Flamands Beach, St. Barts

One of the longest and most glamorous of St. Barts’ beaches, Flamands Beach offers broad stretches of soft, gently sloping sand with paradise-worthy views. 

The beach is bounded on each side by hotels: Cheval Blanc Isle de France on the east, and Hotel Baie des Anges on the west. In the middle of the beach, there is a right of way off the coastal road that provides parking and public access for swimming and sun tanning.

Location: Flamands Beach, St. Barths is situated on the northwestern side of the island in the quartier of Flamands. Its generous sandy strand forms a north-facing crescent.

Hilly headlands edge the beach, and views extend northward to isles such as Ile Chevreau and Ile Frégate. Flamands Beach lies between Colombier Beach ( to the west) and Anse de Cayes Beach ( to the east).

Flamands Beach

Why it's unique: Its exceptional length and generous breadth, plus easy access to two hotels and their respective restaurants, make Plage des Flamands one of the most popular St. Barts beaches.

Best for... Feet-in-sand dining, a quintessential Flamands Beach, St. Barts experience.

Accessibility: One can park at either of the two beachfront hotels, and public access with parking is also available along the D210 road paralleling this seashore.

Amenities: Eateries and shops are close at hand when you’re sunbathing at Flamands Beach. You can rent chaise lounges and beach umbrellas from both the hotel Cheval Blanc Isle de France and Hotel Baie des Anges, even if you’re not a guest.

Restaurants Nearby: A number of great eateries are within walking distance of Flamands Beach, including La Langouste ( a go-to place for grilled lobster) and Chez Roland, renowned for its Creole menu. 

The Cheval Blanc Isle de France hotel maintains two restaurants, La Case and La Cabane, the latter is one of the island’s standout right-on-the-beach dining spots. Restaurant Les Bananiers in Colombier is just a short drive uphill from Flamands beach.

Activities: The consistent wave action close to Plage des Flamands makes it a good spot for body-surfing and boarding.

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Know Before You Go: Flamands Beach can see some rough surf from time to time. This means it might not be ideal for family-friendly swimming with toddlers.

WIMCO Insider Tip: You often find yourself sharing the pearly sands of Flamands Beach with the glamorous company. Plage des Flamands is nicknamed “Billionaire Beach” on account of the ultra-luxurious private villas there owned by multiple Forbes 500-listers.

Villas Near Flamands Beach 

Speaking of villas, there are several attractive villas available to rent that are located right on Flamands Beach. These luxury villas combine pitch-perfect amenities with steps-away beach access and views of offshore isles. 

A number of fine two-bedroom villas line Flamands Beach, including Villa Celina (WV CLA), Villa Polaris (WV ALB), Villa Do Dragan (WV VDD), and Villa Flamands Beach (WV FAY). The beachfront Villa Ecoute Les Vagues (WV VMG), meanwhile, offers three bedrooms.

For families looking for beachfront accommodations, there are several large villas for rent directly on the beach, including Villa Ela (WV ELA), Villa Maison de la Mer (WV LMM) and villa Wake-Up (WV WAK)

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