Lorient Beach, St. Barts

Lorient Beach, St. Barts

Lorient Beach is one of Saint Barthélemy’s top sand-and-surf hotspots. Well-known for its surf break, the beach also accommodates kid-friendly swimming and snorkeling. Beachgoers here are within easy reach of plenty of eateries and services as well.

Location: Lorient Beach lies on the island’s north shore, only a mile from St. Jean. The beachfront lines the reef-protected Anse de Lorient Bay. Lorient comes flanked by handsome conical hills, with islets visible offshore.

Why it's unique: Lorient Beach ranks among the go-to places for surfing on St. Barts . And there’s some cool history on view, especially interesting for dyed-in-the-wool “Parrotheads.” 

Lorient Beach

A hilltop overlooking the west side of the beach supports the ruins of a legendary hotel and nightclub: Autour de Rocher. Jimmy Buffet was among the part-owners and wrote a song about the place. Sadly, the property burned down in 1991 and hasn’t been rebuilt. 

Best for... Surfing, family beachgoing.

Accessibility: You’ll find ample parking across the street from Lorient Beach St. Barths, close to the colorful Surf Club hut where instructors are available to teach surfing.

Amenities: A number of restaurants are but a stone’s throw from Lorient Beach St. Barts including Bochon and Jo Jo Burger. There’s also a  grocery store and patisserie right across the street.

Restaurants Nearby: Plenty of eateries lie within walking distance of the beach. They include Buns St. BartsLa Licorne St. Barth, and Le Bouchon. Most of the close-by establishments are fast food restaurants. 

A five-minute drive, however, puts plenty of higher-end dining at your disposal. Chef Carte d’Orte Villa St. Barth and Le Papillon Ivre are among the driving-distance restaurants to check out.

Activities: Lorient Beach’s reef break draws surfers to its west side. Watching board riders do their thing is its own fun activity here.

Calmer, snorkeling-friendly waters await on the rockier eastern end of the beach. Here, enclosed pools are especially ideal for families with kiddos.

© www.saintbarth-tourisme.com

© www.saintbarth-tourisme.com

Know Before You Go: Although plenty of dining and shopping lies near at hand, Lorient Beach doesn’t have any public restrooms.

WIMCO Insider Tip: Don’t miss the historic Lorient Cemetery right across the street from the beach. The grave of famed rock-and-roller Johnny Hallyday — the “French Elvis” — resides here.

Villas Near Lorient Beach

A number of luxurious private villas lie right along Lorient Beach. They include the two-bedroom Villa Sandra & Jessica (WV SAJ) and Villa Les Basses (WV BAS). Larger beachside accommodations include the four-bedroom Villa Casa Tua (WV CTL) and seven-bedroom Villa La Plage (WV VLP). Browse through all our WIMCO villas in the area right here.

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