Where to Stay in St. Barts – Information & Insider Tips

Where to Stay in St. Barts – Information & Insider Tips

If you are reading this, then a getaway to St. Barts, the “Jewel of the Caribbean,” must be high on your bucket list! Now the question is, “where to stay” on this small, scenic, culture-rich isle in the French West Indies? 

Prime St. Barts accommodations are scattered across all of the island’s distinct quartiers (neighborhoods or districts). From hotels to villas, these include splendid hillside perches, villas nestled in quaint villages, and beach front retreats. 

Here at WIMCO Villas, we offer reservations in a variety of St. Barts resorts, hotels, and luxury vacation rentals (villas). Each kind of accommodation — and each specific property — comes with its own special advantages and attractions. 

In this guide, we’ll highlight the best places to stay in St Barts, and break down the types of accommodations. We’ll also profile the most popular parts of the island to call a home away from home. Finally, we’ll give you recommendations for particular hotels and villas based on the kind of experience you’re after.

Most Popular Villages & Neighborhoods in St. Barts

There’s no “wrong” place to stay in St. Barts. All of it is lovely, and given that the entire island is only 8 miles long and 1 mile wide (at most!), wherever you stay you’ll be a quick drive away from the popular beaches, restaurants and villages. 

The following, though, are perhaps the most in-demand villages and districts to stay in. Note that we also highlight top hotel and villa choices across these geographies.


Overview: The picturesque harbor town of Gustavia is often a natural choice for a vacation base. This lively — and very walkable — village wraps around a harbor on the southwestern coast. It isn’t a deepwater port, so you’ll see private luxury yachts instead of big cruise ships. 


Best For: Shopping, dining, window shopping and architectural sightseeing, daytripping by yacht or boat — and just generally being in the center of it all.

Top Hotels: Hotel Barriere Carl Gustaf

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St. Jean

Overview: The beautiful and lively village of St. Jean is best known for its beachfront, the most popular on the island. This north-shore village also includes some of the best places to stay in St. Barts and some of the best places to eat and drink. From here you can rent not only beach chairs, but also wind surfers. The beach bars of St. Jean Beach are also known as the best sites for viewing the takeoffs and landings from the nearby Gustaf III Airport.

Best For: Beachgoing, watersports, plane-watching, wining and dining.

Top Hotels: Eden Rock Hotel, Le Village St Jean Hotel, The Tropical Hotel

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Overview: The quartier of Flamands lies along St. Barts’ northwestern coast. Its long crescent beach is a prime attraction, among the best sand-and-surf spots on the island. The scenery is lovely, with headlands and offshore isles. And Flamands delivers top-notch beachfront accommodations — including a pair of highly regarded hotels — and fine dining. The footpath to the ultra private Colombier beach lies at the far western end of the quartier.


Best For: Beachfront dining, body-surfing/boogie-boarding.

Top Hotels: Cheval Blanc St Barth Isle de France, Hotel Baie des Anges

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Overview: Colombier’s bold ridge occupies the far northwest of St. Barts. Scattered along both sides of its ridgeline you’ll upscale villas overlooking the gorgeous bay of Anse de Colombier on one side, and Gustavia harbor on the other. The bay’s protected beachfront — once home to the billionaire David Rockefeller — is an unspoiled treasure, hike-in or boat-in only. 


Best For: Serenity, views.

Top Hotels: Gyp Sea, Saint Barth (Previously: Hôtel Villa Marie Saint-Barth), Hotel P’Tit Morne

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Overview: This laidback fishing village lies a hop, skip, and a jump northwest of Gustavia. A timeless feel pervades the neighborhood. Most residents here are locals, and traditional dories dot the hill-fronted bay. Villas here enjoy views of Gustavia’s outer harbor and the many yachts that are moored there. The quiet narrow beach and fishing pier add to the charm. 


Best For: Experiencing a more traditional St. Barts vibe and enjoying uncrowded sands.

Top Hotels: No hotels at Corossol proper, though Gustavia, St-Jean, and Anse des Cayes hotels are not far away.

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Overview: Lorient lies on St. Barts’ north shore, overlooking the Anse du Lorient bay. The western side of the bay is excellent for surfing. And the calm waters and coral reefs on the east side draw swimmers and snorkelers. Across the street from the beach is a small village with two grocery stores, two restaurants and a patisserie.

Besides beachgoing, you can appreciate the intriguing history of the place. Lorient is one of the island’s oldest villages. The ruins of the legendary nightclub/hotel AuTour du Rocher occupy a local hilltop. And the church graveyard across the beach inters French rock-and-roll icon Johnny Hallyday.


