Trip Report: First Time to Turks & Caicos

by Ellen Caywood

This was our first vacation with our daughter so our agenda was a little different than if we had been alone. She was not interested in long leisurely dinners or quietly reading books on the beach for hours. So we were on the move and let her moods guide our days.

We enjoy exploring on vacation and got around to several different areas of Provo. Our villa was pretty much in the center of the island on the north shore. When you head west from there you arrive in the Blue Hills area which is where many of the locals live and is home to local beachside shacks where you can get some very fresh conch. Head south from there and you venture through the local town and by the airport and can go left into 5 Cays Settlement where the fishing docks are located to pick up fish and lobster to cook at the villa. Stay right and you head to Chalk Sound which is home to several beaches, many villas and Las Brisas restaurant.

Chalk Sound, Turks & Caicos

When we turned the corner and saw the water of Chalk Sound, we were speechless. It is a color I have never seen in nature and a landscape that made me feel like I was on another planet. The water is dead calm and a very light green color. Popping up from the water are bright green islands and not a sole was on the water. The one restaurant down there is Las Brisas which we loved and has a gorgeous view of the sound. The restaurant is part of a resort and they have boats to rent which I would have loved to do. They also have a pool and a bar where we enjoyed a swim and a cold drink. Across the street is Sapodilla beach which is calm and shallow and great for babies floating in the raft. Down the road is Taylor’s beach which we didn’t make it to, but I hear is similar to Sapodilla.

Conch Shells at Long Bay Beach, Turks & Caicos

Traveling to the eastern end of the island on the south shore, we spent a day at Long Bay beach. The water again is very calm here and there are tons of conch shells to dig up and enjoy. You can take a long walk or just sit in the soft sand and enjoy the vista. Head north from there and you are in the heart of Grace Bay beach where most of the hotels, restaurants and shopping are.

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