Shell Beach, St. Barts

Shell Beach, St. Barts

An easy stroll from the heart of Gustavia, Shell Beach is the “in-town” beachfront of St. Barts. 

Combine its shelly shores and knockout sunsets with shopping and dining in the capital.

Location: St. Barts’ Shell Beach sits on the western coast of the island. It fronts a headland-cupped cove immediately southeast of Gustavia’s little peninsula. The historical hill top Fort Karl overlooks the cove.

Why it's unique: For one thing, this beach comes by its name honestly. Instead of sand, its beach is composed of innumerable little seashells. The unbeatable proximity to Gustavia’s hustle and bustle also sets Shell Beach apart. 

Best for... Combining a beach day with sightseeing, shopping, and dining in town. And — thanks to its westerly aspect — a fabulous place to take in a French West Indies sunset.

Accessibility: Shell Beach is easy to get to. There’s on-street neighborhood parking adjoining the beachfront, plus valet parking at Shellona restaurant.

Shellona restaurant on Shell Beach, St Barth ©

Shellona restaurant on Shell Beach, St Barth ©

Amenities: Shellona sits right on Shell Beach St. Barths, and besides its cuisine, it rents chaise loungers.

Restaurants Nearby: As we’ve already highlighted, Shellona awaits you along Shell Beach itself. Its celebrated Greek/Mediterranean cuisine comes spiced with Caribbean inflections. 

Numerous Gustavia restaurants, meanwhile, tempt within walking distance. They include Eddy’s Restaurant with its Creole menu and Fish Corner with its fresh-caught delights. Other close-by favorites in town include Le Select and La Crepérie for casual dining, Bagatelle and BazBar for happy hour and music, and Black Ginger and Bonito for fine dining.

Activities: It probably won’t come as a big surprise to learn that shelling is popular at Shell Beach. A great way to rustle up a St. Barts souvenir or three.

Shell Beach

Know Before You Go: It’s a good idea to wear water shoes on a visit to Shell Beach. After all, it’s myriad tiny shells, not soft sand, underfoot.  

WIMCO Insider Tip: Shellona hosts regular live music. Try to time your meal for sunset on the weekends, when acoustic performers typically play. Tropical, magic-hour beachfront dining with a live soundtrack: it doesn’t get much better!

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