St. Barts Nightlife: Top 6+1 Places to Go

St. Barts Nightlife: Top 6+1 Places to Go

After a day of shopping, beachgoing, and sightseeing, more than a few visitors to Saint Barthélemy start getting itchy feet. They’re ready to hit up the dance floor and get the party started!

Numerous clubs, restaurants, and lounges answer to that need in St. Barts. These are places to grab a fancy meal, clink glasses, and engage in some good old-fashioned people-watching at the island’s hottest after-hours hangouts.

In this guide, we’ll spotlight five of the best spots for St. Barts's nightlife. You can also learn about the menus, drinks, music, and overall ambience at these establishments, plus get all the contact info you need. You’ll also learn how WIMCO Concierge Services can help secure you the perfect night on the town!




Restaurant by day, Party Central by night.

Fancy French-Mediterranean restaurant by day, party central by night. That about sums up the Bagatelle St. Barth experience, nodding some to the original NYC location but here possessing its own special Caribbean energy.

What We Love: The combo of fine restaurant and thumping nightclub: a dual personality that Bagatelle pulls off in style. DJ sets, live musicians, fashion shows, waitstaff showmanship, sparklers, and more help set the tone for Bagatelle’s nighttime ambience.

WIMCO’s Insider Tip: Those looking for a quieter meal in the evening should request a table outside on the terrace. But if you want to be in the throbbing thick of the party — and that’s why you’re reading this, right? — sit inside! The nightclub side of Bagatelle St. Barts tends to get going by mid to late evening.

Location: 24 Rue Samuel Fahlberg, Gustavia, 97113, Saint Barthélemy

Phone Number: +590 590 27 51 51

Contact Info:

Le Ti

Le Ti


Experience cabaret extravagance and dance in style.

Le Ti St-Barth is an island institution, opened by Carole Grusan in 1995 and famed for its nightly cabaret shows, resident DJs, and dancing-on-tables raucousness. More than a few folks would say you haven’t really “done” St. Barts until you’ve hit up Le Ti.

What We Love: The semi-ridiculousness of the cabaret/burlesque spectacle. Also, the fact that there’s a chance you’ll be swept back into the “Fancy Dress Room,” suitably outfitted for Carnival-type partying, and plunked onto the dancefloor in all your finery.

WIMCO’s Insider Tip: The glittery dresses, feather boas, wacky costumes, and tabletop dancing provide the entertainment. But the Le Ti food is better than your average nightclub. 

That’s courtesy of Chef Pascal Giglio, who’s helmed the kitchen since this “Caribbean Tavern” opened, and the charcoal grill put to good use for many dishes. The signature menu item at Le Ti, by the way, is the prime rib. 

Every night’s a party at Le Ti, but regular themed soirees — such as the full-moon festivities — are worth seeking out.

Location: Pointe Milou, 97133, Saint Barthélemy

Phone Number: +590 590 27 97 71

Contact Info:

La Petite Plage

La Petite Plage


Dine with your feet in the sand and groove to live music.

Like Bagatelle, La Petite Plage morphs from an upscale restaurant by day into a DJ-driven dance party by night. This establishment sits right on Gustavia’s harborfront.

What We Love: The sand floor inside and the feet-in-sand dining thereby on offer here. It’s fun to come here for dinner — Chef Eric Frechon’s menu includes seafood, foie gras, caviar, and the like — and cocktails, watching the party vibe gradually crank up as the evening progresses. Besides talented DJs, La Petite Plage also features live singers and other musicians on a regular basis.

While not quite so crazy as Le Ti or Nikki Beach, La Petite Plage can definitely see people dancing on tables close to the 2 AM closing time…

WIMCO’s Insider Tip: The bartenders at La Petite Plage include some top-tier mixologists, so consider a cocktail. And keep an eye peeled for famous faces here…

Location: Rue du Bord de Mer, Gustavia, 97133, Saint Barthélemy

Phone Number: +590 590 77 73 59

Contact Info:




A newcomer with a big bang.

Experience the radiant heartbeat of Saint Barth's nightlife at Sella, the newest sensation in the island's gourmet landscape. As the sun dips below the horizon, a resident DJ skillfully orchestrates the musical vibes, infusing energy into the air. 

Chef Assaf Granit takes the helm in the Sella kitchen, guiding your taste buds through a captivating journey of Israeli and Mediterranean-inspired cuisine.

Sella promises a night of pure indulgence, where every aspect harmonizes a remarkable blend of flavors, music, and atmosphere.

What We Love: As the sun dips below the horizon, Sella transforms into a vibrant nightlife hotspot. Watch the energy rise with each passing hour as the night unfolds. Talented DJs set the mood, ensuring an electrifying atmosphere.

