Gouverneur Beach, St. Barts

Drop-dead gorgeous and undeveloped, Gouverneur Beach ranks among St. Barts’ most blissful and beautiful locales. It offers lovely sightlines and fine swimming and snorkeling. Definitely worth the drive.

Location: Set on the south side of the island, St. Barts’ “Governor’s Beach” lies only about two miles southeast of Gustavia. The Village of Lurin overlooks its postcard-perfect Anse du Gouverneur bay. 

This turquoise cove is, with Anse du Grande Saline to the east, one of two great scallops on Saint Barthélemy’s south coast. This white sand beachfront is oriented southwest-to-northeast.

Why it's unique: There are many glorious spots on St. Barts, but Gouverneur Beach might just take the cake. Its beauty, combined with the lack of development, makes for a breathtaking destination.

Gouverneur Beach St. Barts© www.saintbarth-tourisme.com

Best for... Snorkeling, romantic strolls, and birthday-suit beachgoing.

Accessibility: The road from the hilltop village of Lurin down to Gouverneur Beach is narrow and best taken slowly. A public parking area with a lovely vista puts you a short walk from the beach. The access path opens to Gouveneur Beach St. Barts’ southwestern end.

Amenities: You won’t find any amenities on Gouverneur Beach. The lack of buildings and facilities is part of the magic! So plan ahead and bring what you’ll need for a few hours at a paradisal beach.

Restaurants Nearby: Only a mile up the road from Gouverneur Beach, Santa Fe restaurant offers hilltop dining with stunning views over the bay. The grilled lobster is one of the numerous highlights of its French-Creole menu. 

A variety of fine restaurants are just a short drive away in Gustavia, including Eddy’s Restaurant and Fish Corner. Also mere minutes away by car, Le Tamarin offers delicious cuisine and a seductive tropical ambience. 

Activities: The calm, shallow waters of Anse du Gouverneur make swimming a joy here. The rocks along the beach’s northeastern edge provide good snorkeling as well.

Gouverneur Beach St. Barts© ​​www.saint-barths.com

Know Before You Go: Gouverneur Beach St. Barths is among the island seashores favored by nude beachgoers. They typically frequent the beach’s far right end, so families with children should have little trouble steering clear.

WIMCO Insider Tip: There’s a rumor that the 17th-century French buccaneer Montbar the Exterminator stashed stolen booty in a cave here. Just something to keep in mind!

Villas Near Gouverneur Beach

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