To the Turks & Caicos you will go!!

by Michael Chisholm

Taking a stairway on the left or the right in the great room brings you to the 2nd floor and here there are 4 equal ensuite king bedrooms, all open onto a terrace and at each end there is a turret with seats for taking in the view. With the elevation this villa has you have wonderful vistas left and right. All the bedrooms have all the amenities, a theme which flows throughout the villa.

Back downstairs and the outside pool area is quite different, the pool has multiple depths for enjoyment with shallow areas for children and progressively deeper steps to a point where you need to swim, a novel approach which I had not come across before. Additionally, the lights in the pool can be set to play to different beats, which would be quite interesting. All round a very good villa, spacious and equal, ideal for 6 couples, or a family with children.

For beach access there is a plan to make steps to the water but this is not a beachfront property.

Wauwinet Too - 5bdr, 5ba, Pool

Built on 3 levels with piers out to the water and boat access this villa has 2 bedrooms on the main level with the kitchen living great room, 1 bedroom above this level and 2 additional bedrooms in an outside lower level, ideal for the teens in the party. While not as glitzy as some this is a good family spot and like all on this peninsular, it takes full advantage of the views.

Hotels Visited

Being my first visit I did not know quite what to expect from the hotel offerings on TCI, after site visits to the hotels we represent I have confidence in each one for its own style and character. My favorite was the Palms. Turks & Caicos

The Palms

A new property opened in Feb 05. This property opted to open early to take advantage of the peak season. Most hotels opt for a "soft opening" to iron out kinks and for example make sure all the pipes are connected. The hotel suffered through some initial criticsm in its early days, but has recovered from that and now offers the service and grace, which was lacking in the early days. Built in a 1920’s British Colonial style, The Palms offers world-class accommodations and dining options. The property is comprised of 5 buildings in a U shape fronting of course Grace Bay and boasting the only Ballroom on the island. This feature alone gives this property the edge over its competitors as it can offer facilities the others currently do not. Ballroom Dancing being one obvious one.

An added attraction for this property is the exquisite spa matching the best on any property and boasting the same architect as many Barbados villas, it is a modern facility offering all the best treatments.

Turks & Caicos

Island Dining

Here is a brief synopsis of our dining experiences, overall quite good with enough variety for a 2-week stay.

Dinner, we arrived on island at 8pm Sharkbites in the Turtle Cove Marina

IGA shopping, sandwich lunch, and a snack selection for dinner, bread, assorted cheeses, Italian sausage, fruit and assorted chips, this after a safari to the Amanyara resort at the extreme western end of the island.

Lunch: conch expertly prepared by Boogaloo across from 3 Queens far and away the best dining experience of the trip. Nothing compares to just caught and prepared food and the conch served this day under the tropical sun was exquisite. I had a traditional Conch salad while Bill had his grilled.

Dinner: Iguanas at Grace Bay in the Salt Mills complex. This area offers a variety of dining and shopping options and is also still under construction, a frequent feature on the island but without the brain numbing jack hammers which are and often heard intrusion on other islands.

Lunch: provided by Point Grace Aqua Restaurant in the Turtle Cove Marina

Lunch: provided by The Palms; Dinner: Tiki Hut in the Turtle Cove Marina

Turks & Caicos

Back home to RI via Miami & Boston, airport dining needs no comment.

All in all a very good trip, refreshing to visit a new destination and one which was long overdue, thank you Bill as always for your help assistance and camaraderie, where are we going next?

Thank you all for your time reading my thoughts and I look forward to sharing more with you,
Michael Chisholm

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