It's the perfect place to enjoy the sunset, let loose and dance well into the night under the starlit sky.

WIMCO’s Insider Tip: Sella is only open for dinner, and it's a popular spot, so be sure to make a reservation in advance. Note: Just like many other establishments, Sella usually closes for a month or so, around September to mid-October. 

Location: plage de public Saint Barthélemy, 9713, Saint Barthélemy

Phone Number: +590 690 56 15 22

Contact Info:

La Guerite

La Guerite


Savor Mediterranean cuisine while enjoying live DJs.

La Guerite serves up Mediterranean cuisine and an elegant atmosphere on the Gustavia harbor. Live DJs and exuberant service amp up the party vibe later in the evening, especially on Wednesday nights.

What We Love: The somewhat more laidback, stylish vibe here as compared to some of the “clubbier” establishments. And Executive Chef Yiannis Kioroglou’s menu has some real winners, not least that gnocchi in tomato sauce…

WIMCO’s Insider Tip: Combine a meal (and dancing!) at La Guerite with a mosey along the Gustavia waterfront.

Location: La Pointe, Gustavia, 97133, Saint Barthélemy

Phone Number: +590 590 27 71 83

Contact Info:




Unwind in a chic lounge setting and dance the night away.

Modjo provides a welcome dose of St. Barts nightlife for St. Jean’s generally less-happening after-hours scene. The establishment has the vibe of a laidback lounge much of the day but gets bumping in the wee hours, especially on weekends.

What We Love: The unique decor and mood here, a nice blend of casual/comfy and chic. The sofas are great for kicking back on, and there’s cool pop art gracing the walls.

WIMCO’s Insider Tip: If you really want to get down and party, don’t come to Modjo too early. Things usually start picking up here at around midnight. Prominent DJs handle the weekend soundtrack.

Modjo enforces a loose dress code: Leave the shorts and flip-flops at home.

Location: Centre Vaval, St Jean, 97133, Saint Barthélemy

Phone Number: +590 590 29 75 69

Contact Info:

The +1 spot – The daytime party destination:

Here is the +1 spot: Although Nikki Beach is not a night spot, as it closes at sunset, we simply can't overlook it when it comes to exceptional entertainment options!

Nikki Beach

Nikki Beach

© Nikki Beach

Party in the sun and spot celebrities by the beach.

The party vibe gets underway early at Nikki Beach, one of the best-known St. Barts bars and beach clubs. Indeed, this is more of an afternoon than a nighttime hangout, serving up fun-in-the-sun revelry to a jetsetter-type clientele.

What We Love: The see-and-be-seen atmosphere. And when we say “see,” we’re including the regular sightings of big-time celebrities (from Béyonce on down the pecking order).

The branded white umbrellas of Nikki Beach are their own iconic sight, too. 

WIMCO’s Insider Tip: The party at Nikki Beach reaches a weekly zenith for “Amazing Sundays,” underway from noon to 7 PM. You’ll want to reserve a Sunday table early and, if possible, aim for a midafternoon seating for the liveliest scene.

Location: W537+2WQ, Gustavia, 97133, Saint Barthélemy

Phone Number: +590 590 27 64 64

Contact Info:

Questions You Might Have About Nightlife in St Barts

Consider the following a St. Barts FAQ, nightlife edition!

What is the Nightlife Like in St. Barts?

St. Barts has plenty of nightlife, as the above profiles of top club destinations suggest. But given the island’s small size and less-thronged status, nightclubs here typically don’t suffer the long lines (or snobbier vibe) you’ll find in higher-profile Caribbean party destinations.

What is the Dress Code or Nightlife in St. Barts?

St. Barts clubs overall don’t impose a terribly stringent dress code. Many “nightclubs” double as higher-end restaurants, so garb up accordingly for a visit, say, to La Petite Plage. Many of these clubs have a certain dress-to-impress element, but that’s true on just about any nightlife circuit. 

As we’ve mentioned, you might find yourself gussied up in a costume or cabaret getup at playful Le Ti. And Modjo frowns on the shorts/sandals look.

What Kind of Cuisine and Drinks Are Available in St. Barts at Clubs?

You’ll find extensive menus at most of the locations we’ve profiled here, including “surf-and-turf”-style cuisine of generally pretty decent quality. And you’ve got galaxies’ worth of drinks at these clubs: not least fancy cocktails and plenty of bubbly. 

Let WIMCO Handle All Your Nightlife Venue Reservations in St. Barts

Guests booking St. Barts accommodations through WIMCO enjoy our personalized across-the-board concierge services. And as part of these services, we can reserve your table at top St. Barts clubs. 

No need to deal with that hassle with WIMCO’s team on your side: You can just concentrate on practicing some dance moves ahead of time.

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