Corossol Beach, St. Barts

Tap into the traditional rhythms and timeless beauty of St. Barts at Corossol Beach. Its under-the-radar sands lie at the base of a little fishing hamlet. Handsome colonial-era buildings, traditional fishing boats, and a locals’ vibe set this pint-sized beachfront apart.

Location: Corossol Beach lies northwest of St. Barts, only about a mile north of the capital Gustavia. Its harbor is surrounded by towering hills and serves up views of the yachts and ships outside of Gustavia harbor and of the ocean beyond.

Why it's unique: Corossol Beach St. Barts offers a taste of this coveted French West Indies isle’s old-school seduction. Traditional fishing dories dot the little harbor’s waters; the village of Corossol is picture-perfect. The whole package almost has the ambience of a Greek island. 

Best for... A glimpse into traditional St. Barts culture and soaking up the laidback atmosphere and eye-candy scenery.

Accessibility: Park along the Corossol sea wall to access this narrow but beautiful beach.

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Amenities: There aren’t much in the way of amenities along Corossol Beach, though (as we’ll get to) dining can be easily had in the vicinity.

Restaurants Nearby: Le Régal tempts near at hand with its Creole-French cookery. Meanwhile, a short drive brings you to other top-notch dining options, including Les BananiersFish Corner, and Le Select.

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Activities: The waters off Corossol Beach are calm, suitable for swimming and snorkeling. You can have an amazing visit here simply kicking back on the sand and enjoying views that stretch from colorful village rooftops to the dory- and sailboat-peppered harbor.

Know Before You Go: The village of Corossol was once known for Norman speakers, hand-crafted palm basketry and other weaving. 

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WIMCO Insider Tip: You’ll often see locals playing volleyball at Corossol Beach. This is also part of the venue for the well-attended Saint Louis Day festivities, with live music, games, and other merriment.

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