Near and Dear

May 2011
by Glennie Ormiston

St Barts beach

What a difference two months makes on St. Barths! The roads are far less congested, the parking is abundant, and the beaches are practically empty. The prevalent grey skies made the daily trek through 10 or more houses much more palatable. That and, as everyone knows who traveled with me, my new Reeboks!

The combination of villas which have been in the Wimco program for years and new ones brought a new level of excitement to the days. I was generally extremely impressed with the quality of the villas whether it was very high-end or the simple beach houses. I know that I’ve said this before but the cleanliness of 99% of them is just wonderful. I personally don’t care how simple the house is – just keep it clean and with the basic American standards.

Here are my thoughts on some villas we visited over the 8 days which made an impression, whether they be new houses to our program or those near and dear to our hearts.

Villa WV CDM: What a great house on Pointe Milou – it’s all about the living areas as well as the incredible views.

Villa WV LDC: it is an incredible value – the views are spectacular, the gazebo is fantastic. ST BARTS Villa WV SEA

Villa WV SEA: absolutely perfect! The new bbq and built-in table and seating are just wonderful – what a “sexy” house.

Every trip to St. Barths brings something new and wonderful. I never tire of the sunrises and sunsets, the incredible beauty of the island, the clouds as the sun is setting behind the airport and the new experiences each trip brings. I'm thankful for the opportunity to once again have this experience – how lucky am I!


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