St. Barts Surfing

The Caribbean island of St. Barts offers some excellent waves for both beginner and experienced surfers with the benefit of also having some of the best food, culture and beaches. 

Let’s dig into the details about surfing on the island of St. Barts

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Best Surfing Spots In St. Barts

One of the best parts about surfing in St. Barts is that the island offers a variety of spots to appeal to every level of surfer, from beginners to experienced surfers. 

Check out our favorite surfing spots:

Lorient Beach

Description: Lorient Beach, located on the northeast shore of the island, is one of the most secluded of all beaches on St. Barts. While Lorient is popular with families and surfers alike due to its central location, it is seldom crowded. 

If you feel like taking a nap away from the sun, Lorient Beach is one of the few beaches with plenty of shade. For surfers, Lorient offers the most consistent swells and is also excellent for swimming and snorkeling. 

Accessibility: You can park across the street from the beach, near the colorful Surf Club hut.

Experience Level: From beginners to pros.

Surf Shops Nearby: Surf St.Bart’s onsite Surf Shack has all of the equipment and instruction you need.

Conditions: There are two peaks at Lorient Beach, one near shore for beginners and one more challenging offshore to the left of the beach. Lorient works on north/northeast swells.

Surf Lessons: David Blanchard, a local surf instructor, offers surfing lessons via Surf St. Barths, which operates out of the Surf Shack here.

Equipment Rental: Surf St.Bart’s Surf Shack offers equipment rental.

Anse des Cayes

Description: Anse des Cayes is located just west of St. Jean Beach on the north side of St. Barts. The beach is popular with beach enthusiasts looking for all types of activities.

 For surfers, the beach offers areas for intermediate to advanced surfers. More of a surfing beach than a swimming beach, the site offers dramatic views of the island’s northern coast.

Accessibility: This beach is somewhat isolated, and parking can be a challenge. You’ll have to hike from the parking lot to the beach. Make sure to bring any food or beverages you want for the day; there’s no concession or shop at this beach.

Experience Level: more for intermediate to experienced surfers.

Surf Shops Nearby: No surf shops nearby.

Conditions: Conditions at Anse des Cayes can be more fickle than at other north coast beaches. Occasionally, you’ll see northeast swells here, but most of the time, the wind comes from the east.

Surf Lessons: No lessons are available.

Equipment Rental: No surf shops near this beach.


Description: Located just north of Anse du Grand Fond on the southwest side of the island, Toiny Beach is the second most consistent surfing location on St. Barts after Lorient. Please note that, while this is a great surfing beach, it’s not recommended for leisurely swimming because of its strong undertow.

Accessibility: There is public parking on the road that leads to the beach. The adjacent Toiny Beach Club has a restaurant and restrooms.

Experience Level: Advanced.

Surf Shops Nearby: Surf Shack at Hotel Le Toiny.

Conditions: The surfing here works on east/southeast swells, with Toiny being a breakpoint. The area has a nice left-hand wave.

Surf Lessons: Surf Shack at Hotel Le Toiny.

Equipment Rental: Not available.

Pointe Milou


Description: Located on the northeast shore of the island, just past Lorient bay, Pointe Milou offers some of the most challenging surfing on St. Barts. If you’re not at that skill level yet, it can still be fun to watch the professionals who congregate here.

Accessibility: Enjoy a seafront cocktail at the chic Christopher Hotel at Pointe Milou and take advantage of their parking. Otherwise, it can be challenging to find an on-street space.

Experience Level: Advanced.

Surf Shops Nearby: No surf shop nearby.

Conditions: Pointe Milou has an excellent right-hand point break right in front of the Christopher Hotel.

Surf Lessons: No lessons are available.

Equipment Rental: No rental available close by.

St. Jean 

Description: This is the most popular beach on the island and is home to several excellent beach clubs. Located in the heart of St. Barts, St. Jean Beach caters to everyone from families to surfers. 

While the waves aren’t as sound as you’ll find at Toiny or Lorient, the many amenities here almost make up for it.

Accessibility: This beach is easy to get to and has public parking at both ends of the mile-long beach. St. Jean has multiple eateries and one of the island’s two surf shops.

Experience Level: Beginner to intermediate.

Surf Shops Nearby: CaribWaterplay in St. Jean offers both lessons and equipment rental.

Conditions: St. Jean is a reef break with both left and right breaks. However, the waves here can be unreliable with the best surfing when the offshore winds are coming from the south-southwest.

Surf Lessons: CaribWaterplay offers all kinds of watersport lessons, including surf lessons.

Equipment Rental: CaribWaterplay offers equipment rental.

The Ideal Time To Surf In St. Barts 

The winter season, from mid-November through March, is the best time to travel to St. Barts for surfing. During this time, you can expect swells of from two to ten feet on the beaches on St. Barts’ northeast shore. Occasionally, you'll see swells of 12 feet at Lorient Beach.

Where To Rent Or Buy Surfing Equipment In St. Barts? 

If you don’t want the hassle of bringing your own board, or if you just want to try surfing for a day, St. Barts offers a couple of surf shops.

A note about surfboard rental: The small planes that come and go from St. Barts are not equipped to handle surfboards. If you plan on bringing your own, you’ll want to take a ferry from St. Maarten or have your board shipped. WIMCO can help you with these arrangements.

The majority of surfboards offered for rental on the island are designed for beginners.


Overview: In business since 1983, CaribWaterplay offers a variety of watersports services, including equipment sales and rentals, lessons and group excursions. Located right on St. Jean Beach, CaribWaterplay is very convenient.

Rental: CaribWaterplay offers surfboard rentals as well as rentals on kayaks, paddleboards and other water accessories. Your WIMCO concierge can arrange for your equipment to be delivered directly to your villa.

Purchase: CaribWaterplay offers surfboards, paddleboards, kayaks, paddles and all sorts of water toys for sale.

Address: St. Jean Beach, Phone: +33 0665 95 43 52

Hookipa Surf Shop

Overview: Located just outside of St Jean, Hookipa is a full-service surf shop with beach gear, equipment sales and rentals.

Rental: Hookipa Surf Shop offers surfboard rentals as well as rentals on kayaks, paddleboards and snorkeling equipment. WIMCO can arrange for your equipment to be delivered directly to your villa.

Purchase: Hookipa sells surfboards and other water toys and equipment.

Address: Route de Saline, St Jean, Phone: +590 590 27 71 31

Surf Lessons In St. Barts

There is a limited number of surf shops on St. Barts that offer surfing lessons. These include:


CaribWaterplay in St. Jean, offers both group and individual lessons, for beginners as well as those looking to perfect their surfing skills.

Surf Shack on Lorient Beach & at Hotel Le Toiny

Located in the Surf Shack at Lorient Beach & at Hotel Le Toiny, Surf St. Barth offers group and individual surfing lessons for beginners, advanced surfers and children (ages 4-15). 

If you want to surf somewhere else, instructors are able to accommodate private lessons at all of St. Barts’ many beaches.

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