Side Marina includes slips for a variety of vessel sizes as well as docking facilities for dinghies. Here you’ll find fuel, power, water, storage, lift-out, and some repair services. The marina also offers self-service laundry, showers, ice, and WiFi.

Environment: Alluring turquoise waters give the South Side Marina’s harbor its own cozy tropical beauty. The area's canals, bays, and saline lagoons create one of Provo’s most extensive networks of coastal waterways.

Low-tide approaches to South Side Marina can be tricky, and the entry channel is relatively shallow. It’s best to time your arrival around high tide. Get in touch with the marina for more information on access.

Nearby Restaurants & Attractions: Bob’s Bar at South Side Marina is a welcoming and friendly place for refreshments and sunset toasting. The marina also hosts a weekly potluck. Other eateries and bars await in the vicinity, like the Five Cays and Cooper Jack neighborhoods.

There are a couple of dive/watersports and sailing charters at South Side Marina. Nearby attractions include Flamingo Lake and Juba Sound — where flamingo flocks are sometimes viewable — and Sapodilla Bay’s beachfront. Cooper Jack Bay Beach is a smaller sandy shoreline nearby.

What We Love: The small size and reasonable rates at South Side Marina make it ideal for cruisers.

Port of Entry: Yes

Contact Information: 1-649-946-4137; facebook.com/people/South-Side-Marina/100067072417093

The Marina at Southbank

The Marina at Southbank
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Overview: Originally called the Caicos Marina and Shipyard, the South Bank Marina offers the most comprehensive services of any Turks and Caicos marina. 

Located in the Long Bay area, the marina is easily reached by charted shipping channels and a nine-foot depth at high tide. An on-site boatyard provides an array of maintenance and repair services.

The South Bank Marina also serves as the home base for the Turks and Caicos Marine Police.

Facilities: Recently renovated, the South Bank Marina offers a main dock and floating dock array. There aren’t any length restrictions for docking here. 

Available marine fuel includes ultra-low sulfate diesel as well as REC-90 ethanol-free gasoline. Bunkering services can be provided at the South Dock port for vessels too large to access the marina directly.

Water and power are both available. So is wet and dry boat storage, plus vessel pickup and delivery services and hurricane tie-downs. Laundry, ice, and beverages are available on-site, and there’s a marina store as well. 

The marina and boatyard employ a 75-ton Marine Travel Lift and a 2,000-lb Trailer Forklift. There’s also a power tractor on hand for haulouts. The boatyard provides painting, waxing, power washing, engine repair, hull work, monthly maintenance, and other services.

Environment: South Bank Marina is a very well-kept, state-of-the-art facility.

Along with the generous depth entry, access to the marina is made straightforward by the calm leeward waters of Provo’s southern coast. 

Conditions are further buffered by the extensiveness of the Caicos Bank offshore. 

Nearby Restaurants & Attractions: South Bank Marina is not far from one of Provo’s top beaches: Long Bay Beach. This long white sand shore is best known as a kiteboarding hotspot. A famous wreck lies offshore: the La Famille Express

There aren’t many restaurants close to the marina, but a few are within a short drive, including Crackpot Kitchen, Turks Kebab, and Mackay’s Cafe. 

What We Love: The across-the-board docking, haulout, maintenance/repair, and concierge services available at South Bank Marina really set it apart.

Port of Entry: Yes

Contact Information: 1-649-946-5600; southbank.tc

Heaving Down Rock (Walkin) Marina

Heaving Down Rock (Walkin) Marina
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Overview: Heaving Dock Rock Marina, also known as Walkin Marina, is a small harbor along Leeward-Going-Through-Channel on Provo’s eastern coast. It’s best known for its passenger ferry services but also accommodates private vessels.

Facilities: Along with its small collection of slips, Heaving Down Rock Marina offers both petrol and diesel fuel. There’s a marina ramp as well.

The TCI Ferry to North and South Caicos, operated by Caribbean Cruisin’, and the MV My Girl ferry to North Caicos, run out of this marina.

Environment: The protected waters of Princess Alexandra Nature Reserve are nearby.

Nearby Restaurants & Attractions: Mangrove Cay and other ecotourism destinations are just a stone’s throw away from the Heaving Dock Rock Marina. Besides the passenger ferry services, the marina hosts tour and watersports operators too.

Numerous restaurants and shops in the Leeward/Grace Bay areas are a short drive from the marina.

What We Love: There’s a definite charm to the small size of Heaving Dock Rock Marina.

Port of Entry: No

Contact Information: 1-649-946-4411

Let Us Make Your Reservations at One of the Best Turks & Caicos Marinas

Look no further than the team here at WIMCO Villas for making your boating vacation in the Turks and Caicos Islands happen! 

We can help you reserve a berth at one of the above marinas or set up the perfect nearby private luxury accommodations. 

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