St Barts Beach Clubs

St. Barts Beach Clubs

St Barts is famous for its beautiful beaches, and in recent years some really fun beach clubs have sprung up on a few of them. Chilling at a lively beach club is a fantastic way to spend an afternoon in Saint Barthélemy. And there are plenty of exceptional options to choose from!

From your waterfront table you can enjoy great food, refreshing drinks, lively music, and ocean views. not to mention a world-class vibe. Even better, you don’t have to worry about getting dressed-up. At these clubs stylish barefoot chic tends to define the dress code.

In this guide, we’ll introduce you to the best beach clubs in St. Barts, summarizing their ambience, menus, and their special qualities, along with the location and contact info for each. We’ll also let you know how WIMCO Villas can help you make a lunch reservation at any one of these coveted hangouts.

Nikki Beach Club

Nikki Beach Saint Barth – St Jean

If St Jean beach is party-central in St Barts, then Nikki Beach is ground zero! The party’s always going at Nikki Beach St. Barts, perhaps the most glamorous of the dozen Nikki Beach locations around the globe. The iconic white branded umbrellas gleam alongside the sands of St. Jean Beach. 

Beachfront dining here melds international flavors with the zest of the West Indies. First-rate DJs provide the afternoon soundtrack for the jet-setter clientele.

Nikki Beach Club

Insider Tip: Try to swing by the Nikki Beach club for “Amazing Sundays,” which combine live music with generous servings of sushi and champagne. The energy is legendary.

What We Love: The special thrill of dancing on the tables as renowned saxophone player Jimmy Sax lays down a blazing beat.

Location: St Jean Bay 97133, St. Barts 

Phone Number: +590 590 27 64 64

Make a Reservation: via email [email protected]

La Guérite Beach

Among the newest entrants to the St Barts beach-club scene, La Guérite Beach occupies prime real estate on the eastern end of St Jean Beach. Set between the perennial favorites Nikki Beach and GypSea, La Guérite beach club restaurant seems set to rival those two popular venues. 

This beach club arrives courtesy of the same owner behind the La Guérite restaurant in Gustavia, itself a Caribbean offshoot of a long-running eatery on the French Riviera. 

Insider Tip: La Guérite Beach is still very much in the brand-new phase. We can expect, therefore, that the menu and ambiance will undergo its own natural evolution as it becomes more established. Currently, though, it offers something of a similar vibe to the fabled midafternoon Sunday soirees at Nikki Beach, if a tad tamer (which may be a good thing, depending on your preferences).

What We Love: The food! The Mediterranean-inspired menu at La Guérite Beach gives it above-average beach-club cuisine. 

Location: Plage de St-Jean, St Jean 97133, St Barts

Phone Number: +590 690 34 50 45

Make a Reservation: via email [email protected]

Gyp Sea Beach Club St. Jean
Gyp Sea Beach Club © Isabelle Lindberghaption

Gyp Sea – St Jean

Located on the far eastern end of St Jean Beach, Gyp Sea is a boho-chic beach club with a laidback vibe. Barbecue is at the heart of the experience, almost everything on the restaurant menu here does some quality time on the grill. The daily-catch raw fish selection is also worth considering here.

Have the bartender walk you through some top-shelf rums or sip a signature cocktail in a parrot-shaped vessel.

Insider Tip: Walking along the beachfront from Eden Rock is a particularly fun way to reach Gyp Sea.

What We Love: The feet-in-sand dining, the rare rums on offer, and the beach cigar cellar. This club also has more chaise lounges available to rent after lunch than any other club.

Location: Plage du Pelican, St Jean 97133, St. Barts 

Phone Number: +590 590 77 53 01

Make a Reservation: via email [email protected]

Shellona Beach Club
Shellona Beach Club ©

Shellona – Shell Beach

Shellona is the only beach club that lies within the city limits of Gustavia.

The sand at Shell Beach is made up almost entirely of seashells, which serve as an inspiration for this top St. Barts beach club’s name, as well as the beach’s name. 

Besides the gorgeous cove views and idyllic swimming, Shellona is noteworthy for its Greek Islands-inspired vibe. That extends to the cuisine: Executive Chef Yiannis Kioroglou’s dishes seamlessly blend Mediterranean and Caribbean influences. And the regular DJ spins live music creating similar vibes to that of Mykonos and Ibiza. 