Best For: Surfing, history, and sightseeing

Top Hotels: Lorient doesn’t include any hotels, but St. Jean’s hotels are only about a mile away.

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Overview: Sitting high above the sea, at the literal top of St Barts, lies the neighborhood of Lurin. This peaceful highlands area is home to dozens of spectacular villas. While not obvious to many first-time visitors, experienced travelers appreciate how convenient it is to stay in Lurin. 

You can easily drive down into Gustavia or St Jean from this mountaintop area, or over to Gouverneur and Saline beaches. The unofficial center of Lurin is Sante Fe restaurant, a favored perch for breezy lunches and watching the sunset over cocktails. 

Best For: Enjoying views of nearby islands like Nevis and Saba

Top Hotels: There are no hotels in Lurin

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Pointe Milou

Overview: The quartier of Pointe Milou is a peninsula that juts out into the ocean from the northeast coast of St. Barts. From either side of the ridge that runs down the peninsula's center, you’ll get spectacular views of the ocean and the nearby islands of St Martin and Anguilla. 

Pointe Milou is often rated the best place to watch the sunset, whether that’s from the terrace of your villa or the outdoor bar areas of the Christopher hotel. It also has the legendary restaurant/night club Le Ti St Barth.

Pointe Milou

View from Villa CAA Cap Azur in Pointe Milou

Best For: Scenery, serenity.

Top Hotels: Hotel Christopher

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Anse des Cayes

Overview: This residential quartier lies on the northwestern coast of St. Barts quartier between Flamands and St Jean.

Villas dot the hillsides, and all roads lead down to a narrow beach with a fine surfing area on the eastern end. Even if you’re not a board rider, it’s a blast to watch the rollers coming in and the surfers doing their thing against a postcard-perfect backdrop. 

The hotel Manapany offers an ideal perch to watch the waves over a cocktail or two.

Anse des Cayes

Best For: Surfing, sea-watching, tranquility.

Top Hotels: Hotel Manapany

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Should I Stay in a Hotel, Resort, or a Villa?

The island’s resort hotels, inns and villas all offer excellent accommodation options. You won’t find any major chain hotels or mega resorts on St Barts. Most hotels have less than 40 rooms and offer a five-star experience. 

Private villas have private pools and spacious terraces, offering a tremendous amount of space and privacy.

Let’s explore some of the finer nuances between them.

Pros & Cons of Hotels vs. Resorts vs. Villas on St. Barts

Hotels provide the convenience of room service, on-site restaurants, and other at-hand services. 

Resorts may include a wider array of on-site attractions, plus perks such as watersports equipment and curated experiences. 

You’ll often have ready access to restaurants and bars. Many of these properties include their own beachfront, too.

Villas essentially function as your own luxury home on the island. They give you the most privacy and the benefits of a well-appointed kitchen and housekeeping. Some include additional staff, such as a private chef or a butler.

A villa may or may not set you within walking distance of dining and beachgoing. Because St. Barts is small and easy to get around, that’s not much of a dealbreaker. Furthermore, many WIMCO villas do provide direct beach access and eateries just a stroll away. 

All-Inclusive Resorts on St. Barts?

It’s important to note that there are no all inclusive resorts in St. Barts. You may see that term advertised, but there’s a distinction to be made here. All island resorts provide various complimentary services, for sure, but none provide all-inclusive food and beverage packages. 

Therefore, you technically won’t find an all-inclusive resort on St. Barts. That’s not a drawback, though. Many vacationers choose all-inclusive resorts for convenient access to a variety of on-the-ground dining options. St. Barts is compact enough — and famously well-supplied with excellent restaurants and bars — that an all-inclusive resort package isn’t really necessary. Visitors here find it easy and rewarding to dine out. 

Prime St. Barts Accommodations With WIMCO Villas

The good news is that all of the St. Barts villas, hotels, and resorts you’ll find in the WIMCO collection are across-the-board winners. Our St. Barts specialists hand-pick every property available through WIMCO. This ensures not only the most refined quality control but also guarantees we’ll be able to assist you every step of the way with firsthand knowledge. 

Villa Olive, St Barth

Villa Olive, St Barth

Throw in the comprehensive concierge services we provide — from arranging transportation to pre-stocking your villa with provisions — and you’re set to enjoy an absolutely premium getaway on this upscale island.

Top Places to Stay for the Perfect Family Vacation

Packing a great deal within a small footprint, St. Barts is an ideal destination for a Caribbean family vacation getaway. 

There’s something for all ages, and plenty of onshore and island activities to occupy grownups and kids alike. Here are some of the best places to stay in St. Barts for family vacationers.

