St Barths Map

The map of St Barts reveals an island with a land area of only 9.2 square miles. Its topography is distinctive, a testament to its volcanic origin, and it boasts lush, tropical vegetation.

See this St Barths map below showcasing the best beaches and restaurants:

The length of the island is about 10.7 miles and a maximum width of 2.4 miles. The highest point on the island is Mt Vitet, which is 921 feet above sea level.

You’ll note when looking at a map of St Barts that it has 14 beaches, and several protected marine sanctuaries. This small tropical island has an undulating coast, and numerous peninsulas, bays and coves.

If you're interested in visiting St Barts, download our informative St Barts guide with a map on page 3. In this guide you can discover the best beaches, and things to do. And in addition to the best sights and shopping, you'll also find restaurant names and phone numbers.

Where Is St Barts?

This tiny jewel of an island nestled among others along the chain of Leeward islands in the northwestern area of the Caribbean Sea. The island may be small, yet it is big on personality and appeal.

The island is located 21.7 miles southeast of St Martin/Sint Maarten. The next closest island is Anguilla, which lies just north of St Martin, and is 25 miles from St Barts. Other nearby islands include Nevis, St Kitts and Antigua to the southeast, and St Thomas, St John, Virgin Gorda and Tortola to the northwest.

It lies in the chain of islands that stretches from the eastern shores of Puerto Rico, through the Virgin Islands in the North, then southeast to Guadeloupe, Martinique and Barbados, with Trinidad & Tobago at the far Southern end.

How to Get to St Barts

Most travelers get to St. Barts by plane or ferry or boat. The King Gustav III airport, located in the center of the island, has a famously short runway and accommodates only small propeller aircraft for 18 or fewer passengers.

The good news is that the planes operate on a regular schedule, and you'll have little trouble coordinating a flight from St Martin or San Juan with your scheduled service from the United States, Canada or Europe.

Arriving at Gustav III Airport can be an adventure in itself. The approach brings the plane over Gustavia's harbor then over a hill that hides the runway. Once over the hill the planes drop quickly onto the runway.

You'll not only have a stunning view of the island itself but also of St Jean Bay at the end of the runway. Commercial flights arrive regularly from the larger airports throughout the Caribbean, including Puerto Rico and Martinique, but the flight from St Martin/Saint Maarten takes only about 15 minutes.

What Other Islands are Nearby?

While St Martin and Anguilla are the closest to St Barts, other nearby islands include Antigua and Barbuda, Saba, St Eustatius, Nevis and St Kitts.

Many of these islands, including St Barts, have become prime destinations for the rich and famous, including royalty, entertainers, entrepreneurs and professional athletes.

While some visitors arrive in St Barts via private or chartered yachts, large cruise ships cannot dock in St Barts, and most visitors arrive by air, either on small commercial planes or private aircraft. Still, the island attracts upwards of 200,000 visitors each year.

Best Known Towns and Neighborhoods in St Barts


The island boasts a charming capital city, Gustavia, built around a beautiful small harbor on the island's southwest shore. The harbor is often filled with luxury private yachts, but it is not a deep-water port and cannot accommodate larger cruise ships. St Barts in general tends to move to a different, more relaxed beat than nearby St Martin or Anguilla, but visiting Gustavia is a treat you won't want to forego.

Visitors will also find plenty of shopping options in Gustavia, from high-end fashion to local crafts. The island is a favorite of celebrities who want to "escape" to a private world. It's a walkable town, and you may find that strolling its streets, visiting the harbor and enjoying the shopping is almost as pleasurable as spending the day at the beach.

For things to do in Gustavia, you won't want to miss Fort Gustavia. A remnant of the Swedish era, the partially restored compound includes both wooden and stone buildings. Visit the St Barts museum and library at the Wall House.

Day trips to the better-known islands are also easy from Gustavia via a local ferry which makes daily trips. Chances are, however, you'll want to book an arrival to St. Barts by small plane.

St Jean

Home to the famed Eden Rock Hotel which sits on a promontory overlooking the calm, pristine water of St Jean bay on the island's North Shore. St Jean is a delightful place to spend time. You will find a small commercial center with several boutiques, restaurants and bars, yet it’s best known for its mile-long white sand beach, where people-watching is a favorite pastime.

The beach is home to six beachfront restaurants, each of which has its own vibe… from the party scene of Niki Beach to the laid-back chill of Lil Rock, there is something for everyone.

You’ll also find a watersports rental cottage here, good for arranging jet ski tours or windsurfing expeditions.


Lorient is a beachfront village on the north shore, just a mile from St Jean, and is one of the island's oldest villages. One of it’s most famous landmarks is a centuries-old church with a neighboring cemetery that is the final resting place of Johnny Hallyday. The church is sometimes used for musical concerts in January.

The west side of the beach is a favorite with surfers, while the east side is partially protected by a reef, so it also has a calm lagoon for swimming. In addition, shade trees on its east side offer some protection from the sun.

If you're up for an adventure, rent a board and take advantage of lessons offered from a surfing hut right on the beach. Situated nearby are private homes and rental cottages, and this area of the island is calm and quiet, perfect for family vacations.


Just up the western coast from Gustavia, the neighborhood of Terre Neuve includes Corossol, a traditional fishing village, offering a charming look into the St Barts of another time. It also has a wonderful quiet beach, and offers a chance to gaze at the boats that bob in the clear water of the bay.

From the village you can see the lighthouse of Gustavia's harbor. Nearby homes are mostly occupied by locals, and the village has a quaint, authentic feel. Au Regal is a quirky restaurant-bar not far from the beach, with a unique creole menu and cold beer!


Even though there are few "cities" on the island, there are a variety of neighborhoods along the coastline, with popular beaches fronting the coves of the island's various "quartiers" or districts. One of the best known is Flamands, home to the five star Cheval Blanc hotel.


Colombier, in the Northwest part of the island, is a high ridge dotted with luxurious villas, and the bay below the ridge was once the home of billionaire David Rockefeller, and is now a nature preserve.

Other well-known neighborhoods include Pointe Milou, and Anse des Cayes.

Where to Stay in St Barts

Distinctly French in character despite the Swedish influence from the past century, the island is known for its calm and its beauty, its nearly-perfect weather, and its friendly people. With a variety of luxury hotelsluxury rental homes, beach cottages and smaller guest houses, there are many options for the intrepid traveler.

Planning a Trip to St Barts, When to Go

The weather is consistently warm with abundant sun, ranging between about 72 and 86 degrees Fahrenheit year-round. Rainfall is most common from May to November, but even then the sun is likely to shine for most of the day. Humidity remains relatively low in all seasons due to the prevailing winds. September and October are the months with the heaviest precipitation.

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