VIP Arrival and Departure Services

Our VIP services simplify and facilitate all your arrival and departure formalities to and from St Barts.  So spend more of your precious vacation time enjoying yourself rather than dealing with the drudgery of airport procedures including transfers, baggage claim and check-ins.

Arrival Services

  • You will be greeted in St. Martin at the Transfer Information Desk before Immigration. Our agents wear suits and ties.
  • Please note: Airport regulations do not allow signs at the Transfer Information Desk
  • Our agents will give you connecting boarding passes
  • Our agents will escort you to the departure gate through the Security Screening Point
  • Your bags will be collected and transferred to your connecting flight
  • We will contact the WimcoSBH staff representative to advise them of your arrival time.
  • If your luggage is not on the flight your bags will be delivered to your villa or hotel

Departure Services

  • We reconfirm your flights
  • We collect bags, tickets and passports at your villa or hotel (several hours before your departure time)
  • We do all check-in procedures at St. Barths Airport for you
  • You arrive at your designate services counter at the Airport 40 minutes prior to departure.
  • We give you your boarding passes, passports and baggage claim checks and direct you to the boarding area.
  • You are greeted in St. Martin at the Transfer Information Desk (as in Arrival Services).
  • We assist you in clearing Immigration through the "Priority Line".
  • All baggage is handled by staff
  • We escort to Security Check Point, giving you access to the Boarding Area.

This is a wonderful service that we highly recommend. Clients who have already used VIP arrival and departure services absolutely rave about the level of service provided.

Be sure to speak to your reservations agent about making arrangements with us for your next vacation to St. Barts.

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