St. Barts Fishing - The Complete Guide

So you are planning your trip to St. Barts and want to find out the best spots for fishing, what types of fish you can catch and who can get you out on the water..  

From shore fishing and surfcasting to deep sea fishing and big game fishing, St. Barts's sparkling azure waters are a treasure trove to explore.

You’ll have many exhilarating fishing excursions from which to choose. However, it’s also important to be aware of the rules and regulations surrounding the island’s Marine Reserve, which was created in 1996 to safeguard the local marine habitat.

Here’s a closer look at everything you need to know to enjoy the unforgettable experience of fishing in St. Barts.

Fishing From Shore: Best Places To Fish In St. Barts 

Looking to fish from shore on your St. Barts getaway? In addition to the Marine Reserve, Flamands and Corossol are two outstanding fishing villages that offer excellent shore fishing. 

One important note regarding St. Barts fishing from shore. Reef fish in the Caribbean often carry ciguatera, a type of fish poisoning. For your safety, release anything you catch from shore.


Known for its expansive beach and secluded location, Flamands — which borders the Marine Reserve — is a great spot for shore fishing. You’re likely to see local fishermen casting their nets here as well. And they are an amazing resource for fishing tips.

Less regulated than the Marine Reserve, Flamands boasts the added benefit of being one of St. Barts beaches with shade.


Corossol is an authentic fishing village. It’s also the island’s last remaining vestige of the traditional craft of palm frond weaving — hence its nickname, “the straw village.” Corossol’s calm bay plays host to small fishing boats known as “dories,” which you will only find on this part of the island. There is good fishing for smallish fish off the main pier on the beach.

While St. Barts fishing in Corossol is more casual than fishing in the Marine Reserve, there are still definite no-nos, including fishing for conch and lobster.

Nature Reserve of Saint Barthélemy

The Marine Reserve, or “Reserve Naturelle,” is the preferred destination for fishing on St. Barts. Comprising five protected “sanctuary zones,” the Marine Reserve permits fishing and other water activities. 

In addition to many species of fish, the Marine Reserve is also home to whales, dolphins, and other large marine animals. If you’re lucky, you might catch a glimpse of these awe-inspiring creatures on your outing.

You’ll need a license to fish in the Marine Reserve, and certain areas and activities — including spearfishing and fishing for conch and lobster — are prohibited at certain times of the year. You can find the regulations here , detailing helpful information, such as the species of fish you might encounter (and catch!) while fishing.

Deep Sea Fishing: St. Barts Fishing Charters And Fishing Guides


While surfcasting and shore fishing are relaxing ways to pass the time while soaking in the St. Barts charm; the island has also earned a reputation as one of the Caribbean’s premier places for deep sea fishing. 

Adventure (and larger sport-fish!) awaits when you charter a fishing boat and venture out past the reefs. And while your catch may well be released, you’ll hold onto the memories forever.

Here are the fishing charters and fishing guides in St Barts:

Patrick LaPlace

The son of a local fisherman and a 7th generation resident of St. Barts, Patrick LaPlace offers unique knowledge and expertise of St. Barts fishing, including off-shore deep sea fishing trips as well as excursions to neighboring islands. Worried about returning home empty-handed? LaPlace’s excursions lay claim to a 95 percent success rate.

Phone: : +590 590 27 61 76

Cell: +590 690 59 15 87

Inshore Half Day: (7am-1pm) 400€

Offshore Half Day: (7am-1pm) 550€

Offshore Full Day: (7am-4pm) 750€

(Prices are subject to change)

Jerome Lefort

Lefort specialized in personal fishing charters, including fly fishing for tarpon and snook and deep-sea marlin fishing trips on a Fountain 48 Express.

Phone: +590 590 27 62 65

Jicky Marine

Enjoy a day of deep sea fishing with your own captain. Includes all fishing gear, gasoline, and an open bar.

