St Barth Favorites

November 2010
by Lidy Schalekamp

In St. Barth we saw building and road improvements going on and people getting ready for “the season.” The recent amount of rain made the island look lush and very pretty. All in all, it was a marvelous trip, one that I will remember for many years to come.

Some of my favorite restaurants this trip included:
Andy’s - great value and atmosphere.
Le Bete Z’ailes - great sushi, wonderful atmosphere and a line up of good bands for the season.
La Plage - love it for dinner there, feet in the sand, the lighting, and the atmosphere
Le Repair - always good food and perfect for lunch.

We visited several wonderful villas on the trip, but the few that really stood out were:

Villa WV CBR, Anse de Lezards: Very private, large pool and outdoor area. Beautiful views. Perfect for one couple or a couple with older children.

Villa WV SEG, Marigot: Wonderful villa, great view, would stay there for the linens alone (Mia Zia).

Villa WV JNM2, Gustavia: Perfect townhouse, right on the water (Next to A cote de Port). Has a “boat” look, great art and décor. Perfect for one couple or regatta crew

Villa WV ETY

Villa WV FLC, Lurin: This is THE best house, almost completed, very deluxe and high tech. Great art, just perfect.

Villa WV BMY, Gustavia: 8-9 bedroom villa on Rue de Colline. Three kitchens, three living rooms. Pool between buildings. Well done house, perfect for families or regatta crews. Walk into town, great value.

Villa WV ETY, Flamands: Perfect new villa, has all bells and whistles. Villa products in each bedroom suite dedicated to movie stars. I want the Paul Newman room, what a picture! Two pools.

Villa WV NIR, Lurin: Very modern, beautiful house, again all bells and whistles including a gym and a chef’s kitchen as well as a main kitchen. Lawns, turtles, just beautiful.


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