Toiny Beach, St. Barts

A mostly untouched seashore, Toiny Beach St. Barts offers the feeling of being in a tropical paradise, miles from civilization.

If you are interested in surfing, you will love the challenging swells off this beach on the island’s southeastern rim. And don't forget to pop into the Toiny Beach Club.

Location: Hotel Le Toiny on St. Barts provides front-row seats to the easternmost of the bays along the island’s southern coast: Anse Toiny.

Beautiful headland views define the Bay of Toiny’s landward backdrop. Prevailing winds off the ocean gave this stretch of coast the historical label “Cote Sauvage.”

Toiny Beach

Why it's unique: The Toiny Beach Club has upped the sand-between-your-toes pleasure of this seashore. But it remains, overall, a wild-feeling stretch of coast. Seek it out for a taste of the primal French West Indies — but with high-end wining and dining ready at hand. Best of both worlds, right?

Best for... A taste of Leeward Islands' wildness and tranquility. And surfing!

Accessibility: A shuttle bus can transfer you from the Le Toiny Hotel parking lot to the beach. Alternatively, the road paralleling the coast offers public parking, with a path down to the beach

Amenities: Thanks to the Toiny Beach Club, you’ve got access to restrooms and a swimming pool while beachgoing here.

Toiny BeachToiny Beach Club © Hugo Allard

Restaurants Nearby: The Toiny Beach Club offers dining within walking distance of the surf. A whole host of restaurants lie within an easy drive, including Beach House St. Barth, Le Rivage St. Barth, L’Esprit, Le Tamarin, and Le Ti

Activities: Le Toiny Beach is a sought-after spot for surfing. Otherwise, sunbathing, beachcombing, and of course, seaside dining ought to be on the itinerary.

Know Before You Go: Toiny Beach is a bit on the rocky side, so don’t expect uniformly plush sand. Also, the powerful undertow means this often isn’t a great place for swimming.

WIMCO Insider Tip: Sunrises are of knockout caliber at Le Toiny St. Barths. And, bonus: Morning beachgoers here may just find the place to themselves.

Villas Near Toiny Beach

When was the last time you saw a photo of the “cote Sauvage” where Le Toiny Hotel lies? This dramatic and unspoiled coastline is beloved by those looking for a peaceful alternative to the hustle and bustle of St Jean and Gustavia. 

Want to bed down within shouting distance of Toiny Hotel and its Beach Club? Given the scenery, we don’t blame you. Consider these two villas right at Hotel Le Toiny.

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