Phone: +590 590 27 70 34

Half day: (9am-1pm or 1:30pm to 5:30pm) 2200€

Full day:  (9:30am-5pm) 3400€

(Prices are subject to change)

OceanMust Boat Rental Center

Operating out of Gustavia, Ocean Must offers sailing trips, diving, day cruises to neighboring islands, and deep sea fishing excursions.

Phone: +590 590 27 62 25

Bosco Fishing


The Bosco Fishing team will work with you to organize the best deep-sea fishing excursion for your needs and goals. In addition to including an experienced crew and all fishing equipment, you can request a catered lunch or dinner or bring your own.

Phone: +590 690 56 04 26

Half-day: 8:30am-12:30pm or 1pm-5pm 1,100€

Full-day: 8:30am-5pm 1,850€

(Prices are subject to change)

Top 7 Fish You Can Catch In St. Barts

The waters of the Caribbean are known for their remarkable biodiversity. While smaller fish tend to seek shelter and sustenance around the coral reefs, big game fish are found in abundance further offshore. Here’s a look at some of the most noteworthy ocean offerings offered by St. Barts fishing.

Mahi-mahi (Dolphin Fish)

One of the signature dishes of St. Barts, this firm and flakey fish is considered a sustainable seafood choice. Nicknamed “Spanish gold” because of the gold-green shimmer of its scales. Mahi mahi means “strong” in Hawaiian due to its reputation for vigorous swimming, making it a favorite trophy fish. Use lures, rigged ballyhoo or flying fish to catch mahi-mahi


A close relative of the king mackerel, wahoo fish more than earn their name, “ono,” in Hawaiian because they are, indeed, “good to eat.” This lean, mild, and delicate fish is suitable for a variety of preparations, including baking, broiling, grilling, sauteing, and blackening. Use lures or ballyhoo to catch Wahoo. 

Yellowfin tuna

Also known as ahi tuna, the yellowfin tuna is one of the fastest and strongest predators in the open ocean. They get their name from the vibrant yellow hue of their fins. It has a mild, meaty flavor that is sometimes compared to swordfish. Use lures, feathers or ballyhoo to catch Yellowfin tuna. 


Known for its full flavor, meaty texture, and large flakes, this ferocious looking fish is excellent for grilling and searing. Because of its powerful flavor, it pairs well with strong marinades and sauces. If you’re looking for a challenge, you’ll find it trying to land a barracuda, as they’re notoriously difficult to catch. Use tube lure, or silvery bait fish to catch Barracuda. 


Known for putting on a show as they leap in and out of the water, this fun and feisty fish can reach more than 1,000 pounds. They’re also extremely elusive, which is why they’re on the “most wanted” list of many anglers. If you’re one of them, plan your trip to St.Barts between the premier marlin fishing months of May through September. Use lure, ballyhoo or bellystrips to catch Marlin,


Considered one of the world’s premier game fish due to their stamina, strength, and fighting ability. This excessively bony and pungent fish is usually caught and released due to its limited food value. Use white jigs or live bait fish to catch Tarpon.


Because of its aggressive fighting abilities, snook tops the list of sought-after game fish. In addition to being exciting to catch, snook is also excellent to eat, thanks to its firm, white, and tasty flesh. Just be sure to remove the skin before cooking and eating, or you’ll learn why some people call snook the “soap fish.” Use live shrimp, small live fish, bait fish imitation lures or jigs to catch Snook.

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Tips & FAQ About Fishing In St. Barts

Read on for a roundup of a few of the most commonly asked questions about fishing in St. Barts.

Tips & FAQ About Fishing In St. Barts

If you plan to fish in the Nature Reserve, information about applying for a fishing license can be found on its website . You do not need a fishing license to fish in Flamands or Corossol or for deep-sea fishing if you are with a professional who has a fishing license.

From shore fishing and surfcasting to deep sea fishing and fly-fishing, many fishing techniques are utilized in St. Barts. Your preferred technique depends on your unique wants and goals. For example, if you’re looking for a guided trip or have always dreamed of reeling in “the one that got away,” then chartering a deep sea fishing excursion may be a highlight of your St. Barts vacation.

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