St. Barts Webcams - Live

See life on St. Barts live right now via our selection of St Barts island webcams. 

Watch this gorgeous Caribbean island’s stunning sunsets, see the waves rolling into their beautiful beaches, check out airplanes landing in real time, and see what’s going on in Gustavia harbor.

Experience the island's beauty and lifestyle via live webcam travel any day of the week from wherever you are. 

The following is a list of the most popular webcams showcasing the harbors, beaches, villages and other unique sights of St. Barts.  You will also find some of the most popular videos about St Barts below. 

Live St. Barts Webcams

St. Barts Gustav III Airport WebCam 1 – for Live Landings

This live webcam points towards the hill where most planes come over for the fabled landing. 

The St. Barts Gustaf III Airport terminal and traffic control are on the left side and the airport apron with the runway at its center and right. The road to Gustavia can be seen at the top left.

St. Barts Gustaf III Airport Live Webcam 2 & St. Jean Beach

This webcam is located high in the hills of St. Jean, overlooking the full length of the St. Barts Gustaf III Airport runway, a runway that seemingly runs right into the turquoise waters of St. Jean Bay. 

This wide landscaped view includes St. Jean Beach in the background and the soccer stadium in the foreground.

Gustavia Port Up-close, St. Barts Live Webcam 1

This webcam is located near Le Select Bar, pointing at the southeastern end of the Port of Gustavia, one of the world's most popular and beautiful natural harbors. 

Here, you can view sailboats and yachts at anchor and as they maneuver in and out of the harbor, with a backdrop of mountains and red-roofed buildings. Lights from popular restaurants like Bagatelle and Baz Baz can sometimes be seen in the distance at night.

Gustavia Port Up-close, St. Barts Live Webcam 2

This second Port of Gustavia webcam is also located near Le Select Bar and looks out towards the Collectivite building (St. Bart’s local government offices) and the harbor. 

This is the ideal webcam to tune in to watch the fireworks show on New Year's Eve.

St. Jean Bay, St. Barts Live Webcam

This webcam is located high in the hills of St. Jean and looks directly down on Eden Rock Hotel. 

You can see St. Jean Bay in the background and a section of St. Jean Beach, where GypSea Beach Club is located. In the distance, you can see the western end of Pointe Milou. 

St. Barts Live Webcam – Flamands Beach

This webcam is situated high in the hills of Colombier, looking down at the full length of Flamands Beach

In the distance, you can see the uninhabited islands of  Ile Chevreau, Ile Fregate, and Ile Toc Vers. A mixture of residential and resort buildings can be seen in the foreground.

Corossol Beach and Gustavia Port in the Distance Webcam

This webcam is located in the hills of Colombier, looking into Gustavia harbor. The quiet village of Corrossol is in the foreground, and just offshore from its waterfront you’ll often find the celebrated mega yachts that show up during peak season. 

Other Noteworthy Videos Of St. Barts

Gustavia Harbor Time Lapse

One of our own WIMCO Villas videos, this time-lapse showcases a day at Port of Gustavia condensed down to 36 seconds. You see great sailboats navigating about smaller motorboats that zip in and out of the harbor with puffy white clouds shifting above. 

St. Barts Aerial Recording

This 4:46 drone video compilation showcases landscapes of St. Barts as well as closer and more personal views of the island's attractions taken by a 2017 vacationer. 

Guide to St. Barts 2022

This 12:35 video is a mash-up guide of a few of the best attractions St. Barthelemy has to offer, made and narrated by YouTuber TheCrewChef, a professional luxury yacht chef. 

St. Jean Beach, Eden Rock Hotel, Nikki Beach

This 6:18 video is not-narrated. Instead, the camera explores five St. Barts locations as a person might explore.

St. Barth's Beaches - 6 Hours

This extended video features long 4K video clips of some of St. Bart's most beautiful beaches taken by drone. 

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