Marigot Beach, St. Barts

A lush palm grove shading a virtually private strip of sand translates to tropical bliss at Marigot Beach on St. Barts. This locals’ beachfront is often very quiet, especially during the week. Its calm, protected waters are fantastic for snorkeling.

Location: Marigot Beach lies on the northeastern shore of St. Barts. It forms a U-shaped rim of sand at the base of narrow, longish Marigot Bay (Anse de Marigot). To the east, across an intervening headland, Anse de Grand Cul-de-Sac offers its own prized beachfront.

Why it's unique: Marigot Beach is a bit under the radar when it comes to St. Barts’ primary tourist circuit, as it has no restaurants or beach bars on it. As a result, it’s rarely crowded and more frequented by locals than vacationers. 

The bay's tranquil waters also fall within a protected marine reserve, so motorcrafts are prohibited from entering or mooring there. 

Its northeasterly aspect sets you up for top-shelf West Indian sunrises. And the thick beachfront grove of coconut palms provides the perfect tropical backdrop. 

Marigot Beach

Best for... Snorkeling, sunrises, and beachgoing with elbow room.

Accessibility: Marigot Beach St. Barts is accessed by the coastal road that runs from St Jean to Toiny. There is a small parking area directly off the road for beachgoers.

Amenities: There aren’t any restaurants, shops, or facilities directly on Marigot Beach. 

Restaurants Nearby: Track down Japanese fare within walking distance ( or a zippy drive) in Lorient at Yosushimania. Several other recommended eateries are close to Marigot Beach by car. In nearby Pointe Milou the “Caribbean tavern” of Le Ti, is home to nightly dinner cabarets. Over at nearby Grand Cul de Sac Beach, you’ll find sophisticated yet casual eateries at Le Rivage and  Amis St. Barth.

Activities: The calm waters of Anse de Marigot invite swimming and snorkeling along the beach.

Marigot Beach St Barts

Know Before You Go: The beach’s orientation and fringing palms make for more shade than your typical St. Barts seashore. The sands here come interspersed with a decent amount of rocks.

WIMCO Insider Tip: The clear sanctuary waters off Marigot Beach rank among the best places on St. Barts for spying on sea turtles.

Villas Near Marigot Beach

Four WIMCO villas offer direct access to Marigot Beach. Eden House (WV GRO), Javacanou (WV JAV) and Captiva (WV CPA). Several others are within easy walking distance, including the two-bedroom Villa Case et Cuisine  (WV CEC), A bevy of other outstanding private villas lie close to Marigot Beach. 

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