A Sweepstakes Winner's
Trip Report to St. Barts

January 2006
by Julie Bartos

We happened upon a sign that read "Internet Cafe" and decided to have a look. Turns out the Internet Café was in fact a wonderful little Italian restaurant called Terrazza. After spying the menu and the décor we decided to stick around and have dinner. Our meal started off with olives and bread, which were delicious. I had the Mesclun salad with thin slices of parmesan, spaghetti with grilled shrimp, and tiramisu. Cheryl had the fois gras, tuna with tomatoes, capers, and onions, and the tiramisu. After dinner, I headed over to one of the Internet stations to check my email. I know. I know… Later, Cheryl and I sat at the bar, had a nightcap and wound up having a pleasant conversation with our waiter Gianni and the chef, Martial.

St. Barts

The next morning we awoke shortly before our housekeeper Sophie arrived. Sophie looked fabulously "island" with her bare feet. We chatted for a while and then decided that it was time to explore the other side of the island. We took turns driving as it can be a little exhausting if you are not used to driving on Caribbean island roads. We visited the beaches at Saline and Gouverneur. It's easy to see why these are considered two of the prettiest beaches in the world.

The next day we decided it was time to let go and do some power shopping. The shopping in St. Barts is truly fabulous. We found beautiful fabrics, flowing skirts, little tops, and unique jewelry just about everywhere. Ten days of sales had just started on the island, so we were able to get some great deals on Ralph Lauren, Roberto Cavalli, Louis Vitton and Versace. We also bought some beautiful things at the Calypso Boutique for gifts for friends and family back home. We visited Calypso two days in a row and each time had to wait outside for a customer to leave before we could go in.

St. Barts

Another day we were shopping (surprise) and ran into the family we met on the airplane. We chatted for a while, and they explained where their villa was and invited us over for a swim. We hoped to make it over there sometime during the week, but there was just so much to do it was hard to imagine when we would find the time.

Some of our favorite meals on the island included Do Brazil on Shell Beach, Nikki Beach and Andy's Hideaway in Villa Creole. One of the most memorable dinners we had was when our new friends from Terrazza came over and prepared a gourmet meal in the privacy of our own villa. Gianni and Martial made us Beef Carpaccio and Shrimp Scampi for dinner. Dining by candlelight under the stars on the terrace with two very handsome European men was a delight. Thank you Gianni, thank you Martial. We'll never forget it.

St. Barts

Eventually we ran into our friends from the Winair flight. We were within walking distance to their villa so we accepted their invitation to join them for drink and a swim at their villa. We had a wonderful time lazily passing the afternoon away sipping what seemed to be an endless supply of champagne. Thanks Sienna, thanks Lisa.

Rest assured, Wimco really does pick a winner when they have their sweepstakes. I can testify that I was one of those very lucky few who "got the call". Thanks Wimco and thank you Sibarth! Remember you can't win unless you play. Bon Chance!

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