Insider Tip: Reserve beach loungers at Shellona well in advance. 

What We Love: The ease of access from Gustavia and the excellent Greek/fusion cuisine

Location: Shell Beach, Gustavia 97133, St. Barts 

Phone Number: +590 590 29 06 66

Make a Reservation: via email [email protected]

Pearl Beach Club
Pearl Beach Club ©

Pearl Beach (Formerly La Plage) – St Jean

The laidback Pearl Beach club at Pearl Beach Hotel sits in the middle of St. Jean beach, with great views of the small airplanes taking off and landing nearby. Fresh seafood dominates the menu; watching the grill in action is a blast. Grab a drink at the bar, lunch on the deck, or enjoy a sandy-floored dining area.

While Nikki Beach and NAO are known for their pulsating beats, Pearl Beach is ideal for those seeking a more relaxed vibe.

Insider Tip: Pearl Beach St Barts is one of the only restaurants on the beach that serve breakfast! What better way to start the day than to enjoy your pain au chocolate and cafe au lait with your feet in the sand, just a few feet from the lapping waves!

What We Love: The feet-in-sand covered dining 

Location: St-Jean Bay, St-Jean 97133, St. Barts 

Phone Number: +590 590 52 81 33

Make a Reservation: via email [email protected]

Le Toiny Beach Club
Le Toiny Beach Club © Hugo Allard 

Le Toiny Beach Club – Toiny Beach

The Le Toiny beach club sits all alone on the shores of Toiny Bay, with not a hotel or villa in sight. From its idyllic setting in the palm tree-shaded beach at water's edge, if you didn’t know better, you might think you were in Tahiti. Meals and drinks come enhanced by the Caribbean-chic aesthetic, with sand-between-your-toes dining. 

The menu, which regularly changes, includes French/Caribbean/fusion dishes such as tempuras, Truffle Croque-Monsieur, grilled fish and prawns, and vibrant pastas. Be sure to inquire about the Fish-of-the-Day and Butcher’s Cut daily specials.

Insider Tip: This is a great place to watch surfers in action right out in front of the beach club, while enjoying a scrumptious meal. 

What We Love: The decadent couples chaises set side by side, shaded by canvas flaps, on the quiet eastern end of the property, an ideal place to relax after a lazy lunch at Le Toiny beach club St. Barts 

Location: Anse de Toiny, Toiny 97133, St. Barts 

Phone Number: +590 590 27 88 88

Make a Reservation: via email [email protected]

Le Rivage St Barth
Le Rivage Beach Club ©

Le Rivage St Barth – Grand Cul-De-Sac Beach

Tuck into Italian delicacies with bare feet in sun-warmed sand at Le Rivage St. Barth! Set on the Grand Cul-de-Sac beachfront, this fairly new establishment is renowned for its excellent service and its high-caliber dishes. 

Those Le Rivage restaurant dishes include pizzas baked in a Josper charcoal oven, plus fabulous antipasti, seafood (including fresh-catch specials), pastas, and more. 

Insider Tip: You’re spoiled for choices when it comes to seating and scenery at Le Rivage. Arguably the most fun perch, though, is where you can watch the chef at work.

What We Love: The desserts at Le Rivage are some of the best on the island: from homemade gelato and ice cream to lemon pie. It’s also an excellent place to watch kiteboarders at play out in front.

Location: Grand Cul-de-Sac 97133, St. Barts 

Phone Number: +590 590 27 16 35

Make a Reservation: via email [email protected]

Nao Beach Club
Nao Beach Club @copy;


Another newcomer among St. Barts beach clubs, NAO BEACH is a collaboration between chefs Kawaï and Alexandre Delage. Its menu fusing Japanese and Mediterranean influences is a real winner.

Feet-in-the-sand dining here might include Katsu Milanese, Yuzukosho Lobster, Wahoo Carpaccio, Wagyu Sliders, or Black Cod Miso. Sunbeds encourage leisurely R&R, while NAO BEACH afternoons bop along to DJ tunes.

Insider Tip: The signature cocktails at NAO BEACH are standouts. Try an Osaka Sour!

What We Love:  NAO sits on the stretch of St Jean beach that gets the best-prevailing breezes, so even at midday, you’ll be naturally cooled.

Location: St-Jean Bay, St-Jean 97133

Phone Number: +590 590 77 47 48

Make a Reservation: via email [email protected]

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