Family-Friendly Villas

Family-Friendly Villas

Villa La Plage, Lorient beach, St Barthelemy

Considering where to stay in St. Barts with the whole family crew? Consider these outstanding, kid-friendly villas, which include spacious quarters, crowd-pleasing amenities, and superb locations.

Best Places to Stay for Couples

Scintillating sunsets, side-by-side strolls on white sands, charming French-Caribbean dining — romance comes easy on St. Barts. Upscale accommodations with an emphasis on privacy appeal to many couples. Below, explore some of the St. Barts resorts, hotels, and villas ideal for lovebirds.

Most Romantic Villas for Couples

The one- and two-bedroom St. Barts villas make note-perfect romantic hideaways. At WIMCO, we can enhance your honeymoon or any other romantic escape with services such as in-villa massages or meals prepared by a private chef.

Kid-Friendly Hotels & Resorts

Rosewood Le Guanahani: This Anse de Grand Cul-de-Sac resort includes suites with private pools. There are several excellent restaurants, and a beach area with drinks service. The whole gang will love the Windsurfing Center, and the well-maintained tennis courts. Jet-skiing opportunities are ample, too. And Le Guanahani’s Clarins Spa is justly celebrated.

Le Sereno: Le Sereno also provides top-notch surfside lodgings for families along Anse de Grand Cul-de-Sac. Choose between decked-out suites and four-bedroom villas. Besides the beach access, children will love the pool, while adults might opt for terrific spa treatments.

Le Barthélemy: This Grand Cul-de-Sac beach hotel provides beachfront hospitality ideal for family groups. You’ll have access to everything from beach gear and snorkeling equipment to glass-bottom kayaks and stand-up paddleboards. The hotel also runs kids' activities, especially catering to the younger crowd.

Romantic Hotels & Resorts

Hotels & Resorts

Cheval Blanc, St Barth © https://www.chevalblanc.com

Gyp Sea, Saint Barth (Previously: Hôtel Villa Marie Saint-Barth): Tucked into hills overlooking Flamands Beach, Gyp Sea, Saint Barth (Previously: Hôtel Villa Marie Saint-Barth) seduces with its tropical gardens. A lavish pool nestles amid the lushness. Bliss out in the Pure Altitude Spa and clink glasses over a romantic meal at Francois Plantation.

Cheval Blanc St-Barth Isle de France: A Baie des Flamands perch sets the stage for romance at Cheval Blanc St-Barth Isle de France. Here, elegant French stylings blend harmoniously with West Indian breeziness. Enjoy your own private plunge pool in a Beach Suite, and indulge in an on-site date-night dinner overlooking the sea.

Hotel Christopher: Your sweethearts’ accommodations at this Pointe Milou hotel will serve up either garden or ocean views. Slip into the freshwater infinity pool, wander gardened grounds, and relax in the poolside Mango Bar.

Crème de la Crème of Accommodations 

If you desire the absolute best of accommodations in Saint Barthélemy, we’ve got just the ticket. The following St. Barts luxury hotels and Special Reserve Collection villas are the cream of the crop among “Jewel of the Caribbean” accommodations.

Most Exclusive Luxury Villas

Elite villa living on St. Barts awaits you in WIMCO’s Special Reserve Collection. From gourmet dishes prepared by your own personal chef to straight-out-of-paradise private pools and terraces, these properties impress on every level. 

Hotels & Resorts

Hotels & Resorts

©https://www.oetkercollection.com Eden Rock, Villa Celadon 

Cheval Blanc St-Barth Isle de France: This lauded St. Barts hotel provides luxury oceanfront accommodations along Flamands Bay and Beach. You’ll have La Case and La Cabane for exceptional on-site dining, plus the lovely libations of the White Bar

Hôtel Le Toiny: Indulge in slopeside Côte Sauvage luxury at Hôtel Le Toiny, overlooking Anse de Toiny. Lush vegetation enfolds each hotel bungalow, with its own gated entry access.

Eden Rock – St. Barths: Its oceanfront promontory perch gives Eden Rock one of the most dazzling locations of any island hotel. Among its highlights is top-class dining at The Sand Bar, overseen by Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten. Butler service ensures your every need is well attended to.

Ready to Get Started With Your Vacation in St. Barts?

Whether at an upscale hotel or a dreamily laid-out private villa, it’s high time you escaped to St. Barts! 

With WIMCO taking care of all the details from start to finish — and ensuring you’ll experience exactly the kind of vacation you desire — you can’t go wrong. 

Get in touch with the WIMCO team of St. Barts experts today!

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